Little Red Ridding Hood

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This story has some "graphic" content and is not meant to offend anyone.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



"Your grandmother is very sick, I fear," Blanchette's mother spoke in a sorrowful tone. "I fear she won't have much time until..." she trailed off.

Her mother was staring at the floor when she brought her attention up at her daughter and smiled a weak smile,

"Well, I made you this little cloak, it's a bit chilly outside, I thought you might need it." Her mother held up a little red hood.

"It's beautiful." Blanchette tried to brighten the mood.

"Indeed it is. Anyways, I want to make sure you know how to get there, so... Repeat how to get there." Silence lingered. 

"I think it was, well you always stay on the path, and go on the right one, not the left one," Blanchette spoke. 

"Good, now I think you should be on your way." Her mother pushed Blanchette out of the door, when Blanchette raised a finger, "Wait, is there anything I should bring her from you?" She asked, proudly feeling responsible. 
"Ah, yes. Good job. I think," Her mother dove into the kitchen, finally pulling out a small picnic basket. "I have some wine and bread in here, it will do your grandmother good." her mother handed the basket to her. 
"Okay, goodbye! I will be back as soon as I can!" Blanchette called to her mother. Blanchette shut the door behind her with a bang and cold air rushed up to her cheeks, freezing them. She slipped on the red hood that lay in the basket, now, up and over her little dress. Then she started to walk. 

A few ways down the path, she stopped to admire the scenery.

"How beautiful." She spoke.

Then she walked again. But the second time she stopped, it wasn't to take in the beauty, for every step she took, there seemed to be an echoing one as well. So she stopped, stopped to hear a rustle, a twig snap, anything, but it never came, instead, she held her head high and kept on walking.

She stopped one last time, clenching her fists to her sides, frustrated, "Who-" she was cut off.

A hand she couldn't exactly see swept over her mouth, muffling her voice.

"Love me or hate me, both are in my favor." a quiet, but a sure voice spoke behind her.

A small bird chirped carelessly and the sun gleamed in the blue sky. A little breeze swished by and she couldn't tell if it was the person, or the wind, that stroked her golden hair. She glared at the soft, angelic hands covering her mouth and bit them hard, the hand inched away slowly and she ran as fast as she could, away, away from the thing that had touched her. Then, she dared to glance back, and she was glad she did. She stopped running to look at the slim, tall figure with beautiful yellow eyes. He wore a brick colored sweatshirt with a small hood and a darker shade of that color in his loose jeans. His hair was thick, dark and held in a low ponytail, and out stuck two furry ears on top of his head, matching his hair color. 


"Love me or hate me, both are in my favor," he repeated in that incredibly seductive voice. She blinked and suddenly he was by her side, smiling. "What is in that basket of yours?" he asked her, stroking her chin and grinning.

"It-its just something for my grandmother." she stammered.

"Oh?" he held a bit of her hair in his long, slender fingers. 

"Yes, s-so I need to go to her." She could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks when she said it.

"Oh." His tone darkened. 

He walked intimidatingly towards her clenching his fists are baring his teeth. He then grinned and held both of her wrists together, he pushed her against a tree and slipped his leg between hers, not allowing her to move. 

"What are you doing?" She turned her head to the left squinting her eyes, he grabbed her cheeks, "So soft," he said longingly, "Call me names, kick me, punch me, get mad at me, oh it's so... cute" he smashed his lips into hers embracing her while she kicked and squirmed. She gasped for air and kicked him in the chest.

"Get off of me!" she yelled,

then she ran in the direction of her grandmother's house. The man chased after her. She ran as fast as she could, closing her eyes daring to look back. Then, she ran into something, something soft and stiff at the same time. She peeked her eyes open to see a chest, his chest. She pushed him out of the way and ran, opened the door to her grandmother's house and curled up into a ball. She hugged her knees and smiled, "He thinks I'm pretty." She snapped. "He kissed me." She yelled. 

"Who thinks your pretty dear?" An old voice came.

"Grandmother?" She asked.

"Yes, sugar, it's me. Was it one of your friends? I'd certainly agree with them, you're the prettiest peach there is." 

"Oh, grandmother!" Blanchette ran to her, hoping on the bed. "I brought you something!" She handed her the basket and her Grandmother smiled warmly. 

"Thank you." Her shaky voice spoke.

"Doesn't granny get a kiss?" Her grandmother asked and pointed to her cheek.

"Of course! Oh, I'm so happy to see you!" Blanchette scooped her grandmother's cheek and kissed it firmly. They both hugged each other tightly and suddenly, Blanchette felt a firm grip on her buttocks. She froze. They both froze. Her grandmother pushed her down under the covers and held her there, grabbed her shoulders and kissed her square on the lips. Her grandmother's tongue slid on her bottom lip, begging for entrance, "Grandmother, please stop!" She yelled. Her grandmother reached for her gray hair and pulled, pulling it off, revealing dark hair held in a low ponytail, this was not her grandmother, this was the boy. "Where is she?!?!" She yelled.

"I ate her up. She's not as easy as I thought she was going to be, which is a disappointment, I thought you two were related,"  he spoke.

"We are! You ate her?!?!" 

"No you're not, you're my lover, not her granddaughter." he said.

"I am her granddaughter, and even if I was your "lover" I can be both! Just show me where she is!" 

"Okay. One condition."


"You let me do whatever I want to you, and at the end, I will show you where your grandma is." 

"Fine! Whatever, where is she and what do you mean we're not related?!?!" 

"You're my lover, and in the wolf world, it means you're my alpha." 

"I am not your lover."

"You are! And it was a contract made when we were just children! And now that I've found you, I'm... I'm happy you're so... cute."



If you want me to continue, please comment. Also, I was endlessly bored and I decided to write an adult version of this fairytale. 


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