The Omega Event

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Chapter 40 (v.1) - Turning a New Page

Submitted: June 22, 2017

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Submitted: June 22, 2017



Anikan's POV

Gunshots echoed across the city, buildings being blown apart by explosives, and civilians being town apart by claws, bullets, and fire.

"Alright, get ready," I whispered to them.

The six of us were taking cover behind a few cars next to the gelato shop that was now in flames. One by one the assassins were marching through the streets, the strike team hunting down any civilians. Several of them were approaching the marina, meaning they'd find Space or Spencer sometime soon if they weren't careful.

One of the assasins marched down the street we were on, holding his rifle tightly. He glanced to the side, staring at each of the stores he passed to check if anyone was inside. But when he passed our cars, we sprung into action.

Andrew rose up, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. I stabbed my knife into the man's eye, causing him to let out an intense scream. I meant to slit his throat to keep him quiet, but a thick metal armor was covering most of his body.

I peeked over the car, watching as several assassins began rushing towards out car. I looked back to Andrew, watching as he finally silenced the man with several more stabs to the face before finally digging the blade of the knife underneath his armor and into his skin.

"We're gonna have to fight, aren't we?" Kailey asked us.

I nodded before staring down at the colt python, more specifically my reflection. This was the end. It was now or never. We had to make our final stand, fight our way through these guys, and make our way to the boat. This was our way out. This was our final battle.

Taking one final deep breath, I stood up, aimed the shining silver revolver, and fired three shots. Each shot hit one of the incoming assassins, sending him spiraling to the ground. The other two fired back, and Lili pulled me back behind the car before any of their shots could hit me.

Kailey peeked out, throwing her tomahawk through the air and bashing the blade against one of their head, the blade cutting into their forehead and stunning them. Andrew took the chance to follow up with a blast from his KSG, killing the other one. Jaxi ran out and finished up the last one, driving her katana into an opening in his body armor.

She pulled her blade out of his body just as another two turned around a corner, firing at her. She dived to the ground, rolling under the car as the two men sprayed their bullets into the doors. Andrew peeked out and prepared to fire his shotgun again, followed up by me with my revolver to take out the other, but a screeching sound in the distance interrupted us.

We both turned around, watching as a large swarm of infected stumbled down the streets, heading towards the gunfight. While there were assassins on almost every corner, us in specific were making the biggest amount of noise, due to the gunfire between us and them. 

"We need to move!" Andrew shouted as he fired his KSG, taking out two mutants. Behind us, the assassins were doing the same, taking a break from killing us to hold off the swarm trying to kill them.

I took the opening, rising up and shooting one of the assasins in the back. He screamed and fell to the ground, two mutants taking advantage of that and pouncing on him. The other assassin watched as his friend was torn open, quite literally due to one of the mutants ripping off his body armor and tearing his stomach apart from the outside.

"We can't hold off this many! We don't have enough ammo!" Maddie shouted as she fired the hunting rifle, sniping one from afar.

"Over there!" I shouted, pointing towards a ladder on one of the nearby buildings.

I fired twice, killing two more mutants as the others made their way to the ladder. Andrew assisted me with another blast from his shotgun before making his way up, Lili right above him. I went last, kicking one away before jumping onto the ladder. I made it up a few steps before one mutant grabbed onto my leg, almost yanking me entirely off the ladder. And then another mutant, and another, and if I had been wearing shorts they'd probably have town my ankle off.

I tried to reach out to the next step, but my eyes widened as the bolts holding the ladder in began to shake, the force of the mutants too much for the rusty old ladder. One of the supports entirely snapped, causing the ladder to swerve to the side, almost completely falling off the wall.

"Get him now!" Andrew shouted at the others, trying to blast the ones below me with his shotgun. Maddie assisted, the two of them firing at the ones below. However they couldn't get a good angle at the ones grabbing me, due to my body blocking their view.

Jaxi climbed down the side of the building, locking hands with Kailey who stood on top. She then reached out with her other hand, trying to pull me up. I reached out, barely able to brush my fingers against hers. I looked back down at the mutants, staring at the lifeless eyes of the creature trying to pull me into his grasp.

I aimed downwards, firing my final shot from my revolver at them. I blasted one in the head, the brass projectile tearing through it's skull. The mutant released me from it's grasp and tumbled down into the ground, and I kicked off the other one before climbing up another step, taking Jaxi's hand.

The ladder broke off from the wall, and I was just barely able to climb up the side before it fell back down into the swarm of mutants. Some were crushed by the rusty old ladder, but many simply stepped over it as they attempted to reach us from below.

"Alright now what?" Jaxi asked us.

Andrew approached the edge and looked down, "there's a ladder over here. Let's just climb down and get the others as fast as we can."

As we all crowded around the ladder, nobody paid attention to the floor beginning to sink in. We turned around too late to see the roof begin to collapse, Lili breaking through a large hole that formed. Andrew turned around and reached out, watching as she let out a shriek before falling through the ceiling, falling into the store below.

"Lili!" Kailey called out.

A burst of gunfire suddenly rung out from the side, and we all ducked down. All except for Andrew. He dodged the bullets and jumped off the side, grabbing onto the ladder and sliding down. He was going after Lili.

"Anikan you better cover my ass or I'll-"

"Yeah yeah just get her out of there!" I shouted as I followed him down the ladder, firing as large truck sped down the road, firing at us with a turret on the back. Jaxi, Kailey and Maddie ran after me, the three of us sliding behind a car as the truck zipped towards us. We quickly realized it would not be stopping, and if we didn't move, it'd crush us.

Just as I got up and prepared to dive out of the way at the last second, a large white blur slammed into the side of the truck, sending both of them smashing through the railing and down onto the small beach area below. Both vehicles tumbled down the rocks, flipping over several times before finally landing near the water. Smoke erupted from the front of the RV, the other vehicle begnning to smoke as well.

"Ryan!" Jaxi shouted down to the RV>

"Get us a way down there!" I told Maddie before turning back to the store Andrew had run inside. I reached into my pocket and flipped out my knife, Jaxi and Kailey standing on both sides of me with their weapons ready. As the mutants surrounded the building, we rushed into action, taking them down one by one.

I ran forward, grabbing one by the neck and shoving him against the wall, stabbing my knife into it's head. Kailey ran over and sweep kicked one to the ground, before slamming her tomahawk down into it's chest, and slashing one's throat with her other one. Jaxi swung her blade, slashing through two mutants like it was nothing before plunging her blade deep into the heart of one, and then another right behind that one.

Inside the store, Andrew slammed both doors shut, confirming they were locked before rushing towards Lili. She had fallen onto the counter and rolled off, her unconscious body sprawled across the floor. Blood was rushing down from a cut on her head she sustained from the fall, but there were no other external wounds.

"Lilitha get up! We need to go... come on Lili get up!" I shouted at her, trying to shake her away. But the fall had taken her out bad, and it didn't look like she was getting up anytime soon.

I growled and stood back up, reloading my shotgun with the shells I had stuffed into my utility belt. I aimed at each of the windows, staring at them with pure anger. I had fought all the way to this point, and I wouldn't lose myself or Lili to a bunch of flesh eating freaks.

I let out a battle cry, and one by one blasted the windows apart, killing the mutants clawing at each one. After taking out a considerable amount I knelt down, picked up Lili in my arms, and charged towards the doors.

They all went for me, but I charged forward, shoving several to the ground in my attempt to make it out. But one of them grabbed my shoulder, another one grabbing my arm to try and force me to the ground. One raised their claw to cut me down, but I watched as Jaxi ran forward, swinging her blade and slicing it's limb away.

I helped him up while Kailey and Jaxi distracted the mutants, cutting them down one by one. I shouted to them both to follow before we rushed down the street, approaching the edge of the railing where the two vehicles had fallen. Maddie had begun making her way down to the rocks, and the four of us began to follow.

When we reached the bottom we rushed towards the RV, watching as the side door burst open. The RV had been flipped on it's side, but we watched as Ryan climbed out, his shotgun in one hand and my crossbow in the other. He tossed me my weapon and I tied the strap over my shoulder while Jaxi and Kailey helped him down.

"Where's Julian, Dom and the kids?" I asked him.

He groaned and looked up, "what? What are you talking about?"

"When they started to attack, I told them to get the kids to the RV and away from the fight. I didn't want them getting hurt," I told him.

"T-They didn't make it?" Kailey asked with a worried tone.

I growled and stomped my foot down, trying to figure out a plan. If for some reason Julian and the others were unable to make it to the RV, they'd probably try and make their way back here to the boat. That's all we had to do. Rendevous on the boat.

"Alright, here's the plan. Andrew, get Lili to the boat. The rest of us will lead the mutants down the beach, and-"

Suddenly, a gunshot. We all watched as one of the assassins stumbled out from behind the enemy truck, firing a black handgun at us. It shot Kailey in the upper shoulder, knocking her to the ground. I quickly raised my gun to shoot him back, but it wasn't enough to save her.

"Ow... I'm fine I'm fine," Kailey groaned.

I looked to Andrew and he nodded, rushing off towards the dock with Lili. Hopefully he could get to the boat and get it running, or else we'd all be screwed. Meanwhile Jaxi, Kailey, Ryan, Maddie and I could lead the mutants across the beach and keep them from following him onto the docks. We didn't need any other complications.

As Jaxi helped up Kailey and Maddie helped up Ryan, I turned to them and reloaded my weapon with extra ammo from my belt, "let's finish this thing."


Space's POV

On the horizon was a wave of chaos, tearing down the infrastructure we had worked so hard to build. America was coming to an end, and this era was coming to a close. All we could do was fight, fight for our will to survive. For our freedom. For our rights.

As I watched a helicopter spiral out of the sky, crashing into a nearby building, a single tear ran down my face. This was how it happened. I had imagined this so many times over the course of the past six days, and I still wasn't prepared to see it unfold right in front of me. 

Buildings crashing down on each other. Civilians being murdered in the street, and others running for their lives. Car collisions on every block, and shootings every ten feet. Swarms of grey skinned mutants roaming the alleyways, and attack jets bombing the cities. It was horrifying, and I couldn't do anything to stop it.

All I could do was fight, and hope. 

I bolted back down the wooden docks, rushing towards the boat as fast as I could. Sundown was coming fast, and we needed to be miles away from this place beforehand. We needed to start the boat and leave, now.

I stopped at the side of the boat and unholsted my silenced pistol, stepping over the platform and climbing onto the boat. However, when I arrived, there was no sign of Spencer. I frowned, turning around to see the door below deck open, and our duffel bags in the doorway.

"Hmm... Spencer?" I called out.

And then I heard it. The click of a gun. I turned around, pointing my gun at the stairs leading up to to the controls. Spencer slowly walked forward, another man coming from behind. A soldier of sorts, with black body armor, a helmet, and an assault rifle pressed to his back.

"Let him go!" I shouted at the man, stepping back in fear.

He spoke in a thick russian accent, "I think not. You will not be going anywhere."

"And why not?" I asked him.

"You, like every other american in this country, will perish," he answered, poking Spencer in the back with the barrel of his gun.

I needed a way out of this. I looked around, but the front of the boat was completely barren. No grenades, no knives, no guns. Just my weapon, his, and a Spencer in between us. I couldn't rely on anyone coming to save us. I just had to rely on myself.

"This is pointless. Why are you even doing this?" I asked him.

"Orders little one. I come here, I kill any americans I see, and I give my life to see to the destruction of this country. A small price to pay for my country," he answered.

I scoffed, "a small price? This is your life! Think about everything back home! You have a wife right? Kids?"

"They support my decision. They would have joined me themselves, had they been allowed," he said.

"Think about it. Your kids are going to grow up without a father, and your wife without a husband. That's not something a kid should go through," I told him.

I quickly began to think, and then told him, "on the way here, we found a kid. One of my friends gave his life to save his. He's survived up until now, both of his parents and his little sister dead. Dead from an explosion your country caused. And you know what's happened? He's learned to shoot, killed thirty men, and stabbed one of those creature's in the head."

His grip on his weapon loosened.

"Kids are supposed to run around, play games, and watch TV! What do you think will happen to your kids, growing up without a father to guide them in a world like this?! They'll be no different from him! They'll be trained to be soldiers, to kill whoever they'd told to without a second thought! Is this what you want!?" I shouted at him.

A few moments of silence. The man stared at me and I stared back at him. And a few seconds later, he lowered his weapon The man stepped back, pushing Spencer towards me. The scrawny boy rushed behind me, hiding as I stared at him.

"Go now," he said simply as he stepped off of the boat.

I smiled, "thank you. What's your name?"

"Beriya," he said simply.

I gave him one final smile, before a second shadowy figure rushed down the docks. I turned my weapon, watching as a soldier with a heavy weapon aimed at the boat. I grabbed Spencer, watching as the three of us turned to watch the grenade launcher fire.


The grenade rolled across the deck, and I tackled him off the boat just as the explosion blew apart the docks. I was thrown into the water, watching as Beriya's body was blasted aside like a ragdoll and Spencer sunk down into the ocean beside me...


Anikan's POV

One by one we ran across the beach, the swarm of mutants slowly surrounding us. Many had dropped down from the gap in the railing, falling onto the rocks below. At first they died from the fall, but soon after the bodies began to pile up, and the mutants simply walked over them. From the other side came even more mutants from a set of stairs that lead onto the beach.

I aimed my colt back, firing at one who was catching up. Ryan stopped and fired his shotgun, shooting another as we retreated to the far edge of the beach. Eventually we were forced to stop, the mutants beginning to surround us.

"Alright weapons up!" I told them, pulling out my knife. Kailey readied her tomahawks, Ryan pumped his shotgun, Jaxi raised her sword, Maddie reloaded her pistol and I aimed colt python.

"Where are they?" Jaxi asked as she cut down two approaching mutants.

"I don't know, they should be here-"


An explosion fired off in the distance, and we turned our heads to watch half of the boats suddenly explode. The docks fell apart, the boats following in a fiery explosion that consumed them all. I swore under my breath and looked to the others, who were watching the aftermath as the hope in their eyes suddenly died.

"Spencer... Ace..." Maddie muttered, the flames from the boats reflecting in her eyes.

"What the hell do we do now!?" Ryan asked, fending off the mutants one shotgun blast at a time.

I turned around, looking for an opening. With every boat in the marina seemingly destroyed, we needed a plan B. Leaving this country tonight was hopeless. But if we could survive the night, then maybe we stood a chance tomorrow.

My eyes darted around before spotting a building set up on the beach against the stone wall below the railing. We were on a different elevation than the rest of the city, so maybe, just maybe, we could survive.

As the mutants converged on us, I shouted to the others and took off down the beach. Jaxi ran in front, cutting down mutants one by one with her sword. Kailey took up the rear, swinging her tomahawks to keep them from following us too closely. Ryan was right behind her, firing his shotgun every few seconds to keep them away. And Maddie was right behind me, wildly firing her pistol at the swarm.

"Almost there! Jaxi your left!" I shouted.

She screamed, swinging her sword upwards and slicing through the mutant's eye. She shoved it's body away before cutting down two more, slashing their bodies apart and splattering her clothes with blood and guts.

I aimed my weapon, firing my colt python a small group of four mutants approached from the left. I fired once, a headshot. I fired twice, a shot to the chest. I fired thrice. A shot to the heart. But when I fired a fourth time, the gun clicked.


The mutant rushed forward, grabbing Maddie by the arm and tearing into her flesh with it's fangs. I drove my knife down into it's head as fast as possible, but not fast enough to help her. She screamed, holding her hand over the wound as blood poured all over her.

"Fuck!" Kailey yelled, noticing Maddie's bloody wound.

"We... w-we can just get to the building and we can amputate it! It worked with Ryan, it'll work again!" I shouted at her.

She tried to shake my hand off, "no we can't! Just leave me!"


We all stopped our slow fight through the swarm to get to the building, instead opting to run as fast as possible. Jaxi ran forward, pushing through the mutants with Kaile and Ryan behind them. Maddie and I took up the rear, and I tightened my grip on her arm as we pushed through the crowd.

I stabbed one in the head, shoving his body to the side before tackling another one to the floor. Maddie tried to shake me away, but I wouldn't let her go. Everyone else was gone. Isrreal, Coty, Julian, Dominic, Axel, Julia, Andrew, Lili, Spencer, Space. I would not lose someone else.

"Come on we're almost there!" I shouted, shoving another mutant one of the way as I watched Ryan swing open the side door, blasting a mutant apart with his shotgun.

I reached out, and suddenly a gunshot. I fell to the ground, hitting the sand as the mutants converged on us. I tried to get back up, but something was pulling me down. I turned around, staring as Maddie laid limp in the sand, a bullet wound in the back of her head.


I was only able to cry out her name for a final time before the mutants surrounded her, tearing into her body. It gave us a chance to escape. Jaxi grabbed my arm and yanked me into the building, slamming the door shut. 

I fell back against the dirty white tiles, crawling back into the corner of the room as the ground shook. Gunshots echoed from outside the building, and explosions shook the world from above. I turned my head, watching as Jaxi hugged Kailey tightly, trying to bandage the bloody gunshot wound in her upper shoulder. Ryan was sitting against the wall holding his shotgun, staring at the wall and breathing heavily.

This is what our journey lead to. Trapped in an old grimey bathroom at the end of the world. We fought police officers, humans, gangbangers, and a foreign strike team, only to be gunned down in our final hour, and left stranded in the middle of a swarm.

"This was it," I thought, "this is how we died. This is how we fall. Vaporized in a fiery explosion as the country of America crumbled around us. Our dream was to survive. Our dream was to thrive. Our dream, was to escape this life, and find a new one."

But, maybe this wasn't the end. Maybe this was just a start. A new beginning. The end of an old page, and the turn of a new one...


Their story continues in, The Omega Event 2: Fear the Zions

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