The Omega Event

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Infected and the Injured

Submitted: May 22, 2017

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Submitted: May 22, 2017



Andrew's POV

Julian's body laid inside the RV, covered up with a blanket and Maddie sitting nearby. Meanwhile, I sat outside with Coty as we basked in the sunlight. Well while he did and I hid in my hoodie.

"Dude it looks like you're that one guy from Undertale."

"Shut up junkie."

Coty was putting clips back into the duffel bag after Julian tried to take them and put them all in his belt. Meanwhile, I spun Julian's knife around in my hand and looked up at the sun.

It was a perfect sunset, shining on us and glistening. We could stop at night, but not here. We were barely three hours from where we stopped last night. At least I'd make to make it to maybe Chicago. 

I looked at Coty, seeing him drop the clips into the bag. A thought came to mind. Something I hadn't even mentioned to myself once.

"What are we gonna do?"


He turned his head to me, stopping his task of organizing ammo. I out down the knife, "we have this whole plan of leaving the country..... but we never decided... what are we gonna do? We just get on a boat and set sail for the nearest country?"

"Probably. Hey, maybe we can go to London and get some British girls! That accent is hot af!" he said carelessly with a smirk. 

"No I mean... okay we have these kids. What are they gonna do? There's no point in living unless you have a goal. What's our goal if we leave the country?"

"Uh... fuck a British girl?"


"Alright alright... well it depends what the future holds. Julian's the person who'd know a lot about this, Space too. Whether we just settle down in an apartment complex and get our dream jobs somewhere else... or if we become terrorists or freedom fighters.... as long as we're alive."

He looked down at the floor and the sun shined down on his metal brace on his wrist, "I need you to promise me something."


"We just fought off a cop and I almost died there. We're only one night in and we've been shot at. Look.... if I die... if any of us die.... I want you to take us to the end?"

"Uh a corpse kinda decomposes after awhile."

"Not what I mean. Just... take a part of us. Not literally cut off a limb or something... but just bring apart of us. Take us to the end, Andrew."


He smirked and took off his sunglasses, clipping them to his shirt. Just then a figure came from behind: Maddie.

"Hey I'm gonna take a shower, can you guys watch the kids?" 

Coty stood up, "I'll do it. Little emo boy here will probably end up teaching them about depression."

I growled as they both walked off, but I looked back to the sun. Could one of us actually die? So far I hadn't even suffered a scratch. Meanwhile, Anikan was thrown off the RV, Coty and Space were both shot and Spencer got a papercut.... if that even counts.

Inside the RV I could hear Coty half screaming. Most likely the kids were trying to draw on his face with markers or they found his airsoft guns. Then I remembered they weren't toddlers, they were at least semi-smart.

But this world, it wasn't a world for kids. It wasn't anything like that. This kinda world, one with mutants at every corner and cops in the other... it was survival of the fittest. If Anikan wasn't leading this... I could change a lot of things.

If he hadn't been there that night, if it had been me..... would've been different. I would've gotten Coty, Julian and maybe Space. No kids, just us. We could have left the city in the RV, not getting blown up and just drove. No stopping, no games.

But then I saw it. I turned around and saw Axel walking outside of the RV. He was coming towards me, but why? Kids hated me.

"Hi. I'm Axel... you're Andrew right?" he asked politely. He was smiling, he shouldn't be smiling!

"Uh yeah. I'm Andrew. Uh, shouldn't you go back to Coty?" I asked nervously.

"Nah. Julia's showing him something. Anyways.... can you teach me?" he asked as he sat on a rock nearby. I was confused. Teach him to be depressed?

"Uh... teach you what?" I said. Kids made me uncomfortable. He answered, "how to shoot. I saw everyone being a hero when the police came. I wanna be like that. I wanna help."

The boy was stupid! Did he want to go out there and get shot at?

Before I could answer, we were interrupted. Four infected stumbling out of the forest, growling as they approached us. I stood in front of Axel in case any came close.


Before I could do anything I stepped backward, tripping over a rock and falling to the floor. I fumbled with my holster and pulled out my gun, firing twice and killing one as It stood in front of me. 

Its body fell forward and fell on top of mine and I struggled to push it off. Another mutant fell on top of that one and tried to bite at my face.

It barred it's blackened teeth at me, growling as it stood face to face with mine. Its eyes were a fully possessed black with no signs of life and its skin was a rough grey. It was... frightening.

As the mutant continued to struggle, Coty was nowhere to be found. However my arm holding the gun was trapped under the bodies, however, I was able to turn it.




The creature spit up blood which barely missed my face as I shot into its stomach. I quickly began to push myself out from under the bodies, but the other two went for the boy.

I attempted to pull my gun out from under the bodies but failed and watched as he was backed against the RV as they surrounded him.

Coty quickly ran out of the RV, pulling out a machete. He swung and slashed out one's guts, which splattered onto the dirt. The other one grabbed Axel by the arm, though its grip didn't last long as Coty jump kicked it in the side.

He shot it in the head before looking back to the RV. I looked two and we both saw Julia and Maddie watching.

"Can you do that again?"

We smirked at each other, "why not?"

But before we could do anything Maddie stormed out of the RV, her hair wet and her skin looking a bit wet as well.

"What the hell was that!?"

"We just saved a kid! Those things almost killed him!"

She facepalmed, "next time don't risk their lives. Another second and that boy would be dead! We are responsible for him now, and if he dies that blood is on your hands!"

She stomped off, taking Axel's hand and dragging him into the RV with Julia. We both stood there, looking at the RV as sunlight reflected off of the windshield.


Anikan's POV

We continued our walk through the forest, the sun beating down on us as we walked. Spencer had earbuds in and was admiring the sun for once, though I had a feeling he couldn't even hear the birds chirping over his OST playlist.

Space was next to me, smiling and staring at the sky. 

"What're you so happy about?" I asked with a smirk. She broke out of her daydream and looked to me, "uh... nothing."

"Cmon. You were thinking of something. Someone?"

"No! Nononono! Nothing like that!"

"Oh, so you were!"

"No! Spencer tell me I wasn't!"

"90% of woman masturbate and the other 10% lie about it," he said in a dull monotone voice as he pulled out his GameBuddy.

"Uh Spencer that wasn't what we were talking about?"

He looked up and his face turned red in embarrassment. Space then gasped, "wait a minute why do you know that?"

"I get bored. The Internet is fun."

"Alright alright. So Space, what were you thinking about?" I said in an attempt to get back on something. She bit her lip in a smile, "alright."

She pulled a small item out of her bag, a small telescope. It wasn't one that could be set up on a stand, but it looked very nice. It was white with diamond-like stones sparkled onto the ends.

On the front were several constellations painted onto it. She pointed at several, "Orion... Ursa Minor... Gemini.... it keeps me calm. When I was a kid my mother used to tell me the stories of the stars. So every night I recite one back to myself."

"Oh how about you tell us one?" suggested Spencer. Space shrugged, "maybe. Depends what you can do for me."

Spencer smirked, "I mean I'm with Maddie but if you want that kind of stuff you can ask Coty."

Space scoffed and turned away, "pervert!"

I pushed Spencer to the side and he tripped on a rock, falling and knocking off his glasses. We stopped as he moved his hands around the ground in an attempt to grab them.

But something else came. The click of a gun.

Before either of us could touch our guns they came from the trees. Three cops, all armed. One held up a shotgun to Space's head and another had a pistol to my back. The other one kicked Spencer in the side, causing him to yelp in pain.

"Think you were just gonna get outta this pain free? Hell no... we're gonna beat you... then take you down to the station. Hell.... you'll be lucky to even be able to speak when you get thrown in that cell."

The one with the shotgun smashed their gun down on the back of Space's head, causing her to fall forward. Her glasses fell from her face, clattering to the ground.

The one behind me kicked me in the back of the shin before forcing me to the ground. He laughed as he put his gun to the back of my head.

"Beat them. He can watch," said one. 

With that order one began slamming his foot into Spencer's leg, causing him to cry out in pain. One of them then grabbed Space by the arm and began to twist it behind her back.

I didn't scream stop.

I didn't try to struggle.

I put my head down.

And swung it back.

I slammed the back of my head against the gun, causing it to move to the side and the cop to fire. The bullet blasted one of the cops down below. He fell to the floor crying, Space escaping from his grip.

She grabbed my colt python and shot at the one who had Spencer, who stepped off of him and dodged. Space helped him up and they backed off, the cop with the shotgun having his gun up too.


He fired the shotgun and it blasted into a nearby tree, Spencer tripping and pushing her out of the way. She dropped the colt and the cop prepared to fire again.

The cop behind me forced me to the ground, pulling a knife and putting it to my throat. I reached my free hand out, trying to grip the colt python with the tips of my fingers.

It was so close...... yet so far.

Spencer, however, ran forward, kicking the colt python to me. The man fired, Spencer taking the hit. Space quickly pulled him to the side and just barely it missed.

I quickly aimed the colt but realized it only had one shot. Instead of aiming towards the cops, I saw a glint between the trees. Light reflecting off the glass. I fired towards it, the colt clicking as I attempted to fire again.

Before I could attempt to fight back my vision went black, my body taking a hit to the head.



Space's POV

We stood there, trapped at gunpoint by one of the cops. Anikan was knocked out and the other cop was so close to slitting his throat.

"Little girl.... little boy.... weak... useless..."

"Ah but that's where you're wrong."


The man fell forward, blood bursting from his chest. Andrew stood behind him, holding his deagle up and smirking from under his hoodie. Behind him, Coty ran past, tackling the cop with the knife to Anikan's throat and kicking him in the face.

Andrew walked by and shot the cop, making sure he'd never wake up. We both watched in horror as the two bodies laid on the ground, both covered in blood. 

"So you guys lose your killing virginity?" asked Coty with a smirk. 

Space glared at him, as she wasn't exactly all for Coty's dirty jokes, but Spencer put his hand up and grinned nerdily.

Andrew walked over to Anikan, grabbing his wrist and dragging him towards the RV with the help of Coty. I walked over to where he had laid, grabbing his bloody colt python from the floor. 

I stared at my reflection in the gun, seeing my bloodstained face. Was this who I was gonna turn out to be? A killer? My dream was to be an astrophysicist or a politician, not a killer!

"You okay?"

Spencer stood nearby, smiling. I nodded and walked behind him as we headed back to the RV. Things would work out..... maybe.

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