The Omega Event

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Swarm

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



We both stopped and immediately ran to the back of the RV where Coty was looking out the window.

We saw Andrew and Julian, who were starting to head back, trying to beat up one of the infected. Andrew was holding it back and Julian was punching it repeatedly. He wasn't one for fighting, but they were a bit stupid sometimes

"We have to stop them! If they break open it's skin and they have a cut on them...."

I ran out of the RV and past Julia, Axel and Spencer, who were sitting around the fire. Out of my holster came the colt python, in case we'd need to kill it.

As I emerged from the trees I watched as the mutant push Andrew away, going for Julian. Julian backed away, holding his combat knife and getting ready to kill it.

"Guys! He's infected with a virus. If it cuts you, you'll die!" I exclaimed.

"Oh please, enough with your nonsense," Julian commented.

"There's obviously something wrong with him though! Julian watch it!" Andrew shouted.

The creature got too close to Julian and grabbed him by the arm, causing him to drop the knife in fear. I pulled out the python and pointed it at the infected. I pulled the trigger and its arm was blown off. It fell to the floor and Julian crushed it with his boot.

He stomped on it several times, trying to grind its skull into a mushy red paste. Andrew and I looked away, both of us feeling a bit nauseous. He looked the other way,

"What are you talking about?" he asked, slightly scared of what he just did.

"It's a virus. Some weird plague that started in California and is spreading. It's an infected posession thing and if it's blood or guts of anything like that gets into your blood stream you die," I explained.

"Um, we saw like thirty of them coming down the road. We thought it was other people and flagged one down. This one came first, and the rest are following," said Andrew as he retrieved his hunting knife from his backpack.

 We all looked at the road and watched as a group of them approached us from the middle of the road. Ten, maybe twenty, all stumbling down the road at a considerable slow pace. They certainly looked like like mutants, judging by the obviously discolored skin and glowing red eyes glistening in the darkness.

"INTO THE RV!" I shouted at them.

We all dashed through the woods, back into the clearing as the moved into the forest. We ran past the others, Andrew picking up the hunting rifle in the grass and Julian taking the hatchet that Axel had used.

"What's going on?" Julia asked nervously.

"Everybody inside! NOW!" yelled Andrew as he aimed at them. Out of the trees and darkness, the infected started pouring into the clearing one by one.

Andrew fired once, the bullet tearing through one of the mutants and sending its body falling to the ground. He quickly reloaded, firing a second shot, this time hitting the creature in the forehead. Julian stood beside him, holding the hatchet and waiting for one to get close.

The others rushed behind us, Coty retreating into the RV. Maddie stood in front of Axel and Julia, who cried out in fear and latched onto the back of her legs. Spencer shrieked, holding up his GameBuddy as if it were a weapon. Space stood between the, watching as they small wave of creature's approahced us.

I reached down, pulling the silver revolver from my holster and aiming it forward. One of the mutants stumbled towards one, staring into my eyes intensely. They were monsterous, with grey skin, glowing purple veins that pulsed with every movement, and bleeding red eyes that dripped blood wherever it walked. I froze, holding the gun up as it slowly approached me.

"Anikan!" a voice shouted from behind me. Clenching my teeth, I pulled the trigger, firing a single shot at the mutant.

The bullet shot straight out of the barrel, rippling through the air before penetrating the creature in the eye, splashing blood onto my white t-shirt as it's head jolted up and it's body tumbled to the ground. The mutant fell into the grass, it's body now lifeless, and I was left frozen in place.

My ears were ringing, and I clutched the side of my head in pain and confusion. I had fired a gun before, but not at this intensity, and not at another person. I gulped, stepping back as another two began to approach me. Now that I thought about it... I was a murderer. These people, their bodies were mutated, but they were still human. I killed a sick man just now, and I could slowly feel that horrible feeling quickly overtaking my body.

"Get up!" shouted another voice, and I watched as Coty ran forward, swinging a metal bat and slamming it into the head of one of the creature's. It stumbled back, blood pouring out of it's face from the large crater in it's head. Despite the amount of blood it was losing, and the pain coming from the hit, it kept coming. Coty screamed loudly, swinging it once again and knocking it to the ground. A third swing finished it off, the bat slamming down into the side of it's skull.

The second mutant stumbled towards Coty, and I quickly raised my weapon to shoot it. I fired two shots, the two brass projectiles tearing into the mutant's flesh. One shot in it's neck, the other to the upper shoulder. The mutant groaned, it's head leaning to the side like it's neck was broken. I fired a third shot, this time hitting it in the forehead.

"Into the RV!" Andrew shouted, backing up before swinging the hunting rifle and knocking one down. 

Maddie and the others retreated, followed by Julian and Coty who prepared to close the doors. Andrew stepped back into the doorway, glancing to the side in my direction. I stopped aiming, running to the side to get inside.

Suddenly, a mutant grabbed my arm, shoving me against the RV. I gasped, watching as my back hit the side of the vehicle and the colt python dropped from my grasp. I struggled to escape, but the creature's grip on my wrist tightened. Luckily my jacket was keeping it from cutting into my skin with it's claws, but it was trying to lunge it's head forward and bite into my face.

More mutants surrounded the RV, and Andrew was forced to close the door to keep any from getting in. I looked back at him and then to the mutant, realizing my only escape route was now closed. More mutants began to approach me, and I knew I couldn't hold back them all.

But just before the mutant in front of me could bite open my neck, a shotgun blast blew it's head off. I closed my eyes, blood splattering against my face and onto my neck and shirt. I stumbled back, pushing it away as I tried to wipe it off. I opened my eyes and looked up, watching as a figure on top of the RV fired another shotgun blast, killing another two standing in front of me.

Space was sitting on top of the RV, gripping one of the two pump shotguns we found tightly. She was shaking, staring down at me in fear. I stared up at her for a few seconds before remembering I was surrounded, and picked up my revolver before running towards the ladder on the side of the RV. Before one of the mutants could grab me I jumped, grabbing onto the metal ladder and climbing up the side.

She put her hand out and I took it, climbing up onto the RV and rolling on top. I took a few deep bereaths, looking up at her as she tossed the shotgun to the side. She certainly didn't like the fact I was carrying a gun, even more that she had to use one of her own.

"Thanks," I muttered to Space between quick breaths.

"N-no problem....." she said, scared out of her mind and her voice shaking.

"Never used a gun before?" I asked with a small smirk.

"Yeah.... has a little kickback to it," she said with a nervous smile.

We just sat on the top watching as more and more surrounded the RV. "The door is jammed and I don't think they can break windows, so I think were fine," I told her as I stared down at them. "Yeah..." she said quietly.

We had nothing to do but wait. Maybe they'd leave or maybe Andrew could think of a way to kill them. I kicked my feet off the edge awkwardly, wondering whether or not I should say anything.

"So who's this Lydia girl Andrew mentioned the other night?" Space asked in a mischevious tone.

I looked back at her and scoffed, "really? What'd he say?"

"Oh nothing much. Just that you have a friend with benefits in New York coming to visit soon. What's that about?" she asked with a smirk.

I sighed and chuckled, "she's just a friend. We knew each other since we were four, but we both moved when we were thirteen. I went to Tazader City, she went to New York. Screwed up situation since we're on opposite sides of the world, but nothing I can do about it."

"That sucks. Have a picture of her?" she asked.

I nodded, reaching into my pocket and pulling out my cracked phone. I opened it up and scrolled through my photos till I found a recent selfie she sent me. She had short pink hair that covered her right eye, cutesy red eyes, and small cut on her forehead we got during a game we played when we were kids.

"Aww she looks cute. I really like the pink," she commented.

I nodded. The pink hair was kinda her signature touch. A few years ago she told me she wanted to be unique and show her own style, so she dyed her hair pink and continued doing it ever since.

"So you two haven't..?"

"Oh god no. I'm not... I mean we haven't... can we talk about something else?" I asked, trying to divert the topic. The situation was a bit too awkward for me to talk about, especially to Space.

She nodded and I began to think before asking again, "so how do you have a boat in Florida?"

"Well my parents are decently wealthy, so we go on vacations all the time. Usually we go down to Florida, and my dad loves to go out on his boat. He has a small cottage there we own and a bit boat in the Marina. Nowhere big, but it's a short driving distance from the major locations," she explained.

"Is it a yacht?" I asked curiously.

"I wish. It's not as big, but it's enough to hold us all and keep us busy and in comfort," she told me. 

"Do you like it?" I asked curiously.

Space smiled, "yep. We went out at night once and it was beautiful. A place where I could look up in my telescope and see the stars bright... kinda light tonight."

She laughed and looked at the sky. "For once... for once the sky is clear... we can truly see Space." said Space as she stared up. I looked up and saw the beautiful night sky. The sky, instead of dark, cloudy with barely any stars visible, was the opposite. The sky was void of clouds and we could see constellations and stars everywhere.

"Well I understand why you like space."

She nodded and just stared at the sky. 

Suddenly we heard a scream. We looked down the side of the RV, noticing one of them was trying to fit it's hand through the crack in the back door. Isrreal had neglected to I looked at the infected breaking open the door and realized they were going to break through sooner or later.

"Space. Cover me with the gun," I told them, "I'm gonna try and lead them away from the RV so they can drive out of here!"

I pulled out my colt python, fumbling with the weapon until I figured out how to open the chamber. I had two shots left and no bullets to reload it with. I'd have to reply on Space to cover me, or else they'd swarm me in seconds.

"Wait Anikan you can't-"

I could. And I did. Waiting for the right moment, I jumped off the RV, falling into the grass and rolling across the ground. Several of the mutants turned around, beginning to focu son me. I quickly got up, shoving one of them away from me as I backed away.

"Anikan you're insane!" Space shouted.

I shouted back, "yeah I know! Just keep me covered!"

I wasn't entirely sure whether Space was up for this, considering she had almost collapsed last time she fired a gun. But I trusted her to protect me.

Slowly she picked up the gun, pointing and firing a single blast at another mutant, blowing it's head apart and tearing through the arm of another beside it. I continued backing up against the trees, until a hand grabbed my shoulder.

I spun around, shoving the mutant away as it grabbed onto me. I tried to push it away, but it's grip on me was too strong. But before it could slash at me with it's claws, Space shot again, killing it with a shotgun blast to the back.

"Cmon you muffinsacks! Come kill me!" I shouted at the mutants, trying to get them all to follow me.

The infected surrounded me, and I was forced to fire one of my two shots to kill one that lunged at me from the right. I took the opening and ran past it's body, slipping through a gap and running over to another part of the clearing. The mutants followed, one of them lunging in my direction and tripping over the corpse of the one I had shot. If these were indeed mutants, they weren't very bright.

Space fired again, killing another two before they could kill me. I aimed and fired my final shot as the door to the RV opening, Andrew running out. He was holding the hatchet from before, and tossed it in my direction to use. I caught the hatchet just at the right moment, swinging it back and slashing into the chest of a mutant.

Blood splattered onto the nearby tree as the mutant stumbled back, the large cut tearing into it's heart. I then turned towards the door and made a run for it, hoping I could get inside in time. But just before I took a step into the doorway, a hand grabbed my leg.

I tripped, falling to the ground as a mutant latched onto my ankle and attempted to claw at my leg. I kicked it away, trying to shake free as it began biting on my shoe. Space aimed her shotgun to fire, but the thing seemed to jam. 

Luckily, Andrew was here. He reached into his belt, revealing a gun of his own. The legendary desert eagle, a heavy pistol with a silver coating and black markings on the side. He aimed and fired, the heavy weapon blowing apart the mutant's brain. He then held out his hand, helping me off the ground and into the RV.

We rushed inside, and Andrew almost immediately slammed the door shut. I turned to see Coty in the driver's seat, trying to start the car. But judging by the sound of spinning wheels and a roaring engine, it was stuck.

"Help me here!" Andrew shouted as he pushed against the doors, trying to keep the mutants from getting through. Spencer and Maddie joined him, and I quickly followed. The four of us, and then Julian as well, began pushing against the door with all our might, as the thirty something infected people began pushing back.

"Come on! Just a little more!" he said as he tried to push it closed and reached for the lock with his free hand. One of the mutants were sticking it's hand through a small gap and was trying to grab Spencer's pantleg. The door, however, was keeping it from doing so and digging into his wrist at the same time. I noticed and kicked my foot down, managing to force it out of the gap.

Slowly out feet began to slide against the floor, and I realized we couldn't do this alone. Coty got out of the driver's seat, quickly joining us and shoving against the door with all of his strength. He was the strongest, so he was able to hold it back and shoved his feet against the chair for support.

Suddenly, a mutant slammed against the door forcefully, shaking the RV and causing me to lose my footing. I fell back, tripping and slamming my head against the corner of the table. As my body hit the ground, everything around me began to blur and warp, the others fading away.

"Anikan? Anikan!?"

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