one day

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Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



Her toes hung over the railing.

She watched things down below.

Her serpent hair swing wildly

beneath her crooked bow.


If someone else had seen her,

they may have been afraid.

But the wind will carry me, she thought,

A one-woman parade!


She climbed up to the next rail,

so tall and free and proud.

It was then that someone saw her

and yelled, “Please come down!”


“You’ll hurt yourself!” they warned her.

“Your parents will be sad!”

But up here with the birds and sun,

how could this be bad?


The sparrows swooped, the pigeons plunged,

preparing for her flight.

Her arms stretched out devotedly;

she felt so free and light!


She let her head fall back

And smiled at the sky.

People below were frightened.

She could only wonder why.


She balanced on the railing,

her feet were getting sore.

She leaned to watch the birds fly,

wishing she had more.


Her toes were softly slipping now,

squeaking as she leaned.

She was going to fly today,

But down below, they screamed.


Why could they not see it?

She’s meant for wings, not arms.

Police cars pulled up slowly,

sounding their alarms.


But something held her back,

preventing her from flight.

She caught a whisper from the Wind

that wavered her delight.


It said:


“You need time to walk and play

before flying with the birds.

Try staying on the ground now

before you get yourself hurt.”


Although a bit discouraged,

she listened to Wind’s words.

She wouldn’t try to fly, not yet.

She thought about what she’d learned:


The birds have their place and she has hers,

And this was all okay.

But the sky will surely make room for her;

For she will fly, one day.


© Copyright 2019 Callie Lindemeyer. All rights reserved.

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