Lonely Drive

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Distractions can be deadly.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



I sat at the lights, watching the opposing traffic passing. The night was cold and dark, I could see my breath floating in front of my hands. The rain trickling down the windscreen, setting the sombre mood and locking in my emotions. I felt as dead as the darkened night, I found serenity within and freezing wind. The sound of passing cars and rattling trains, the pitter-patter of the ever gentle rain, the soft moaning of the icy wind. It was a peaceful melancholy. I took a cigarette out of the packet on the passenger seat and lit it up, the smoke enveloping the cars frosty interior. I looked out my side window to see others rushing and running in the rain, while others stood in shops to cover themselves. It was always interesting to look at others and wonder about their own personal lives. Their interests, their hobbies and passions. I was violently brought back from my world of wonder by the aggressive beeping of a car behind me, urging me to drive now that the light was green. I quickly slammed on the accelerator and returned to my voyage. However, as I crossed the intersection, a bright entity caught my attention, followed by the sounds of screeching and horns blasting. Before I could register what was happening an exceptional force slammed into my right side, knocking the soul out of me and destroying my body. I was awoken shortly after by people screaming and siren blaring. I opened my eyes and saw two young paramedics staring worryingly at me. I attempted to lift myself out of the mangled vehicle, before realising not much was left of my right leg, spare for some chunks of hanging flesh. I heard gasping and several "Oh my god!"s from around me. I tried to exit once again, however this time the paramedics tried to hold me down. I pushed them off in a surge of power, fuelled by the instincts of survival. I hit the cold pavement hard, landing on the side of my face. I immediately expunged a large amount of blood from my mouth. I made a final weak grunt, before leaving my surroundings and body behind 

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