The Omega Event

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - On The Run

Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



Tazader City was destroyed.

The destruction of the bridge left us broken, speechless, and unable to anything but just sit, wait, and drive. Isrreal was dead, and we had no body to bury. All we had now was this boy he saved from the car. He was young, but not too young, maybe twelve years old. He had short brown hair and hazel colored eyes, and wore plain brown shorts and a white t-shirt. There was blood on his t-shirt from where Isrreal cut his arm, but he paid no attention to it.

We didn't stay long at the site of the explosion. The police began clearing people out, so we just hopped in the RV and drove off down several backroads until we were away from the majority of the traffic. However, we had stayed long enough to see a few more explosions, along with a building go down.

I sat in one of the back seats, Spencer right beside me playing on his GameBuddy. Space was sitting on the floor with Julia, who had sniffling quietly as she rested her head in Space's lap. Maddie and Coty were on the seat next to them, and Axel was sitting alone on the other seat. Andrew and Julian were up front, quietly discussing where we should stop.

Eventually the two must have decided, because we pulled into a small clearing just on the side of the road. They had enough trees to keep us hidden from anyone else, and was big enough to fit the RV and have a big enough area to build a campfire. We all jumped out of the RV one by one, all of us completely silent.

"We should stay the night here. In the morning we can figure out a game plan," Andrew said grimly before walking off, heading into the RV alone. Spencer sat down in the grass next to Madeline and Space while Julian got to work, grabbing some rocks and trying to place them in a circle to build a fire. 

Before I sat down on the grass, Andrew whistled to me. I turned around, watching as he held out his hand to reveal a weapon. A silver revolver with a six inch barrel, a nickel finish, and a shiny wooden handle. A .357 magnum, known as the Colt Python. My dream gun was a revolver, mainly because the spinning barrel seemed like it'd be fun to play with and the shiny finish made it look amazing.

"Just in case if we run into trouble," he whispered to me.

"You really expect someone to try and kill us or something?" I asked.

He shrugged, "the world is a messed up place. Just in case, take it."

So I took it, and he handed me a holster to attach to my belt as well. I attached it and tightened my belt, putting the heavy revolver into the leather holster. It was pretty heavy, but after awhile I'd get used to it. I smiled, walking back to the others and sitting down. Space took notice to my weapon, but didn't speak up.

After building a small setup, he was called into the RV by Andrew. Coty took his place, grabbing two sticks and attempting to create a fire. It was difficult, and took several minutes of him grunting loudly and vigorously rubbing the two small sticks together before a small flame was created. And as soon as he was finished he smiled triumphantly, only to remember he had a lighter in his pocket the entire time.

The others began a small conversation, and while they talked I stared up at the sky. It was clearer than most nights, and Space would probably want to set up her telescope later on. Since we spent a lot of time in Isrreal's RV, we stored a lot of our things in there. My crossbow, Space's telescope, Julian's medical supplies, and a few of Spencer's games.

A few minutes later, I decided to listen into the conversation, getting bored of just zoning out and trying to think of what to do next. Axel and Julia were sitting beside each other, talking with Maddie who was sitting next to Spencer and Maddie.

"You lived in Tazader City too?" Maddie asked the young boy.

Axel nodded, "yep. Me, my mom, my dad and my little sister. I was just down the street from that high-end apartment complex near East Ridge High."

"I lived in that apartment complex," Space chimed in. 

Axel sighed, staring down at the ground, "I... wish they were here."

An aura of sadness and grief was surrounding the young child. He had not shed any tears, however, just fell into a silence like Julia till now. The two were sitting next to each other, and Julia scooted closer to him to try and comfort him.

"Where were they?" asked Spencer, giving Axel his marshmallow.

"When the accident happened, my sister was at a friends house. My mom works at Bentley Medical Center, so she was at work. My dad and I were driving to the mainland since we were planning on going grocery shopping and stopping at the game store before I got home. I think he died in the crash... but I couldn't tell. I was too scared to look," Axel told us, his lower lip faintly quivering.

The entire city seemed to have been destroyed, and though we didn't stick around to see if there were any survivors. Maybe a few, probably the people who took cover in the basements. If they managed to medivac any survivors from the city to the mainland, they'd probably be sent to the nearest hospital. We could always go back and check, but it was too risky. We were on a time limit, and already a three hour drive away.

"So who are you guys and why are you leaving Tazader City if you live there?" asked Axel curiously. Giving up our plan and names wouldn't change anything, there was no chance of a kid being a spy. This wasn't Spy Kids or anything.

"We're all seniors... or at least former senior students at East Ridge High." 

"Yeah. I'm a hacker like on those TV shows. There was a leaked video message telling about the President declaring nuclear war," Spencer began to explain. I slapped him on the back of the head, the kid didn't need to know that much.

"How can someone destroy the whole country?" asked Axel in awe.

"Nuclear warheads probably. With the technology we have today, we could destroy the entire earth and make it completely unhabitable if we wanted. We certainly have enough nukes to do it," I told him, thinking back to what we learned a year or two ago in history class.

He frowned, "so you're all trying to leave... what about your families? Your parents?"

"Not all of us have parents... and the ones that do... they're gone too," I said. Slowly I began to realize the harsh truth. We had left our parents to die in that city. We had been so scared, so shocked, that we had just driven out without thinking. My parents last thoughts were probably if I was alive or not. And I hadn't even thought about them for a second until Axel brought them up.

We all heard a small beep and looked to the side to see Spencer messing with his handheld console: the GameBuddy. It was a small blue device with black buttons, an HD screen, and the ability to hold almost a hundred different games at once. Maddie and I both owned one, but we rarely played ours unless it was with him.

Axel and Julia both looked over Spencer's shoulders as he played. His fingers were mashing the button rigorously as it were an exhilarating workout.

Coty walked over to me, "only exercise that guy does is button pushing and playing with his dumb VR headset."

He wasn't wrong, Spencer actually got a heart rate of 180 last time he used that thing. Shooting robots and knocking over lamps was tiring. After awhile though, the conversation died and the only thing we could do was stare down into the fire, except for Spencer who was playing his GameBuddy.

I scanned over everyone's faces and saw the one emotion we all felt right now. I stood up from the log I sat on and unholstered my colt. Then I spoke,

"Guys... everyone here... listen up," I told them.

Everyone looked up, except for Spencer who only did when Maddie snatched his GameBuddy from him. I took a deep breath before beginning my ramble, hoping it'd have some effect on the others,

"we're all scared here. I can tell. I am too. I mean... we're miles away from the home we've known for years and our families are all dead. We knew they were going to die... but we couldn't do a thing. But that's the past now. We took this risk and we went on the run... because of that we're going to survive! We may just be a bunch of scared high school students... but we're a bunch of scared high school students with guns! There is nothing we can't accomplish... okay that's problem not true but you get it. Andrew can fight, Spencer can hack, Maddie can raise our spirits, Coty can help us survive, Julian can treat our injuries, Space can guide us to Florida and I will lead us through it all!"

Everyone seemed to perk up slightly, including Andrew who even gave a small smirk from beneath his hoodie. Spencer jumped into the air and shouted triumphantly, "and then we go to Fiji!"



"Hey Maddie... can I have a s'more?" asked Julia. She had finally spoken, having not said a word since we left the city.

"Oh sure. I think we have some marshmallows in the RV. Axel do you want one?" asked. Maddie as she got up.

"Sure. Thank you," he said politely. Maddie smiled and walked into the RV and we just sat around the fire in silence for a few minutes, staring at the crackling fire. Suddenly, I heard a noise.

"Hey.... you guys... do you hear something?"

"I thought it was just me."

I went for the case on the side of the logs we were sitting on before a shadow emerged from the forest. I was shocked as I watched it jump out of the bushes and onto Spencer. Spencer screamed pushed it off, crawling away. It growled and leaped again, this time earning a punch in the side of the face. The white shadowy figure stood there, before walking into the moonlight. A savage wolf, it's teeth sharp and eyes filled with bloodlust.

Spencer ran for his life, screaming in fear and cowering behind Space. I stood my ground, Coty and I standing in front of the kids. Andrew and Julian were watching from inside, Andrew looking for a gun to try and defend us.

The wolf growled at us, and I quickly reached for the gun in my holster. I grabbed it and tried to pull it out, but the holster was buttoned shut. I pulled it open just as the wolf jumped up, snapping at me. I fell over, the weapon falling from my hand as the others jumped back.

The wolf went for my leg, biting down on my shoe. I shook it off and kicked it in the face before crawling away. Coty ran up and kicked it several times, but the wolf simply growled at him before sinking it's teeth into his hand, biting down hard until Coty forced his hands against the wolf's face and shoved it away.

He screamed and fell back against the RV, clutching his bleeding arm tightly. It wasn't that bad, but it was enough to draw a pretty decent amount of blood. Andrew ran outside, rushing to his aid as the wolf turned towards the children.

Julia and Axel screamed and stepped back. The wolf ran at them and pounced but something stopped it. Axel turned around, spotting a hatchet that had been left on top of one of the logs in the clearing. He picked it up, tore it from the wood, and swung it upwards at the wolf. He sliced into it's body, splashing blood onto it's otherwise white fur.

It squealed in pain and jumped back, backing away from us into the woods. "Go away! NOW!" he said as he clutched the hatchet. The wolf stood there for a second before bolting into the bushes and into the woods.

"Dude.... how'd you get it to listen to you?" asked Spencer as he came out from behind Space. "T-Thank you Axel...." said Julia as she stood next to him. 

"Yeah how'd you do that so fast?" I asked as I walked over to Coty. "I don't really know. I've always been able to think really fast. Half the time in school my teachers always claimed I cheated on everything because I was the first to finish the tests," he answered.

Everyone wanted to congragulate him, and with that I was starting to warm up to him. I still somewhat blamed him for Isrreal's death, Andrew definitely, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad. I couldn't just hate him forever and blame him for something that wasn't his fault.

But before we could do anything Coty shouted in pain, Andrew at his side trying to help. Julian rushed out of the RV, holding a first aid kid to try and bandage his wound. He stopped beside him, pulling out a wash cloth and pouring alcohol onto it.

"Fuck..... I got rabies, don't I... I'm gonna die..... dammit... MY LIFE IS OVER!" Coty shouted out in the most dramatic voice possible.

"Coty I would like to politely ask you to shut the fuck up and let me save your damn life!"

"Oh god... this hurts.... help me..." Coty muttered dramatically.

Julian smacked Coty across the face before going back to helping him. Julian was trained in the medical field, so a simple wound such as Coty's minor bite shouldn't cause much trouble.

I looked back to the kids. They were fine, Julia a bit shook. Spencer stood behind them, watching Julian drop the cloth back into the kit and run into the RV for some bandages.


We all looked at the RV and saw Maddie in the doorway of the RV, looking extremely pale and a bit worried. "Spencer stay here with the kids," I said as I ran into the RV. We ran in and Maddie was looking at her laptop which was open at the small booth table, which was set to the news channel.

"What is it?"



"A sale for shoes?"

We all looked at Space who began giggling, "kidding!"

Maddie facepalmed, "remember that one virus that the news was talking about killed like 25 people in Indiana last month? They just started talking about it again, it's spreading apparently!"

She hit the volume button on the laptop, the news report gaining sound.

"The new supervirus which scientists are calling, the Z-Fection is the black plague of the modern day. After four apparently drunken men murdered a huge group of people at a resturaunt down in Indianapolis, an autopsy of the bodies revealed small claw like features and bloody red eyes along with rough pale skin apparently."

"Those men were infected with this virus, which has now been reported to have been popping up all over the country and even in places like the United Kingdom and Russia, though on a much smaller scale there. The only confirmed safe states are Kansas, Utah, Oregon, and part of Texas. However, Indianapolis is reported to be the state with the most problems as one by one people are popping up with this virus."

"Symptoms will include lightheadedness, grey and rough skin, bloody tears and claws growing at the end of your fingers. A green patch may also appear at the top of your arm which has helped identifying who is safe and who isn't." said the newsman.

Just then, a police siren rung out on screen and the whole screen blacked out, causing static to fill the screen. Maddie quickly switched off the internet connection so we couldn't be tracked, sitting down on the seat after.

"What the hell is going on? First, our whole country as we know it is gonna be destroyed, then Tazader City is bombed and now a modern day black plague!" I shouted aloud. 

"Yeah. 2 other websites reported it to be in Idaho and New York as well," said Maddie as she began searching through the news. "Where are we right now?" I asked.

"Northern Utah, almost to Wyoming where we are stopping to refuel on gas and take a quick food break," said Maddie.

I looked around and then heard a voice.

"Guys. Andrew and Coty aren't alone out there."

We all walked towards the window except for Maddie who took Axel and Julia's hands and kept them back. We all peeked out, seeing three people outside. Two were standing next to each other backing away, the other wasn't.

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