The Interview-A short story

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A story which shows life is full of surprises and expect the unexpected.

Submitted: May 15, 2017

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Submitted: May 15, 2017



The Interview

After a long time without a job and looking for a new job, I have finally got an interview to attend to. The Interview was scheduled for 9.30 to 11 Am at Manyata Tech Park near hebbal and they allowed both walk-in's and referrals for the interview though it's common now a days that referrals from a working employee of their company have more chance of being selected rather than walk-ins but I on the other hand was going there as a walk-in and not through any ones reference.

It took nearly 45 to 50 minutes to reach Hebbal ring road from where I had to catch another bus or auto rickshaw for about 10 minutes to reach Manyata tech park. Hence, I left home early around 8 am with my resume and other documents and was just in time to catch a moving bus.

Every second while I was in the bus I was thinking of what the interviewer may ask and will I be able to give an appropriate answer? Then I thought why do I need to worry when this is just an interview like any other that I have faced plenty of times while perusing to find a job. If I get this job it's well and good, if not then I can learn from my mistakes and use this experience in my future endeavors.

The bus slowly came to a halt at a stop and people started to climb in. One of them a man aging around 35 to 40 years maybe came across and sat next to me. He had worn a formal blue shirt and black pant and had on a glass, did he have problem seeing or was the glasses for reading I did not know but it suited his dressing.

He asked the conductor of the bus a daily pass and started to search for a pen in his shirt pocket and then in his pant in order to sign the pass which was mandatory without which the pass was not valid.

After searching I took out the pen from my pocket and offered it to him. He took the pen and said,"Thanks a lot, I think I left my pen at home, any way thanks".

He signed the pass and while returning back the pen he said,"I see you are going to attend an interview today, may I know where? ". I thought for second and said,"it's at Manyata tech park in ANZ near hebbal, but how did you know that was attending an interview?". " It's not a big deal after looking at your resume in your hand, you know," he said. I took a look at my hands, I had been holding on a transparent file through which any one could see that I am holding on to the Resume through the heading on top reading "RESUME"

The man sitting next to me asked, "what job were you looking for?" I said, "Well I am attending the interview for Accounts executive where I have 4 years of experience and in which I feel I can give my best which is also a quantity and most responsible work to have then any other departments not only in one but all the companies". He smiled and said," I think you are right but don't you think they are also one of the dishonest and corrupt department in any companies you may see as they have the control over all the financial matters of the company? ". " I think you are wrong to say that, Yes in some companies people who are in this department are using their jobs for corrupt reasons, but that doesn't mean that all the people who work as an accountant are dishonest, I have seen many people who take this job seriously and work day and night in order to see the growth of the company and their knowledge, it is up to us whether we go with honesty or though for getting small happiness suffering later for the rest of their life being dishonest," I said.

He agreed and opened his back to collect his water bottle to drink. In the mean time I on the other hand took my cell phone to get my mind freshen up my reading a book which I was in the middle of doing before the man sat beside me.

I had started reading the book when the man sitting next to me looked over the cell phone and said, "You are interested in reading I suppose, huh? Good for you, but in my line of work I don't even get the time for it".

I smiled and said," No one can give you time to read ,you know, you have to make time for it on your own. Not just for reading for anything it may be, you will not get time for anything if you did not adjust it yourself. So think about it, you are the master of your own time. How you will make the most out of it is up to you"

Now the bus had reached Esteem mall stop and I had to get down at the next stop which is Ring road. So, I prepared to get up to leave and the man got up too, he said, "Let's go, I too am getting down at the next stop as I have to go to Nagwara to which I can get a bus at the next stop".

The bus stopped at Ring road bus stop and we both got out and there as we stood for a bus to arrive I came to realize that I didn't even ask his name or said mine. Hence I said," By the way my name is Karan, nice to meet you ". He replied," Thank you for everything I had a pleasant time and I am Anand ". We stood there about five to ten minutes and I was getting late as it was 9.10 am already and I had to be at the interview by 9.25 am in order for me to get the time to search for the company at Manyata tech park. Hence decided to take an auto rickshaw and parted ways with Anand who wished me luck for the interview and I left.

It was around 9.20 am when we reached there and the driver asked around for the company and finally he found it and dropped me there when there was only three minutes left for the interview to start.

I hurried in after collecting the Id pass from the security counter. The recruitment cabin was full with lots of candidates from different places. I found myself a place to sit and was completely nervous as more candidates started to enter.

Around ten an women entered who I think was the HR, who will be taking our interview. She handed over a form to each candidates which she told us to fill up. We all filled the form and handed it back to her.

She said,"Ok, everyone now we will have 5 rounds of interview after which the last will be a face to face meet with the Finance Manager, the first will be a pick a topic and speak round, where you will pick a topic of your choice and speak about it, the second will be the aptitude test, third voice test, fourth written test and fifth and the last round will be the language test, now let's start with Mr. Manjunath ".

One by one took a topic and started to speak about it. Most of them spoke about social media and some spoke about developing India. As each topic got over I started to tense more as I was not that good at speaking to public.

Suddenly, a person came in from the front door and called out the HR to talk privately. I could see them speaking outside the glass door but could not make out what they were speaking about.

After speaking for a minute or so the women came in and for my surprise called out my name and said," Mr. Karan, please follow him to the office ". I wanted to ask why? but thought it would be best if I do what I am told to do. Hence followed the guy to the office next to the cabin where the interview was held. The guy told me to have a seat right infront of a door which he entered. Now he came out and told me to go in. I read the board at the entrance of the door and it read," Finance Manager ".

When I opened the door I don't know what happened to me but I was unable to move or react to what I saw in front of me. It was Mr Anand, sitting in the cabin and smiling at me. Seeing me frozen at the door without a movement he said,"Hello, Mr Karan we meet again please come in and have a seat".

I went in and closed the door behind me and sat opposite to Mr Anand. The cabin was quite large with a centralised air-conditioning through which a cool breeze filled the air in the whole cabin and eased me out.

I asked him," How come you are here? You said to be working at different place ".I continued my questions," what are you doing here? Were you here for the interview too? Why don't you answer me? ".

He said," I will answer all your questions but first take a look at this". He slid an envelop towards me on the table and I caught hold of it. It read,"To Mr Karan"and I opened it and had a look over it. It was an appointment letter in my name and at the bottom there was a sign below which it read, "Anand Krishna, Finance Manager, ANZ".

I was in a state of confusion and didn't know what was happening here in this cabin right now. I said," How come your name is written in place of the Finance Manager? What's going on? ".

He explained," Yes, that's correct I am the Finance Manager if this company and am appointing you for the job as I am satisfied with your interview we had in the bus earlier you did well to please me, you know ".

I did not know what to say, after staring at him for sometime in amazement I said," Thank you, for your kindness ". He instructed me on when to join and what documents to be submitted before I took my leave. So, today I learnt a lesson that, Life is an open book you don't know what is written by the author in the pages of life or what is being erased by him. So, we need to enjoy what we have today while we can as who knows what we may have or may not tomorrow"

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