The Omega Event

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Chapter 38 (v.1) - Build A World with Me

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Submitted: June 20, 2017



Anikan's POV

My vision blurred as I laid on the seat, the sun shining directly through the window at my face. I groaned, turning my head to look at the others. It was all fading away, much faster than I had anticipated.

Space was sitting on the seat beside me, practicing alongside Lili in the usage of a butterfly knife. Julian had decided to take the time to teach the two, and they were both fast learners. Up until now, Lili hadn't been able to defend herself, but now she stood a chance in close combat. She was pretty small, but so was Space, and she packed a punch. 

It was also keeping her from thinking about the recent events, specifically the mutated form of her younger sister that I was forced to shoot in the head. Honestly, I felt a bit angry. Not at any of them, but the fact that we went there to rescue someone who was dead the entire time, and now I was gonna die because of it.

Ryan was on the other seat, talking with Kailey and Madeline. We had informed him on what had perspired while he was asleep, and he certainly was a bit unhappy he wasn't able to help. He had slept through the entire ordeal, including a confusing exchange between Space and Kailey in bikinis.

Jaxi was sitting on the floor beside them, cleaning the blood off of her katana vigorously with a cloth. The kids were watching her, Axel seeming specifically intruiged by the unique rose design engraved into the blade of her sword. It fit her pretty well.

In the front of the RV, Andrew was at the wheel. He had initially sat in the back and comforted Lili, but Julian had convinced him to swap spots so he could distract her from thinking of her sister. It had worked well, but I could tell Andrew is a bit upset he wasn't able to hug her anymore. Spencer was in the passenger seat, seemingly asleep. It was weird for him and Andrew to stay in the same place for more than three seconds without killing each other.

Dominic was up front as well, polishing his firearm. Andrew had gifted him a plain black handgun for him to use, the same handgun coated in the blood of the mutant children back in the school. The same handgun he used to put down the mutant that tried to kill me. He was certainly feeling guilty, and was cleaning every little corner filled with the infected boy's blood.

"We're here," Andrew said suddenly, as the RV jolted to the side.

I moved to the side, leaning against the wall as I took a few deep breaths. I felt a little out of breath and pretty warm, which was probably due to the fact I was infected as well. I didn't know exactly how badly the infection could hurt you, but we had gotten a firsthand look at it through the form of Coty. However, we didn't know he was infected until after he died, so any symptoms he sustained none of us paid attention to.

I stood up, and Dominic rushed over to help me up. He had promised to keep my secret, and I hoped he would keep to that. I looked down at the ground, trying to hide my face as he escorted me out of the RV. The virus seemed to be weakening me at a fast pace.

"Everything good Ani?" Kailey asked as we all exited the RV.

I gave her an RV as I walked out, the sun blinding me for a few seconds. I looked away, watching as a small town appeared in front of me. Andrew followed us out and announced, "welcome to Fort Pierce, our final destination."

It was pretty nice looking, but it felt bleak. The sky was a bright blue, and the sun was beating down on the entire town. Palm trees lined the sides of the road, and there were several nice bistros and resturaunts around the water. We had parked not too far from the marina, which we now had to get into.

"How's this place work?" Kailey asked us as she eyed the docks in the distance, "we just waltz in and take the boat out?"

"My grandpa had a boat in a marina. You had to own a boat to have a membership, which you needed to get inside. Either a membership or an invitation from someone inside. But judging by the lack of a huge parking lot or any fencing, it seems like this place is much more open," I told them.

Space nodded, "daddy just always had to sign in with the people at the front desk and they'd be allowed in. Whenever I brought along friends when we came here for vacation, the counter people would just let us through since they know who I am."

"I'm kinda hungry, should we get something to eat first?" Lili suggested.

Julian scoffed, "save your hunger for Figi mujer. Let us set sail before thinking about food."

"Come on Julian let's just grab a quick bite to eat," Jaxi asked nicely.

Jaxi and Kailey both joined Lili in begging and Julian quickly gave in, not wanting to deal with them for much longer. I took a look at everyone and pointed at Space, "you get the boat ready. Take the bags from the RV to the boat. Spencer, you help her. Ryan can stay with the RV until everything is moved, and then you guys help him in if we're not back yet. We'll go grab some food real quick."

"Why am I being left behind?" Ryan asked, crossing his arms.

"We'll bring you back a burger Ry Ry," Kailey said as we walked off, splitting off from them. I waved Space goodbye, giving her a faint smile as we turned the corner.

I didn't know if it would be the last time I saw her or not.



"Oh they have italian ice!"

"Gelato too!"

"I'll take a double fudge brownie scoop!"

"Two of what he's having!"

The nine of us took a walk around time, eventually stopping at an ice cream parlor a few blocks away from where we parked. It was right down from the marina, which was a good thing. We all got our ice cream before walking outside, heading to several tables set outside the store.

I sat down beside Dominic, facing Jaxi and Kailey. Andrew, Lili and Julian sat at the other table, and Julian seemed somewhat happy with the ice cream he had. Axel and Julia were at another table nearby, eating the ice cream I had bought them. The extra cash I kept in my backpack finally paid off.

I ate a few spoonfulls of my ice cream, feeling a bit better than before. However, I could tell there was something off. Not the ice cream, but just about myself. I wasn't thinking as fast as I normally did, since I usually tried to think at least a few moves ahead in order to make decisions. My body also felt a bit sore, though that could just be from all the running and stress. The blood I lost from that bite probably didn't help either.

"Ani are you good? Your cheeks are red," Jaxi said as she licked her chocolate ice cream.

I lied blatantly, "just the sun. It'll be fine."

"Take off your jacket then. With the heat I don't know how you wear that thing," Jaxi said to me. I noticed the others did take off most of their more heavy clothing when we changed on the way here. Kailey was wearing a pink t-shirt and Jaxi had on a white t-shirt, and Jaxi was wearing jeans while Kailey had on a pair of jean shorts. Even Andrew had on a black t-shirt instead of his hoodie, and took off his beanie. Julian kept his eyepatch, but removed his navy blue jacket.

"I'm good," I told them, not wanting to reveal the bite.

"Come on Ani, I don't want you passing out or anything," Kailey said, insisting.

The wound was covered, but I still didn't want them to see anything. I looked to Dominic who shrugged, not wanting to keep this secret anyways. It was too stressful to him, but I couldn't tell them. Not yet. Not until we were away and I knew they were safe.

I sighed, taking off my brown jacket and laying it on the chair behind us. The mark was still covered by the pink scarf tied around my arm, but it had shifted slightly. If they tried to get up and take it off, it'd be exposed with a single nudge.

"You're still wearing that scarf. Do you want me to put on a new bandage?" Jaxi asked, reaching into her backpack.

I shook my head, "no no it's okay."

"Oh no it's fine Ani. I think I have a few in here," she said, continuing to dig into her bag.

"No it's fine Jaxi. Um... I'm just gonna go to the bathroom," I said to her, standing up and walking away. I left the three alone, staring at me as I walked back inside. I passed the others and entered the ice cream shop, glancing towards the bathroom towards the end of the building.

I grunted, stumbling towards the bathroom as a sudden pain appeared in my head. I passed by another couple and swung the door open, walking inside and locking it behind me.

Quickly I fell, leaning against the bathroom sink as my vision blurred once again. I shook my head, reaching out and turning on the cold water. I splashed it against my face several times, realizing my entire body was burning. It was warm, but I couldn't tell if it was from the sun or the virus. My skin was dry too, and I could tell that wasn't a very good sign.

I groaned as I wiped my eyes with the cold water, looking up in the mirror afterwards. For a second, just for a second, I didn't see my reflection in the mirror, but the face of a mutant. An infected. A dead man. What I would soon become.

"Oh god..." I groaned as I grabbed the top of my head, falling forward against the sink. My heat was throbbing all of a sudden, and I couldn't stop it.

I tried to lean against it and hold myself up, but I fell, hitting the wall. I groaned as I hit the wall, laying against the white and blue tiles as my eyes began to flutter close. I tried to stay conscious, but it was too much. I thought of the headache medicine I had my bag, but I couldn't get back to the RV to get it. I thought of the pills in Julian's bag, But I couldn't get that either.

I could do nothing but lay there and slowly drift away, my body slowly losing control...


Space's POV

The beautiful shining sky, the glittering blue sea, and the salty breeze blowing against my body. I smiled, stepping out onto the edge of the railing with Spencer at my side. The sea was a beautiful thing, and I was glad to finally be here.

"You like the ocean huh?" he asked, sounding a bit bummed.

I nodded excitedly, "second favorite place other than the galaxies above us. C'mon let's go get the boat ready."

We both had grabbed a few bags, firstly the gun bag, our own backpacks, two duffel bags stuffed with food, and another with Julian's medical supplies. Bandages, painkillers, and anything else we'd need to take care of wounds. We'd have to make two more trips to grab everyone's personal bags and any other junk we left behind, and then we could go.

The two of us entered the beige building at the edge of the water, right before the docks. There was a gate keeping you from walking onto them without entering and exiting out of another door, so this was mandatory. Hopefully they would remember me.

As I walked inside, a bell jingled. It was a small carpeted office-like building, with most of the room taken up by a desk that a man was sitting behind. The familiar beared man at the desk sat up, eyeing me. Spencer followed behind, but was blatantly ignored as the man stood up and smiled.

"Well if it isn't good old Maddison!" How're you going!?" he asked loudly, pulling me into a hug. He was pretty big, and I was pretty small, so it was kinda crowded. He was a friend, so I gave him a hug back."

"How's it going Gator?" I asked, smiling up at him.

"Aye, been pretty slow around here. Weird man been coming in the last week or so though, crazy sea captain wearing a bucket on his head. Kept screaming about the end times or whatever. Nothing but a weirdo," the man said with a chuckle.

I chuckled as well, but began to think whether or not the weirdo he spoke about really knew. It could just be the casual end times enthusiast or just the plain psycho, but there was the chance they knew.

"Anyways, what's your business here? Family on vacation?" he asked.

I nodded, "parents are out for lunch, but they told me to come out and get the boat started. Dad taught me everything I needed to know the last few years, so when they get back I'll have the place running good for us to go out for a few hours."

"Well my shift ends in twenty minutes, so if I don't catch you later on, tell your dad old uncle Gator says hi," he said to me.

I nodded and smiled to him before walking out of the other door, Spencer following. He awkwardly stood behind me through the entire exchange, twiddling with his fingers since he couldn't reach his GameBuddy in his backpack. I giggled as I walked out, asking him, "you good Spence?"

He looked up, "hmm? Yeah I'm fine. Who's that guy?"

"I call him Gator, but he's the owner of the marina. Used to be a fisherman here, but he inherited ownership after the old guy who ran this place died. He's basically my uncle, since he watched over me and took care of me whenever I came out here. My parents weren't very... attentive. Honestly the only thing dad ever taught me to do one on one was drive the boat," I said, reminiscing about old times.

"Oh... he seems nice. Which boat is yours?" he asked.

I pointed to the end of the docks, "all the way down there! Makes it hard to walk back and forth, but it's closer to the ocean. We'll be able to get out of here faster."

He frowned, "okay then."

I noticed he was being much more quiet than usual, mostly keeping his mouth shut. He wasn't on his GameBuddy, nor was he making perverted comments or somewhat witty quips. He was just walking normally, staring down at the ground. It was unusual for a guy like him, considering how weird he normally was.

And then I thought back to the other day. Maddie had spoken to me briefly in the car when we were driving around looking for Ryan in the RV. She had broken up with Spencer after what he did, and I could tell he wasn't taking it well. I assumed that was the reason, since everything seemed to be going good for us besides that.

"Hey Spencer?" 


I frowned and asked, "are you okay?"

"Yeah fine," he said, a bit too quickly I might add.

"You sure?" I asked again.

"Totally," he answered, not paying attention to me at all.

I scoffed and stopped in place, causing him to almost knock into me and fell. He stopped at the last moment, bumping into my backpack. He glared at me, "really?"

"Yeah. What's going on with you?" I asked.

"Well if you're really looking for a reason, my GameBuddy cord is a little frayed. May have to get some tape or find a replacement soon-"

"Spencer I'm talking about the fact Maddie dumped you," I shouted at him.

He stopped talking, kinda going dead again. He looked back down, but instead of having dead eyes, he looked a bit more sad. His lip was slightly quivering, but he was holding back tears. He was always whiny, but he was taking this a lot better.

"Yeah well... nothing I can do now. I had a plan in mind, but I screwed it up. I admit it, I fucked up. Badly, just horribly. I wish I could just apologize but she won't accept it. I admit for awhile now I've kinda been distant and not so much lovey dovey or anything, and honestly a bit of an asshole... god I just wish I could've gone back and fixed it all," he began muttering, starting off a rant.

"Have you talked to her since?" I asked.

He shook his head, "nope. I was gonna try talking to her at the school, but she just walked away. Lili was the only one nice enough to stay with me."

"Well... when we're on this boat, you can talk to her. It's not like she can go anywhere," I said with a smile.

He scoffed, "oh don't say that. She'll go scuba diving to avoid me at this point."

"I'll lend you an air tank," I joked. He cracked a small smile, but it didn't last.

We finally reached the boat and I smiled, grabbing the metal plank used to connect that and the dock. I walked across it, undoing the railing and walking onto the deck. Spencer stared at the plank in shock, too scared to walk across. The boat was rocking, but it was perfectly safe unless you were an idiot.

Maybe he shouldn't go across.

He quickly ran across, and we both walked out onto the front of the boat. We set the bags down, tossing them in a pile but keeping our personal backpacks and junk seperate from the other bags. I stretched for a second before suggesting to him, "I'll go get the other bags, you wanna check this place out?"

"Check it out?" he asked, tilting his head.

"Just take the bags below deck and make sure everything is right. Don't want to find a leak somewhere after get a few miles out," I answered with a smile as I put on a pair of black sunglasses.

He nodded, "got it. Be back soon."

I nodded back and turned around, walking off of the boat. He went to the bags and began to lift them, trying to move them towards the stairs. But after trying to take them all at once, he fell. A small black box fell from his pocket, along with his earbuds, and rolled across the deck.

I stopped for a second as I walked off of the boat, watching as he scrambled to grab it and his earbuds, stuffing them back in his hoodie. I turned back around and continued my walk down the docks, a weird idea forming in my head. Was that box what I thought it was, or something else?

As I walked along the docks, I froze and watched as something flew over my head. A helicopter flew right over the docks, dangerously close to the ground. It seemed to be landing somewhere close, and I noticed a large ammount of traffic towards the north end of the town. 

But what alarmed me wasn't just the fact that it was a helicopter. What alarmed me was the green camoflage design. A military helicopter, armed with machine guns and soldiers.

I took off down the deck, my knife in hand just in case. Something was going down soon, and we needed to get out of here before that came to be.


Anikan's POV

Whiteness. A bright light consuming the world. That is what I saw as my mind drifted off into the light, my entire body feeling a sort of euphoric pleasure. It was amazing. Like all of my worries were suddenly gone. I suddenly didn't worry about our safety, or if we'd all live to see the next day.

I stepped forward, losing my balance and hitting the ground. I groaned, rolling over to see a girl standing over me. A girl with short pink hair, staring at me with her cutesy red eyes. A girl I never thought I'd see before.

"You alright Ani? You fell there," she asked.

I coughed, rolling over and looking up, "L-Lydia? That's your name right?"

She nodded, "yep, that's me. Hit your head too many times?"

"Uh... I think so. Are you okay?" I asked her immediately, taking her hand as she helped me up.

She smiled, "of course I am silly. Come on the others are waiting for us."

"Waiting for us? Others? Wait what's going on?" I asked her.

"Everyone is waiting for you. Andrew, Lili, Jaxi, Lydia, Ryan, Coty-"

"Wait wait... we're in... we're in Tazader City?" I asked, realizing the houses around me were familiar. The bright blue paint, the clean white roofs, and the broken chainlink fence to my left that Coty broke when he crashed his old ATV. It was all here.

"Yep. We came back, and we rebuilt it. Well, most of it. We're not done yet, and we won't be for awhile," she said as she took my hand.

I smiled, "we're... we're home?"

"Mhm. Come on lets-"

I looked forward, eyeing my house as I spotted a trail of smoke from the backyard. I bolted forward, Lydia crying out my name as she followed behind me. I reached down for my gun as I ran through the fence, straight into another person walking by.

"Woah woah walk where you're going. If you're hoping to see Space in her swimsuit, you're out of luck."

The black t-shirt. The brown jacket. The smirk. Even the voice was the same. It was him. Coty, in the flesh. I looked up and gulped, eyeing him as he smirked at me. He chuckled and pushed past me as he walked into the house, "jeez you look like you've seen a ghost. Go back out there, I'll catch up with you in a minute."

I walked past Coty, entering the backyard where the smoke was coming from. I reached for my gun to assese the danger, but there was no weapon there. Hell, I didn't even have on a belt. And there was no danger, just a few lawn chairs, people, and a grill.

"Aye Anikan. Want a streak?" Ryan asked from beside the grill. Julian and Andrew were helping him cook, laying out the streaks on the grill for him. Lili, Space and Kailey were in the lawn chairs, staring out at the sun. In the pool in front of them, Spencer and Jaxi were having a splash fight. Axel and Rose were nearby, playing tag in the grassy lawn.

"What's going on?" I asked them.

"Isn't it obvious? This is what you want. A place where everything is perfect," Lydia answered as she came up from behind me.

"What? What do you mean?" I asked.

She giggled, "Ani, your entire life, or at least the past five years, you've been so stressed out. Having to lead this group, organizing daily activities, playing video games, and juggling school. And then now, leading your friends into the jaws of death. You don't want this responsibility anymore, do you?"

"Well... it's difficult but I deal with it," I told her.

"Yeah but... what if you didn't have to?" she asked.

I frowned, "what?"

"Stay here with us Ani. Stay with me. For the rest of your life, you can wake up with a smile on your face. Finish your senior year strong, go to lunch with your parents, get a job, and be with us. Be with... me," she asked, "stay here Ani, and build a world with me."

"Build a world... with you?" I asked.

"Mhm. No mutants, no killers, no death. The most danger you'll run into is Andrew's reckless driving. It'll just be us. You, me, and everyone else. An entire world, just for us," she said as she took my hands in hers.

I gulped and stepped back, "um... Lydia?"

"Yes Ani?" she asked with a smile.

"This... this isn't real. I'm not... dead am I?" I asked, quickly realizing everything going on around me.

She giggled, "no... no you're there. Just barely, but you're there. But do you really wanna go back?"

"If I have the option, yes. I'd prefer to go back and be with my friends, to keep them safe and alive, then live a lie in this fantasy world," I told her.

"Live a life without me? Without the others? Ani... this is the only way we'll ever be together. You, me, Andrew, Space, Jaxi, Spencer, and everyone. If you go back... you'll never see me again. I know you're with Space now... but I know at some point you loved me. I love you too... so even if you do stay with Space, I want you to stay here. In a world where I'm alive," she said to me.

My smile dropped and I stepped back, "wait what?"

"With everything going on, what are the chances I'm alive? What are the chances everyone else will still be there when you get back? Coty, Isrreal, me... if you stay here you can be with them, and all of us. Please Anikan... stay with me," she said, holding her hands out.

I began breathing rapidly, turning my head. At the end of the street was the enternal void of whiteness I had come through. I could go back, or stay. Live in this home with my friends and family. Should I? Could I?

I smiled and looked down at the ground, "Lydia... I'm sorry but I can't. I have to go."

"Go... back?" she asked.

I nodded, "I... I can't stay here. My friends need me... more than the ones trapped in my mind. This isn't the right thing to do."

Lydia nodded, rushing forward and pulling me into a hug. I hugged her back tightly, tears rushing down my face as I felt her warm body press against mine. I balled my fists and broke away, giving her a final tearful look. She looked back at me, tearing up as she tried to keep her quivering smile.

"Goodbye Lydia," I told her before turning around, taking off into the void.

She gave me a final wave before I ran down the street, diving into the whiteness and watching it all begin to change. A bright light appeared at the end of the void, and I quickly reached out for it...


*knock* *knock* *knock*


"Hey is someone in there?"

I stood up quickly, almost hitting my head on the painting behind me. I groaned and answered, "yeah hold on a second."

I turned my head to the side, glancing at the mirror. I was very much alive. A bit tired, but alive. I groaned, reaching up for my head. My headache was gone, but I was extremely thirsty. I groaned and splashed myself again before walking outside, holding my hand to my head.

After walking out of the bathroom, I found nobody waiting. So I walked back out into the store, almost bumping into Lili who was waiting in line. She looked at me and smiled, "oh hey Ani, feeling better?"

I nodded, "perfectly fine. You alright?"

"Mhm, just getting some more ice cream," she said with a smile.

"What kind?" I asked.

"Definitely fudge. I already tried strawberry, rainbow, berry blast, vanilla-"

She began listing off each of the flavors, and I looked out the window at the others. They were all eating, talking and laughing and as they spoke. I smiled slightly, looking down at my belt to see my silver colt python waiting for me. I was alive.

"-lemon squeeze, raspberry bunches, pumpkin spice, oh and now I gotta try some of the cheesecake ice cream! That looks really good!" she exclaimed, pointing out one of the flavors in the case. I nodded and patted her on the head, "that looks really good Lili."

She nodded before looking up at me, "um... Ani are you okay?"

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"Nothing you just seem a little... sad. What's wrong?" she asked.

I sighed and quickly gave her a hug, wrapping my arms around her tightly. She hugged me back, and I tried to hold back anything more than a few tears that slipped out.

"Lili... I love you, you know that right?" I asked her.

She nodded, "mhm. We've known each other this long... we're basically family now. Sorry I've been hanging around Andrew a lot by the way," she said back.

"It's fine Lili. Just... promise me you won't be going anywhere," I told her.

She giggled, "of course not. Soon we'll all be safe."

"Good... get your ice cream and let's head out, fast," I told them.

She nodded and walked up to the counter, waiting for the lady to scoop it into a cup. I yawned and looked around, eyeing some of the employees working. One of them was serving another older man, and another was digging through a backpack in one of the counters behind the register.

The man seemed suspicious, but at first there was nothing to say so. He was just an older man, wearing a blue and white uniform. The other employees were ignoring him, and he wasn't making any ice cream for any other customers. He pulled out several rubber bands, a walkie talkie, and then-

I shouted loudly as I grabbed Lili's hand, "GRENADE!" 

The man pulled the pin, letting the small object roll across the counter as he pushed past the lady at the counter, bolting out of the room. I reached out for Lili, grabbing her hand and pulling her close before I dropped behind a table. I knocked it in front of us just as the explosion went off, blinding the two of us as the windows shattered and the room exploded.

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