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Submitted: May 15, 2017

She lounged her back against a red wall. She was light but has a slight spot on her thick skin. Her face was pale and wore a sad look. The lady was not of this country but merely a foreigner who came to learn about African culture.
"Jim was right I should have not come, she paused, "how will someone call me a monkey"May be I should leave...," she said and grimaced her face. This thought of going back kept hunting her perpetually. However, she could not bail herself out.
It was nearly evening but their was still a glance of light which illuminate upon the earth. Sura received a call from one of her friends she met when she arrived in Africa.
"Who is on the line...,"she probed innocently.
"Freddy" said the voice. Freddy was also a white man but he had made Africa his home.
"Can we meet today," said politely.
"Yes, we can," she replied.
Sura arrived at the supermarket where the voiced said earlier. She entered and sat. However, the book (History of Africa)which Freddy was reading caught her attention. She read it and her countenance changed. In fact, she saw something good about Africa.
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