The Omega Event

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Birds Song

Submitted: May 21, 2017

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Submitted: May 21, 2017



Andrew's POV

Above us, the sun shined brightly on the grass. Out here the grass was a nice green and the trees complimenting it with their own shade of the same color. The sky was a light blue and a small amount of white puffy clouds littered it. The light from the big yellow star in the sky reflected off of the damaged RV and off of Coty's sunglasses as well.

The seven of us stood outside the RV, admiring it from a short distance. Well not really admiring it, more like looking at the damage.

The back glass window was shot out and we had no way to replace it. None of us really knew a mechanic, so we were out of luck. There were also bullet holes in the sides.... and the back.... and the top.... pretty much everywhere.

The RV had been run off the road after a tire was hit and we somehow managed not to crash into a tree and ruin our ride. We landed in a small clearing on the side of an old dirt path and now we had to fix up this or risk being found by the cops.

Maddie had managed to keep both kids out of harm and was now sitting outside showing them how a shotgun worked. She was against it at first but with a bit of convincing from Coty she decided to. After all, these kids may need to defend themselves without us at some point.

Space had gone off to find Anikan, literally just slinging his crossbow over her shoulder and walking off with only that, her silenced pistol, and a butterfly knife. Spencer had gone with her, playing his GameBuddy and walking behind her. 

Coty was now rummaging through his toolbox, having taken the popped tire off of the RV and was in the process of putting on a spare. 







"Apple juice."

"Apple juice."


Coty had the wheel on the RV, but was having a bit of trouble tightening it. I tried as well, then we tried together. However, it seemed to be stuck.

"Think Dr. Dumbass over there knows how to change a tower?" Coty asked. 

I shrugged, "he did manual labor when he was fifteen for money. I think he said his uncle was a mechanic or something."

We both looked over to Julian who was sitting away from the group on a rock. He had his black combat knife stabbed into the grass next to him and he was stuffing ammo from a duffel bag into his belt. What was he doing?

Coty ran ahead to him and I followed behind, trudging past the imprint the tire made in the grass. Julian turned around, but instead of looking like the information god he was, he looked a bit mad.

"What the hell do you want Coty?" he asked in an obviously annoyed tone of voice. We both stopped in our tracks, Julian never spoke like that.

"Uh... just wondering if you knew how to change a tire.... but uh.... you okay?" Coty asked as he reached for the small bag of gushers sitting on Julian's lap.

Julian slapped his hand away and glared at us, "yes I do. Now leave me alone and figure it out yourself you pea-brained simpletons."

He turned back around and continued eating gushers and loading clips into his belt. Then I realized, that was most of our ammo supplies.

"Uh Julian what are you doing?" I asked. He got up off the rock and grabbed his knife off the ground.

"I am taking my things and leaving. Do you have a problem with that or do I need to knock you out for a bit?" he asked sarcastically.

"What do you mean you're leaving!?"

"I have come to realize that this plan is the stupidest and dumbest thing I've ever thought of since glow in the dark pizza and I've decided to opt out. I will be going to the authorities, answering their questions to prove my innocence and taking a plane alone to Spain to become a famous scientist."

A plan to run to the cops, somehow be called innocent after shooting at them, move to Spain and be a scientist? That plan seemed even more farfetched then ours.

But something was wrong with him. I looked and saw a bit of blood trickling down his arm. Coty's eyes darted towards it and I looked at him. We nodded at each other and took him.

"Hey! Get your hands off of me! STOP!"

We both held him down to the ground and Coty pulled up his sleeve. There was a large cut on his arm and blood was dripping down his skin. 

"The wound infected?"


We both dragged him towards the RV, holding him down. Maddie walked away from the kids, watching us in confusion but still smirking at his struggling state.

"Did the little doctor refuse to eat his vegetables again?" she said in a mocking baby voice. He growled, "I happen to enjoy most vegetables you weeaboo."

Maddie took his left arm as I got up and I grabbed the nearby first aid kit. Inside was several rolls of bandages, rubbing alcohol, a few syringes, and other assorted medical items. No antibiotics.

"Uh we got pills and stuff?"

"Check Julian's bag."

She pointed inside the RV and I ran in, seeing the navy blue bag sitting on one of the seats. I grabbed it and threw it to the floor.

I then went to the bag Julian had packed. When I zipped it open, I was met with a bit of a surprise.

Inside were things you'd expect to find. A small laptop, an assortment of cords. Bandages and a large array of pill bottles. Even a book labeled "a guide to Star Wars".

But at the very bottom was an old looking book. I grabbed the book and pulled it out of the bag. No title on the front, just a weird almost satanic looking symbol.

I decided to open it, but it looked to be a mistake. As soon as I turned the first page I was face to face with instructions for a ritual. On the top in an old font read: Devils Shield.

Before anything could happen I shut the book and threw it back into the duffel bag. Something about it was creepy. Whether it was the symbols, the devil part or just the design, I would need to question Julian on this.

I came back outside with a bottle of antibiotics which would most likely help him. Maddie was already wiping down the wound with a wet cloth while Julian tried to break from their grasp.



"He bit me!" exclaimed Coty as he dug his nails into Julian's frail arm. We both smirked as I grabbed a water bottle from his bag and uncapped it. But as soon as Julian saw our plan he sealed his mouth shut.




I jabbed the bottle through his lips and let it flow out into his mouth. I then dropped the pills in as well and watched as he choked for a second before finally swallowing it.

"Andrew... I'm gonna kill you.... furry bastard..."

"Coty knock him out for now."

With a single punch from the head, he knocked Julian out, putting him into a deep sleep. Maddie and Coty let go and he dragged Julian's body into the RV. But I looked out onto the path, where was Anikan, Space and Spencer?


Spaces POV

The two of us trudged down the dirt path with our weapons out. Well I did, Spencer was playing his game.

We were on a mission to find Anikan as he was thrown from the RV in the crash. Neither of us had any idea what direction he was in, or if he had survived. But we were not leaving until we found him, dead or alive.

Behind me, Spencer was humming happily while he played on his GameBuddy. Upon listening, I could hear his humming was actually the Super Mario theme. 

"Spencer keep up," I shouted without looking back. He finally looked up from his game, "huh?"

Spencer had started straying off the path and going left. If I hadn't said anything he most likely would've wandered into the forest and gotten lost. I sighed and grabbed his arm, taking him with me.

"Let go!"

"So you can just go back to your little game? I don't think so."

He groaned and attempted to break away, but I stepped on his foot and he yelped before finally shoving his GameBuddy into his pocket in defeat. I smirked and looked out onto the path.

Then I heard a sound. Not a voice, not a car. But... a song. I looked around for the source but saw no creature. Every few seconds the song played but I had no idea who it was coming from.

As we continued to walk down the path I could hear the sound getting considerably louder. I could tell it was from the left so we both turned. 

We didn't see any source of the music, but I could see footprints in the mud. 


"But these are my new Sketchers! I can't dirty them, it'll ruin the lights. Can't we just-


I dragged him forward and we walked into the mud. Spencer groaned as the mud stained his shoes and stained my white ones as well. But upon coming out, we saw it.

There was a dirt path looking similar to the one we were on a few minutes ago. I recalled a fork in the road earlier, so this was the other path.

But there was something on the path. A cop car. Its sirens were flashing but there was no sign of the cop. At least not at first.

"Stop resisting!"


We saw a cop walking out of the trees, dragging Anikan with him. He shoved Anikan to the ground, revealing handcuffed hands.

"What do we do?" whispered Spencer in a panic.

"We gotta kill him."

"Kill him!?"

I pulled my silenced pistol and put it up to his side. I fired, but he turned his head.

The cop dodged, grabbing his shotgun from the hood of the car. He fired twice and I broke away from Spencer, running out of the trees. I took cover on the back of his car but watched as his meaty hand grabbed my arm and yanked me out.

I shook as he put his gun to my chest and his grin was one of a villain. In his mind he was doing justice, in mine, he was causing our downfall.

"One prisoner is just as good..... not enough room for two..."


Blood splattered onto my chest and I stared past him at the shooter. Spencer stood behind him, holding up Anikan's Colt Python and shudder in shock. He had been a computer nerd and a gamer, not a murderer.

"Shit.... no... nonono! I killed him! I KILLED HIM!"

I ran up to him and grabbed his arms, both of us crying now.

"It was what had to be done! It was the only way!"

"Can someone get these damn handcuffs off!"

We both looked down to Anikan who was struggling to break from his bonds. We both smiled nervously and grabbed the keys from the cops body. Spencer shoved the key into the cuffs and they clicked, opening up and allowing Anikan to escape.

He grabbed the colt from Spencer and began marching down the path through the trees we had taken. Spencer followed shortly behind, but I turned.

In the tree was a shining yellow bird who's outline glistened in the sun. I smiled and waved, watching the bird take off and begin to sing its song once more. 

"You coming?"

I looked back to Anikan who had stopped. I nodded and walked after him, feeling a great warmth inside of me.



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