The Omega Event

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Police

Submitted: May 19, 2017

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Submitted: May 19, 2017



"Stop the RV, or we will be forced to shoot!"

Space and I looked on the sunroof and saw blood dripping down. We then rushed over to the window and saw three cop cars behind us. I quickly 

"Stop the RV now!"

They continued to fire at us, some with pistols and others with shotguns. The shotgun shells simply hit the back of the metal RV since they were inaccurate from a distance but the pistols shots did manage to get through the window.

"Andrew! What do we do!?" asked Space. Julian stumbled towards the back, covering his head from bullets despite the fact bullets would shoot through his hand. Like us, they looked to our driver too.

"Um.... drive away as fast as we can!"

We felt the RV speed up and we were knocked onto the floor. Andrew was strafing down the road, trying to dodge their shots like it was a video game. 

As the RV shook, most of us went for guns. I held the colt python, Space grabbed the rifle from last night and Julian went for his. Andrew drove the RV almost off the side of the road, the side hitting leaves and branches from the trees beside the road.

"Take us offroad."

They all looked at me like I was insane. But they listened, driving the RV offroad down a long path. The cops followed, driving down the path as well.

But eventually, we came out onto a long field, running over farmland as we did. I aimed the gun out the window twice, shooting at the cars but missing both shots. Space peeked her head out and began gunning them down, managing to shoot out the driver of one car and smashing the headlights of the others.

I grabbed her arm and yanked her to the floor as a shotgun blast shattered the window right where she had been standing. She smiled at me before another shot flew through the open window, going right through the open room and going right through the front windshield where Andrew was.

Andrew swerved towards a large farmhouse sitting in the middle of the farmland and we all watched as one of the cop cars began speeding up. It smashed into the side of us, trying to push us out off of the road. 

Space ran to the side, pointing the rifle out the window. Her body shook as she fired, the bullets shooting right through the windshield. The car swerved to the side, smashing right into the large farmhouse.

The RV then drove off the farmland, trying to get back onto the road. The cops followed, even more coming from behind to assist the remaining one.

Andrew tried to swerve to the side and almost all of us tripped over something. Julian then grabbed onto the wall, moving along it towards the window and drawing a glock,

"Someone get that bumbling dumbass off the roof!"

I nodded and gripped the sunroof, my fingertips being stained with blood as I attempted to climb myself up. He was losing a lot of blood and it was even dripping off the roof and onto the capret below.

As I climbed onto the top and felt the cold wind whistling through my hair, my hearing was impaired from the wind and gunshots. I saw Coty, his body lying on the top of the RV and his leg around one of the iron bars on the top.

I checked over his body and saw a gunshot wound on his shoulder, but luckily it was only a grze. Though his shirt was cut through and there was blood seaping out onto the roof of the RV. I put my hand on his cold chest and felt a faint heartbeat.

A shot just barely missed me, banging off the side of the RV. I pulled out my colt and aimed off the side, right at a cop.

But before I could fire the RV shook, sending the python out of my hands and towards the edge of the roof....


I dived and grabbed it, just managing to hold on with a few fingertips. Another shot banged against the RV and I rolled away.


The RV drove to the side and onto a rocky path off the road. I rolled towards the edge and attempted to grab onto the bars. I grabbed onto one of the iron bars as I dangled over the edge, the wind blowing at my face.

With my eyes closed I aimed and fired, hearing a large sound. I managed to open my eyes to see a cop car spin out of control and smash into a tree on the side of the road.


I pulled myself up and saw the small hairs on my arm stand on edge from the cold wind flowing across my skin. I was used to cold, but not cold while dangling off a car. 

The RV hit a bump once again and I fell right off, literally to the point of danging off the edge. Every few seconds my foot would scrape the ground and I'd have to pull it up.

Spencer threw up a large gun, a machine gun we had bought at the gun store. A P-90, the same weapon I preferred in a video game I had started playing shortly before this.

The gun fell right off the edge, but I managed to grab it. It was heavy, but I one handedly aimed and fired for a second before it got too heavy. Several bullets smashed into a car, but missed.

I crawled back up, rolling over to the middle. 

I laid down on the edge of the RV, aiming the gun at the cops.


Bullets rained upon them, most attempting to take cover from the sunroof they had climbed through in an attempt to shoot. 

Quickly I aimed at the one at the far right, bullets smashing through the windshield and killing the driver. The one in the sunroof jumped, landing on the car next to that. 

Several shots were fired at me, however, none of them hit. I quickly reloaded the gun, throwing the old clip off the side. I continued firing, the bullets smashing into the windshield and bumper. 

One of their headlights shattered and the car swerved a bit. The cars tires became slightly exposed from the side and I fired, the bullets managing to pop the tire. The car swerved to the side, going off the road and into the forest.

I went for the last car, managing to get on my knees as I tried to gun them down. Bullets raced past me and I watched as one raced right past my leg, getting so damn close.

I fell backwards, dodging a shot that barely hit me. They continued to fire and I could see them getting closer and closer. Were they trying to get onto the RV?

But I couldn't stop them, as I tried to fire again....


Outta ammo.

I dodged a bullet, which lodged itself into the white metal plating on the RV. Now they were fighting back. I climbed over to Coty's body and checked the wound.

The bullet may have brazed him, but there was still no sign of the actual bullet. But a large hole digging into his skin told me where it was. The cold breeze was blowing against the cars and RV, so it must have slowed down the bullet slightly. 

I pushed the body through the sunroof and Julian and Space caught it. I dropped down and landed next to them as they laid Coty down on one of the couches in the back.

"Alright, just another day on the office. If I can preform brain surgery on a complete dumbass I think I can rip a bullet out of another complete dumbass. Space bring me my kit."

She nodded and ran to the front, leaning against the walls for support.. I looked and saw Space holding the kids, her face pale.

"We have a problem."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't find the first aid kit! It's not under the seat where you left it!"

"Uh.... I may know where it is."

Space smiled sheepishly, backing up from us as we looked to her.

"Where?" asked Spencer as he walked towards her. "Well, last night... I had a cut on my arm, so i got a bandage on the first aid kit to patch it up. I kinda left it on the roof." explained Space. I looked through the sunroof.

"I'll get it."

"No! You already went up there once, I'll get it this time!" said Space as I holsted my gun and gripped the edges of the sunroof.

"No. It's too dangerous, you could get shot."

"We have windows right here! Not much of a difference safety wise!"

The glass shattered, everyone below attempting to take cover. Space however pushed me to the side, breaking my grip. She then put her hand out on the top of the sunroof and pulled her short figure up onto the roof.

I followed, gripping the sunroof and pulling myself up as well. Space was climbing along the side, going for the first aid kit. However, the RV swerved as a shotgun blast smashed into the back.

She rolled to the side, going almost completely off the edge. She held onto the side and I put my hand out, going for hers.

"TAKE MY HAND!" I screamed over the sound of the wind whipping our bodies. She shook her head in fear, "if I let go I'm gonna fall!"

I groaned and grabbed the metal bar, pulling myself closer to the side. I put my hand out and grabbed onto her arm, trying to pull her up. She managed to get her elbows onto the top before a shotgun blast came right to the side of the RV.


She pulled herself up at the last moment and fell next to me, crying in not only fear but pain. I looked down to her leg, it was bleeding. Didn't look like a gunshot wound, merely a graze.

Quickly I pushed her towards the sunroof and she fell through, hitting the ground and clutching her ankle. Julian quickly rushed to her, pulling off his jacket and wiping the blood away from the cut. We needed this first aid kit, otherwise, not many people would survive.

I grabbed onto one of the metal bars with one hand and felt the wind pushing against my body. The wind was rough and cold but I could see the first aid kit. It was lodged between two metal bars on the corner of the RV. I reached for it but before I could get close, my other hand slipped.

I rolled down the RV and heard another noise, which I assumed was the sound of a bullet hitting the RV. I climbed back up the bar and reached for the first aid kit.

I extended my fingers and locked them around the handle as i heard the sound of another shot. I threw the kit over to the sunroof and it fell through, hitting someone.


"Sorry! Walk it off!"

I crawled over to the sunroof when suddenly the road started to get bumpy. We hit another turn and i rolled to the side, almost falling off again. I hear the sound of glass breaking and the sound of something hit the floor.

Space screamed and I knew I had to take out this last cop. I pulled the crossbow off my back and crawled over to the back of the RV. I locked my foot around one of the metal bars and aimed the crossbow, straight at the cops head.

But I wasn't able to fire, as the cop car sped straight forward and smashed into the back of the RV. I stumbled back, falling and dropping the crossbow back down through the sunroof. I then looked over the edge, seeing the cop car slowing down.

However, there was only one cop in the car.

The cop climbed up the side, hitting me in the foot with his gun. He pointed the gun at me but I pushed his arm away, both shots missing.

He punched me in the chest and stepped on my foot, trying to grab my neck. I kneed him upwards in the shin and pushed him away as I stepped back.


I watched as a hatchet flew right out of the sunroof and I grabbed it midair, staring at the man. I swung it at him, the axe stabbing into his arm. He screamed in pain as I dug the sharpened weapon deeper and deeper into his skin.

Finally, I slammed my boot down on his foot and swung the axe once more, cutting into his throat. He clutched his neck and fell backwards, falling right off the edge of the RV.

This time..... this kill.... this one was legit...this was a real kill....

My entire body froze, my skin turning pale and my eyes flashing from brown to red. The kill felt good, I had saved my friends from danger. But in turn, I had taken the life of a man. He would have died at the end of the week anyways, but I had still taken away the last few days he could have spent with his children.

His blood was on my hands.

But I didn't have time to feel bad, to feel remorse, to feel regret. The RV swerved to the side and almost went off the road. I was knocked off my feet, hitting the side of the RV and rolling towards the edge.

The driver stopped driving, going into the sunroof as the car began to swerve off the road. He aimed a shotgun and fired, the shell flying right at us. However, he didn't shoot through the window, not at me either. 

The tire exploded as he shot at it and I watched as the RV began to shake right after he drove straight off the road. The cop car smashed into a tree, the man flying off and smashing his skull into the ground.


I heard someone yell and I quickly grabbed onto the metal bar. My hand slipped, wind flew around my body and suddenly i was on the ground and i watched as the darkness consumed my eyesight.


I was out.

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