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This actually happened to me as I waited in a line of big rigs waiting to deliver my load. Please, come inside my mind...

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



He's sitting in the big rig in a sea of more metal and rubber...it's a thousand other cattled big rigs ahead of em sitting and waiting in two lanes...all desperate but patiently waiting to go into the mouth of the sea-port to feed it the trailer they haul. The sound of the idling engine vibrates on his ass and legs while the fighting truckers with anonymous names like Looser Larry and Jack off Jo-Jo are screaming inside the c.b. radio in front of him. He feels like he has ring seats to the main event. 

It's a hot day... scorching. Especially with the a/c on the fritz again. There're little droplets of sweat all on his face and neck...his shirt soaking with his salty proof of hard labor from earlier. He needs to escape this mundane, frustrating day. He starts to wander off again and floats from this sunny day into the darkness of dusk in his head and he blurs into a fantasy. He walks off to the only place he can find his needed solace. Passing up room after room of memories, he stops at the bright door at the end of the dark corridor. 

There, he opens the door slowly, trying to fight her calling, but the wind is howling her name and her scent is on his taste buds. He knows it's a mistake, but he can't fight it...he must obey the command she gives with her long gone but powerful and loud voice. He's had enough of the fight and the wind lays his will to waste. He can see his defeated hand in front of him as the door opens wide! He can't turn back now...he passes the threshold to their memories....

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