The Omega Event

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Awakening

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



The chirping of the birds woke me up, but no birds laid around me. I was lying in a room, nothing inside but me and the shadows that surrounded me. I then realized there was no floor, just a void. I tried to reach out for my gun, but there was nothing there.

I looked up, a bright light. Almost like a portal. I could see the sun, the others. Andrew, Spencer, Maddie, Space... everything. The RV, the scent of freshly made pancakes, and even Coty's cheap colonge he uses in an attempt to seduce the ladies. Space smiled and put her hand out, and I reached out to take it.

"My son."

Someone spoke behind me. I turned around and saw them. Four ghostly figures stood in the void, looking up at me with their hands out. Hamster smiled, gesturing me to come closer. My mother stood behind him, and my father beside her. I could see the sadness in their face, countered only by the smile they had from seeing me. They had been in the city, and they had died. I could have told them about the bombing. I could have saved them. But instead I left.

"Please... join us," my mother spoke softly.

I looked at the fourth figure and saw a girl with short pink hair hold her hand out. Lydia. In two weeks she was coming to visit. But that wasn't happening anymore.

"We we're supposed to-"

"No. I'll see you someday Ani," Lydia spoke softly.

The four ghostly figures began to fade. Hamster walked backwards and disappeared into the void. Lydia followed, and then my father. The void began to pull my mother back and she reached out for me one final time. I reached back and grabbed her hand, watching as she pulled me closer and closer to the void. 

But then another hand reached out and grabbed my other. I turned to see Space holding onto my hand with hers, and suddenly I was in a game of tug of war; but I was the rope. My mother began to pull me into the void, but Space pulled me back into the light.


"Come with me."

I looked at my mother and frowned, feeling tears rush down my face as I let go. It wasn't my time. She burst into tears and fell back into the void, fading away forever. It was her time, but it wasn't mine. I looked back to Space and watched as the light began to consume the void and then me.



"Is he awake?!" a voice exclaimed.

"Maybe this is like sleeping beauty! Space go kiss him!" another familiar voice shouted.

"Uh I don't think that's necessary," another voice said.

My eyes flickered open and I looked up at the ceiling, the past few moments embedded in my mind. My mother was gone, but the others weren't. 

I scanned the inside of the RV. Maddie was on the far end of the room messing with the portable stove Coty kept stashed in here from our last camping trip. Coty was watching her, and I realized where the scent of pancakes came from. Space was beside me and Spencer was behind her, the two of them looking at me worriedly.

"Uh... what happened?" I asked as I tried to sit up. I felt a bit of pain on the back of my head and my hand moved to the wound.

Space nodded, "when the mutants tried to get in you got knocked back and hit your head on the counter. You got a little concussion but other then that you should be fine."

"Where's Andrew and smartass?" I asked the two as Spencer handed me an ice pack.

"Outside apparently studying those monsters," Space informed me.

I tried to rise up and almost fell to my knees, collapsing on the floor. I managed to keep myself steady enough to get up. I glanced outside of the RV and saw the kids sitting outside on the logs, talking. Axel was certain a peculiar one, but he seemed to be making quick friends with Julia.

The boy was certainly a weird one. He was a bit smarter then most, and had taken on that wolf the other night with no fear in his eyes. He was braver than Coty, who would step up for most dangerous challenges simply because he was too dumb to back out. I couldn't tell whether it was because he just was a brave kid, or he wasn't afraid of dying.

"Call me when the food's done," I told Space before walking out of the RV. She nodded and I walked out of the RV, trying to keep my balance. 

I looked down at my phone, which had the internet turned off, and saw it was an early ten o'clock. On schools days I woke up at 5:30 or 6:00 and on weekends you were lucky to get me out of bed by 1:00 unless there was a special occasion. But it was neither a weekend nor a school day. It was just a normal day without learning, nor relaxation.

School always taught you that the most important things in life were math, science, history, and english. My belief is that only one of those subjects are semi-important while the rest were pointless. None of those things would help us in the real world, nor in this one. This was real life now. Survival. If those mutants were going to end up being everywhere, they we were definitely in for some trouble.

The sun shined down on my face and I walked back into the RV. I grabbed my black cap off of my backpack in the corner and put it on before walking back outside and looking around at my surroundings. It was only a few days before exams would've started back at school, and then summer would start. Surviving like this in the summer would be horrible. No air conditioning, no water sources. If we really were going to survive in this world, we'd need to stockpile.

I looked over at the kids who were sitting on the logs set up around the pile of ash and twigs where the fire had been last night. Axel looked sad, and considering the recent events that was to be expected. Julia seemed to be comforting him, but the frown on his face didn't leave. Axel grabbed the hatchet lying on the ground and showed her the blood on the blade. He then got up and began to swing while she watched. She smiled as he slammed the hatchet into the side of a tree, breaking off several pieces of bark.

"Where'd you learn to do that? I thought you were a computer kid," Julia asked quietly.

"My dad taught me a few things. He used to cut wood all the time and I helped him with this mini axe," Axel answered with a smile.

I approached them and interrupted, "it's called a hatchet."

They both looked at me with a smile. "You're awake," Axel said as he noticed my presence.

"Yeah. You two doing okay?" I asked them, "either of you hungry?"

Julia nodded, "I'm hungry but sis told me to wait for the food to be done."

I reached down into the pocket on the side of my cargo pants and pulled out one of the two chocolate granola bars I had inside. I handed it to her and she smiled. "Don't eat it all at once," I told them as I sat down next to the pile of burnt logs. 

"It tastes kind of bad," Julia said as she took a bite.

Now there were several different approaches to it. Maddie would probably promise candy if they ate it. Andrew would probably tell them to suck it up. Julian would just sell both kids on eBay. I decided to take a different route and told them, "it's uh... it's infused with Red Bull."

"Does that mean we'll get wings?" Julia asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Uh... yeah sure," I lied. Axel seemed to see through my fib, but Julia happily ate her granola bar. Axel shrugged and took a bite out of his, and I smiled. Hopefully Julia didn't expect to get wings later.

"Where's Andrew and Julian?" I asked the two.

Julia pointed towards the road, "the man in the black hoodie and his creepy friend are playing with one of the bodies."

I grabbed the hatchet from the ground and rushed towards the road. I had been wondering where all the bodies had gone, but upon walking through the trees I found them. The bodies were all piled up on top of each other, and Julian was holding the extra can of gasoline in his hands. Andrew was next to him, flicking his lighter repeatedly.

Julian splashed the bodies with a bit of the gasoline before stepping back. Andrew grabbed a tree branch and ripped it off the tree before setting it ablaze with his cheap black gas station lighter. He tossed the branch onto the bodies and they all burst into flames, the fire spreading and burning them all.

One body wasn't in the pile however. The body of a mutant was lying next to the pile, but wasn't touched. Andrew turned around and frowned upon seeing me. But Andrew hated everyone, so that was his usual reaction.

"Finally awake dipshit?" he asked as he watched Julian kneel down beside the lone body.

"Somewhat awake, but still a bit tired. What's he doing?" I answered back as we watched Julian extract a large black military knife with a serrated black blade from his belt.

"An autopsy apparently. And I thought you watched too many crime shows," he said, referring to my recent obsession with Criminal Minds.

"Watch and learn fellow humans. While Anikan may watch autopsies on TV all the time, he knows nothing of performing an actual autopsy," Julian said as he began to push his knife down into the mutants rough skin.

Seeing a mutant up close didn't help with my thoughts of it. I knelt down and brushed my fingers on its skin. It felt like a mutation of both human skin and sandpaper. On each of its hands were long claws extending from all four fingers and the thumbs. They looked to be made of a long white material, but I had no idea what they were. I did know that they were sharp in every way, and it would be easily for the mutants to rip through peoples skin with that.

Its face wasn't much better. Both eyeballs looked to completely filled with blood, and their pupils seemed to have just dissappeared. Blood trickled down from their eyesockets and down their face, like they were crying tears. The hair of whoever this had been was almost completely gone, with only a few short strands remaining. Its mouth was even sharper then its claws, and all of its teeth were replaced with sharp and deadly fangs for biting through skin and killing humans.

"Now it seems upon closer examinination... the virus completely infects the bloodstream, filling it with microscopic organisms. Then after a short amount of time, depending on the persons will to live and their true strength, the virus will move to their brain and completely wipe their mind and replace it with a lust for killing. Very efficient, but I see a problem here," Julian said as began to show us the insides of the mutant. 

I turned around and threw up a bit of the chips I had last night onto the grass, and then turned back and tried not to look at its stomach contents as Julian dropped a squishy blood heart onto the grass, followed by the mutants lungs. Andrew covered his face with his hoodie, "what's the problem.?"

"There are no bite marks. Now on the other mutants I noticed a green patch on different parts of the body, which I hypothesise is where they were scratched or bitten. But on this man there is no green patch, which means he got the virus without being infected by another mutant," Julian said as he pulled out a bone and tossed it to the side.

"Okay so?" Andrew said as he tried not to gag.

"So that means that this man got the virus from its origin. Wherever the virus started, this man was there. Whether it was from a drink, an experiment, a syringe, a poison, whatever it was this man got it," Julian said as he stood up and wiped the blood off his knife on Andrew's sleeve.

We began to walk back through the trees to the RV while Julian explained, "so the process goes as the following. First, someone contracts the virus by either being infected by another mutant or by the orignal source. After around an hour of being in the general area of the wound, it spreads to the rest of the body and symptoms start to appear. Bloody tears, red eyes, claws, grey skin, hair loss. Then the green patch forms and their mind is wiped, turning them into a full fledged mutant."

Me and Andrew exchanged glances and I knew what we were both thinking. As important as this information was, we were both getting a bit bored. Andrew walked ahead and trudged past the kids into the RV, and Julian followed. I stopped beside the kids and looked around for any more mutants. If there were more hiding, I didn't want them to attack while we were inside.

"Hey we're leaving!" Maddie shouted from inside. I looked back and both Axel and Julia rushed past me. We all walked into the RV, which changed the cold feeling from outside into a warmer and better smelling one.

Immediately the scent of pancakes filled my nostrils and I glanced to the side to see six plates of pancakes sitting on the tables, each containing two. I immediately snatched one up and sat down on the floor, Maddie pouring a bit of syrup on top. Andrew took one as well and sat down in the drivers seat, though Julian declined.

"I prefer waffles. They're both tastier and more muscular," Julian said as he held his hand up to decline.

I shouted at him through a mouthful of pancakes jokefully, "you're a disgrace to society!"

"I'll remember that next time you end up needing medical attention," Julian told me with a smug smile.

He walked off and sat down next to Coty who was chomping down half of a pancake without any utensils. Julian frowned and scooted away, "is anyone eating like an actual human in here?"

Spencer was sitting on one of the back seats, a pancake hanging from his mouth as he stared at the GameBuddy in front of him. Space was sitting next to him eating pancakes as well, though she was actualy using the plastic forks and knives Maddie brought.

"Hey why does she get chocolate chip?" I asked Maddie as I noticed the small bits of chocolate in Space's pancakes.

"Because she's adorable and you guys aren't," Maddie said to make Space giggle.

Spencer frowned, "hey! What am I!?"

"A dumbass piece of shit who lost a fight against the class pet," Andrew commented as he drove the RV back onto the road.

"Hey that gerbil was very muscular!" Spencer retorted weakly.

Maddie grabbed the last plate of pancakes and sat down vetween Coty and Spencer, "so Julian, what's the plan?"

He stood up, walking to the center of the room where he pulled a whiteboard out of the corner. He propped it up against a backpack on the table and began to explain, taking a marker from Maddie's backpack.

"Now this plan will be complex, and the journey ahead will be difficult. According to the police report, we are wanted criminals, and most likely they know what we look like. It will not be long before they start a manhunt for us, due to our supposed affiliation with the people who destroyed Tazader City. So we will have to move fast, and under the radar," he began.

He quickly sketched out a badly drawn map of the United States before drawing a line across it, "so, we are currently in the north west part of the country. We will stop somewhere tonight shortly before we reach Ohio, and then we will travel south. Due to being unable to take the highway, backroads will take us three days to reach Florida. Due to a supposed accident going on with Georgia right now, we will have to travel around the majority of the state. Most likely we will get there with two days to spare."

"Is there anywhere we gotta stop?" I asked curiously.

"Possibly. There is certainly not enough food to feed us all, and the only firearms we have are four handguns, two shotguns, a hunting rifle, Andrew's desert eagle, and that python of yours. We should distribute weapons before we get into any gunfights," Julian said.

He walked over to the duffel bag on the table, unzipping it to reveal all of the weapons. He then looked over us all and began counting, "alright, so Anikan and Andrew are already equipped... Madeline, Maddison, Coty and myself require weapons."

Coty took one of the shotguns and one handgun, stuffing the pistol into his vest and setting down the shotgun next to his seat. Julian tossed Maddie a handgun and another to Maddie, before taking the last one for himself. He handed the hunting rifle to Maddie as well, and left the last shotgun for emergencies.

"What about us?" Julia asked him.

"Yeah, do we get guns too?" Axel asked.

Julian stepped back and shook his head, "you are far too young and immature to handle a firearm. Since it was Madeline's job to bring her sister along, she is in charge of protecting the two of you."

The two pouted, whispering to each other as Julian opened another pocket. He asked everyone, "does everyone have a knife of some sort?"

I had a plain red and black knife, Andrew had a simple wooden hunting knife, Julian had his black military dagger, and Coty had a machete. I also had the hatchet, though I was a bit unsure since it was kinda heavy. I took it anyways.

He took out two plain switchblades that I recognized as Isrreal's knives. He handed one to Space and the other to Maddie, though Space didn't exactly seem fond of hers. She didn't like her gun either, and set them down next to each other with the barrel pointed away.

"Any other questions?" he asked us all.

Nobody answered, so Julian shrugged and put the whiteboard away. He walked back to the front, leaving us all alone to do our own things. We would hopefully keep driving until dark, and maybe take a break for the night to sleep somewhere other than the floor.

For about another half an hour we sat in silence. Spencer continued playing on his GameBuddy while Maddie sat beside him. She was talking with Coty, whispering so Julia didn't wake up. Axel was sitting on the floor playing with a butterfly knife, since everyone was too lazy to stop him. Julia was curled up in Maddie's lap, fast asleep. Space was sitting on the other side of Spencer nibbling on a stick of pocky.

In the front of the RV Andrew was driving, and Julian was explaining someone to him in whispers. I was sitting on the floor a few feet away continuing to eat my pancakes, savoring every delicious bite I took. It reminded me of History class, since I spent the second half of the semester sitting on the floor since they had run out of desks. 

Coty had been laying on one of the seats in the back, but he seemed to have gotten bored. Coty got up and yawned, stretching his arms before setting down the plate of pancakes on the table. He then reached up and opened the sunroof, and grabbed onto the edges of the opening. He pulled himself up and we all watched. Maddie finally broke the silence, "Coty what are you doing?" 

"It's boring in here. I'm gonna lay on the roof and get some fresh air," Coty said as he rolled onto the top of the RV.

"Is that safe?" I shouted through the sound of wind blowing against the vehicle.

He shouted back, "probably not but I'll be fine!"

I shrugged and went back to eating, until I heard something from a small distance away. Sirens, and when I looked out the window I saw red and blue flashing lights. I got up and shouted at Coty, "get down here!"

Then a sound. The same one we had heard the other night in Tazader City. The sound of a single gunshot. Coty screamed and we all fell to the floor as two more shots smashed into the metal RV. Then came a shout through a bullhorn from the cars,


The police were here, and they weren't looking to capture us. They were looking to kill.

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