The Omega Event

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Chapter 39 (v.1) - The Invasion

Submitted: June 21, 2017

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Submitted: June 21, 2017



Anikan's POV

The smell of burning flesh penetrated my nose, and I groaned as I felt the weight of a large metal table on top of me. It was reminiscent of the charcoal I'd smell whenever the group made fires in Maddie's firepit in the summers. But this was much worse, much more bitter and horrible.

Slowly I pushed the table off of me, realizing Lili was curled up in a ball under me. I pushed it off with all my strength, rolling over as I heard a burst of gunfire from outside. It was from an assault rifle, which none of us were carrying at the moment. We had one AK-47, but that was in the RV.

"Lili get up," I said as I shook the young girl, staring around at the burnt up building. Everything behind the counter was burning, the rest of the room charred and burnt. Two bodies were lying on the ground a few feet away, their flesh burned away by the blast.

Slowly Lili sat up, letting out a shriek as she noticed the explosion. I covered her mouth and held her close, trying to keep us concealed. I peeked out of the shattered windows, spotting the chaos outside. There were several men rushing out of a truck, machine guns in hand.

"What's going on!?" she asked.

I shushed her and took another look, trying to find the others. However I didn't need to, as Andrew and the others rushed inside the building, having been hiding around the corner of the building. They took cover as one of the men fired at us, their bullets tearing through the walls.

"What the hell is going on!?" I asked Andrew as I held Lili close to me.

"One, stop being so close to her. Two, we got away before the place exploded, and we saw a few trucks park and these guys get out. Military grade gear. There was a small set of medical tents in a parking lot a few blocks away, but they gunned everyone down. We're on our own," Andrew explained to me.

"Who are they?" I asked.

He shook his head, "no idea. They're not american though."

"Russian," Julian corrected.

"Well that doesn't make any sense! If the Russians are bombing the country, why would they be shooting up the streets only a few hours before?" Spencer asked.

"Maybe the post was wrong. Maybe they're just gonna send out a streak of terrorist attacks," Kailey suggested.

He shook his head, "no the site is always right!"

"Well we need to get back to the RV! We can get in there and find another way to the docks so we can get on the boat!" I told them.

Another burst of gunfire tore through the ceiling, sending several shattered panels down on top of us. I dodged, pulling Lili to the side as they crushed one of the bodies, almost hitting Andrew. We needed to get out of the building fast, before they came looking for any potential survivors.

"There's another exit here, but it won't open," Jaxi said as she crawled towards an open door behind the counter, trying to turn the knob.

Dominic quickly rushed behind the counter, cringing at the site of the burnt corpse next to the register. He pointed past the body, at a pair of keys laying under the counter that had survived the blast. He began to reach, but his arm was too thick to fit under the gap.

"Let me," whispered Axel as he crawled past Dominic, slipping his considerably smaller hand into the gap. He retrieved the keys and tossed them to Jaxi, who quickly opened the door and rushed through. The rest of us followed, Lili latching back onto Andrew as I unholstered my colt python.

As we entered the kitchen, I slammed the door shut, prompting another burst of gunfire that shot into the walls. I then looked to the others, who were all cramped in the considerably small kitchen. There was a doorway on the other side of the room, but we needed a game plan.

"Alright here's the plan. There's no way all of us are able to be able to sneak back to the RV and get away in time. One of us is gonna get killed. So instead, we split up," I told them, "Julian, Dominic and the kids head back to the RV to get them out of danger. Meanwhile the rest of us will stay in the area, stay hidden, and stand our ground if they find us."

"Splitting up again? Since when has splitting up ever gone well?" Andrew questioned, "the first time we split up Julian lost an eye, the second time Space got kidnapped, the third time Coty died, and the fourth time the RV got hijacked and Lilitha fell into a pool!"

"Would you rather all nine of us try to take cover behind a teeny tiny sports car while trained assassins tear through it with machine guns?" Kailey asked sarcastically, backing me up.

He scoffed, "fine, but if any of us ends up dead, it's on your hands."

"It's always been on my hands," I told him before walking across the room, moving towards the door. With one hand I held my colt python, and the other a plain silver knife for close quarters fighting. I peeked out of the glass window, trying to see if anyone was on the other side, as Dominic snuck up on me.

"Are you gonna be okay man?" he asked conceringly.

I nodded, "the virus... it isn't working. Or at least it's not working as fast as I expected. It started to but now it's... weird. I don't feel it as much. Just get the kids out of here. I'll be fine."

He nodded, standing behind me as I prepared to run out. I whispered quietly, but loud enough so the others could hear me, and slowly counted down from three.


Dominic reloaded his pump shotgun and beside him Maddie loaded her hunting rifle, a stern look on her face.


Andrew readied his KSG and Kailey her black handgun, both of them standing side by side waiting.


Axel holstered the black handgun I had given him, opting to use the M4-A1 he had stolen days before. Beside him, Jaxi unsheathed her sword, hoping to get a use out of it during the fight.


One by one we rushed out of the building, heading out into the outside world, instantly being blinded by the bright sun in the sky. But after a few seconds, I noticed a shape overtaking the sun. My eyes widened as I watched several fighter jets flash across the sky, several projectiles falling from the attack vehicles. In the distance, several explosions blew apart the city, including four tall buildings that quickly collapsed on themselves.

The attack was happening now.

I pointed to several cars nearby, their drivers shot dead by the assassins. We all crouched down behind the two, and I quickly gestured for Julian, Dominic and the kids to make a run for it. There was an alley on the other side of the street that would hopefully lead to the RV a few blocks away.

"Be safe," Jaxi told the two. 

Dominic gave her a thumbs up and Julian gave her a faint glare before the two rushed into the alleyway, the kids following. I then turned back to the others, who were all crouching down between the cars.

"Alright guys, prepare to fight," I said to them, watching as one of the assassins ran down the street, just about to pass the cars we were hiding behind.


Axel's POV

Without any breaks or detours, the two adults lead us through the alley as the battle raged on around us. I couldn't tell what exactly qualified Dominic to lead us, or why he was even here, but he wasn't all that bad. He knew how to fire a weapon, and he knew how to hit his target. That, plus not being as mean as Andrew seemed like a good enough reason for me.

To the left, a large gas station erupted into flames, several large chunks of burning metal flying across the sky. Dominic held us back as a flaming tire rolled past us, smashing into several trashcans and knocking them down. Julian then peeked around the corner, spotting an assassin standing in the street, threatening to shoot two young boys and their mother who were cowering on the ground.

"Alright, now if we are going to take the strategic route we should-"

Without listening, Julia snatched my handgun from my holster and fired, all three shots hitting the man. Two in the back, and another in the head. He was wearing a helmet though, and survived all three. He fell to the ground, groaning in pain as the mother and her children rushed off. Julian groaned and facepalmed, as Dominic lead us all across the street to the other alleyway. We had not enough time nor ammo to finish him off.

"Alright just a little bit more!" Dominic said as we turned a corner.

A scream came from down the alleyway, and a man peeked out with his assault rifle drawn. We scattered as he began spraying bullets down the alleyway, and Julia ran to the left. Dominic and Julia hid behind one trash container while Julian and I hid behind the other, waiting for an opening.

Another scream in a foreign language came, and I watched as a small metal object flew through the air towards us. Julian swore loudly and grabbed my shoulder, rushing me out of the way as the explosive went off, blowing the alley apart and sending smoke in all directions.

I groaned, hitting the pavement as an intense ringing sound echoed through my mind. Slowly my vision began to focus after the explosion, and I spotted Dominic on his knees, tiredly firing his shotgun and killing one of the other men. He fell to the ground, the smoke having blinded him temporarily.

"Julia? Julia!?" I shouted, slowly rising up from the ground and dragging my assault rifle with me.

Julian stood back up too, a bit shaken but alive. He knelt down and picked up his handgun, just as he spotted mine lying on the ground a few feet away. We both looked forward, staring at the body of Julia lying beside the trash container. Burns coated her right arm and part of her leg, and the tips of her hair were singed.

"JULIA!" I screamed, rushing to her side. I fell to my knees beside her, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her body. Her eyes didn't open.

Julian rushed to her side as well, kneeling down and taking her wrist in his hand. She was alive, or at least her heart was still beating.

"We must get her back to the RV fast, before-"

He never got to finish his sentence, as a dark figure stepped through the smoke. The three of us looked up, watching as a man in full body armor stepped forward. Light armor, coating him from head to toe, a machine gun strapped to his back, and two black batons in each hand. 

"Stand back guys," Dominic said, stepping forward to face the man.

Julian picked up Julia, and I stood at his side as we began to back down the other end of the alleyway. Dominic stood his ground, holding his shotgun up to the man as he approached.

"Who the hell are-"

In a thick russian accent, he spoke clearly, "my name is Dimitri."

"Well my name's Dominic, nice to meet you," Dominic replied sarcastically.

"I don't care," Dimitri said before swing his baton, just barely missing Dominic who stepped back and fired. The shotgun blast flew right past him, the man spinning out of the way at the last moment. Dominic pumped the shotgun and fired again, but Dominic swung one of his batons, knocking the weapon upwards. The shot fired into the air, and Dimitri quickly took the chance to slam the baton into Dominic's stomach, knocking him back a few feet.

"Julian! Axel! You two get to the RV! I'll hold him off!" Dominic shouted.


"GO NOW!" Dominic shouted, rushing back a few feet as he fired twice more. Almost like slow motion, he ducked under one shot and dodged the other swiftly, before clicking two buttons on the handles of his baton. An electric current sparked along the blade, and the assassin slammed both of them down onto Dominic's body, causing him to scream out in torturous pain as his body collapsed to the pavement.

"Keep running Axel!" Julian shouted as he ran across the street, me right behind him.

Dimitri followed, stepping over Dominic's body as he prepared to follow us. He walked into the street as he swapped one of his batons for a handgun, raising it to shoot Julian in the back. We tried to turn the corner, but we didn't have time. 


Dimitri stumbled forward, almost collapsing from the intensity from the blast. He turned back around to see Dominic rising up off the ground, having fired his last shotgun shell at the man. He shot the assassin a confident smirk before he raised his own pistol to kill him.

But just as he prepared to finish off Dominic, a car spun out of control, smashing into the man and then into a large building. With him out of the picture, Dominic finally stood back up, looking back down his alleyway before gesturing for us to keep going.

We were forced to keep running, but not before catching a glimpse of him pulling out his handgun, firing several shots down the alleyway as gunfire came back at him.

The two of us turned the corner, rushing down the alleyway towards where the RV was parked. We passed through a small parking lot where a single black minivan was parked behind an old resturaunt just as another trouble arised, several grey skinned creatures emerging from the two exits onto the street.

"The infected?! This place was safe when we got here!" Julian exclaimed.

"They must have been attracted by the gunfire," I told him as I aimed my rifle.

I began firing, killing them one by one with my assault rifle. They dropped to the ground, but even more joined them. I soon began to realize there was a swarm moving through the city towards the battle, and our gunfire in specific was attracting them.

Julian placed Julian down on the ground and fired his handgun, taking out a few that were getting close. He turned around to look down the alleyway we had come from, but quickly realized there was no escape as even more mutants came from that way.

"Axel, can you carry Julia?" he asked as he swapped to his knife, stabbing one in the head and pushing it away.

"Um, maybe why?" I asked as I fired another two shots, killing one of them that lunged at me.

He rushed forward, shoving several of them away with a single ram before stepping back and pushing one to the ground. He gestured for me to stop and swapped back to his handgun to fire another two shots as we began to run out of space.

"Axel, pick up Julia, climb up that ladder, and get yourself out of here. I will meet you at the RV alright? Like Anikan said, children are the future, and the most important thing we need to protect now is our future," he said, tripping one with a kick and stomping down on it's head.

"I thought you didn't like kids," I asked as I picked up Julian.

He shrugged, "you kinda grew on me I have to admit. Now leave."

I gave him a final nod before kneeling down, picking up Julia and moving towards the ladder. I began to climb, but quickly moved out of the way as a mutant stumbled down the ladder, smashing into the ground where I had stood. Julian swore under his breath and ran forward, unloading his clip into a line of mutants to clear a path to the minivan. 

I followed behind and quickly Julia swung open the door, bashing one of the infected in the face. He took Julia from me and tossed her into the back of the car before helping me inside and slamming the door shut.

Two more gunshots were fired, and I stared out of the car window to see him rush against the wall of the alleyway, the mutants beginning to surround him. He fired off two more gunshots till I heard the familiar click of a gun, and couldn't look anymore. I crawled away from the window, laying down on the floor of the car as I grabbed my handgun from my holster.

Shaking in fear, I listened to the sounds outside of the car. The growls of the mutants. The gunshots in the distance. The explosions in the street. I could never have imagined I'd ever be in this situation. Trapped in a car, surrounded by creatures that wanted to tear my flesh apart, and holding a half loaded handgun covered in the blood of my somewhat of a girlfriend.

Nearby, an explosion went off, and the ground shook as I stared out the front windshield, watching as the building the minivan was parked next to began to collapse. The wall of the second floor began to crumble, falling backwards right onto the car. I crawled into the back corner and covered my face just as it all came down.




And suddenly, total darkness.

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