When Mangalyaan Visits INDIA

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I have reported the time we need to answer the game of all contribution where we are in outer space. May be our infinity has started for this progress. :)

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



Tell like a story that haunted Mercury from collapsing into the Sun,
Path takes us into the glimpse of an expanding universe,
Ask us everything started to make a home if our planet face a calamity,
Rising star of our universe yet so young in its story,
Tell us those equations may make infinite honeypots,
Asking us the space is not going to be an easy one,
If so much energy that made us together to unwarp our existence here,
Came from a reason when the need to experiments new map,
Where an intelligent alien ask us,
Are you comming towards us to replicate what we saw you are doing on Earth?
If this energy always existed,
For the time inborn in the hands of a source that lead us here,
When no matter or vaccum is the best computation answer for our universe,
Are we leading the arms race to preserve what we are today for the next remains?
This war here must not be its trials for our future.

Sam: all words just escape out of my mind feeling there is truth
Sam: how am i alone here feeling you are far away?
Sam: lol
Sam: do you feel only strangers meet here?
Space_Lady: of course im all the way over here on the space coast
Sam: try out a new journey just to chill your mind with joy
Sam: the story you make out of a short visit here make me think you have something so good about you
Sam: why dont you share your feelings?
Space_Lady: i feel great since i hepled to launch a rocket last night
Sam: oh
Sam: your contribution to our society is admirable
Sam: if you feel one day we will fly beyond Mars
Sam: feeling we will meet a new guest in this space
Sam: do you giveaway all you life to accomplish this avatar?
Space_Lady: i work hard
Space_Lady: but i live to work
Space_Lady: i mean i work to live
Space_Lady: not live to work
Sam: sometimes in the night I feel the twinkling stars have to tell us a story
Sam: they say heaven is our workplace and hell is our resting laziness
Sam: count on your word again
Sam: we must work to live our duty
Sam: you are saving your time for a great accomplishment
Sam: people just only dream such an extraordinary beginning
Space_Lady: well im lucky to be able to do it
Sam: God may have many reason for this big hug for you
Space_Lady: no no
Space_Lady: there is no god
Space_Lady: i just work hard
Space_Lady: and im smart
Sam: Can you see the entire universe out of an unknown tribute in this simple exploration of the outer space?
Space_Lady: i will look for you
Sam: When your voice seek a world we are new... for this world may ask us to something for all today... what is your feeling about it?
Sam: great
Sam: We have a window out there in the outer space. Someone scan the entire horizon for those answers every night. Such an intelligent alien may ask us to do more for our planet today.
Sam: May be we have today an intelligent alien out there as God.
Space_Lady: and what of the little space aliens
Sam: This little alien need only one answer. And the question is, how we are going to deliver the knowledge we gain in outer space for the benefit of all life on this planet when here on Earth we have already started an unconditional war out of hatred and quest for power?
Space_Lady: we will not
Space_Lady: some will just run away
Space_Lady: it has happened before
Space_Lady: it is our history
Sam: We have evidence in history about the need to be the best ever survived here as the question of existence will take us far from where we are today. Do you think we need an action for this quest?
Space_Lady: well we are already doing it
Space_Lady: but it will not help most
Sam: Actually seeking space exploration are we asking an answer for all solutions we seek through new experiments for the benefit of all.
Sam: Our securities here must not be vulnerable
Sam: I know you dont have time
Space_Lady: like i said it will not help most
Space_Lady: no matter what we do
Sam: Your daily journey is admirable
Sam: I always like to write about it.
Sam: As our questions are tomorrows answers.
Space_Lady: oh ok
Sam: Please be happy to email me. aby_skaria@live.com . Again I have some query. May I?
Space_Lady: ask here
Sam: Look beyond what we see today. If the energy we can save from new experiments become the backbone of next evolution, is this a threat or consideration to be investigated more?
Space_Lady: living on mars or any other planet will not be fun
Sam: We are living on Mars not for a resource we need to consume. There we are guests of a new world. Our unconditional support for this quest has come from sacrifices. There is a philosophy of the need our universe has helped everyone to sustain seeks the reason why we are on the quest on Mars or beyond for a landmark steps.
Sam: How does an intelligent alien make a honeypot for this intrusion ? Are we safe to commemorate our fellowship for a time the need has arisen for all this in our future ?
Sam: According to you beyond science or scientific basis of exploration, what is our prime need beyond this human venture?
Space_Lady: we do it in case we destroy the earth
Sam: I know we need answers. Our fellowship may not be vulnerable from an external source unless we make it more conventionally better. They who started this arms race here know the uncertain truth I am leading here.
Sam: When one day some calamity rise on the earth, we must support the reason to be not extinct from this universe.
Sam: Knowledge we are made from came from one source of energy. It may support this basis. I hope so. right?
Space_Lady: i dont know
Space_Lady: we are smart enough to kill ourselves no matter where we go
Sam: Our instinct is governed by a mind among the mindsets as the influence of the ultimate truth on Earthly being has made us vulnerable. I dont say that the ultimate truth has wrongly disguised us towards where emotions is a character out of imbalances. The need to be perfect must be the aim. Here there can be failures. Still fight to survive make us humble to situations. Can we not train them to be smart in anticipation of all this ?
Space_Lady: we have lim,its
Sam: but the distance we keep limits have indirectly influenced us for wrong motives. what can we do about it?
Space_Lady: die
Sam: on earth we can ask that the word "die" has the meaning "the" in german
Sam: where death is not an unconditional wish
Sam: yet we have limits that die in the shape of consequences. it didnt started from anyone but lead us far beyond any answers.
Sam: your have asked to spell out something we can fracture a mindset of normal being.
Sam: the certainty an intelligent alien need an answer why this must form for a quest we already have its outcome?
Space_Lady: :hammer:
Sam: only we can tell "knowledge is power" to know knowledge how its can be grinned gives us the reason for a space craft that may sustain a dream of the earth where humans took birth.
Sam: as a space explorer
Sam: do you feel
Sam: we humans were a being who explored this certain quest here from a home beyond its making already once existed somewhere else?
Sam: are we going to fetch this answer for all this?
Sam: where there is Eden garden from all creations?
Space_Lady: the deep learning computers will do it
Space_Lady: and space is not a fun place
Sam: we humans can also give logical corrections for computers for some errors we all are vulnerable
Sam: space is a christmas court without jury
Space_Lady: the computers will be better
Sam: there is not a drop of water floating anywhere on it
Sam: expect everything is attracted for the passage of this moment leading us towards a delusion that we are safe with the technology what we have today
Sam: this intelligent alien needs to trace a path unknown again to lead us somewhere else
Space_Lady: the deep learning computers well develop much more much faster
Sam: this alien has been from time immortal like the sun and stars
Sam: do you feel there is a energy that balance it?
Sam: can you govern that computation can break the mathematical code of the energy I am speaking about?
Space_Lady: i dont know and i dont care
Sam: why? are you already over there?
Space_Lady: the entropy of the universe is always increasing
Sam: there is a cyclic rhythm that transverse a quantum equation of gravity and if we can reverse it, we dont need a space craft. lol
Space_Lady: go shoot yourself into space
Sam: may be there is a dilemma. our flight take us beyond the content of vacuum or ether on this matter. here physics can be understood why mercury is a honeypot
Space_Lady: ok
Sam: why does mercury doesnt collapse into the sun?
Sam: we are so near this energy, it has always existed still a simple questions still haunt us.

Before the conversation ended giving us a reason to simplify the creation of our all avatars going to be beyond Mars oneday. I ask your time to do a betterment each day where these intelligent aliens can tame an action that is worth invested for all of us here. May be we have a Christmas time that every child here spots among the stars that twinkle on the roof above. It is about this reason why we find ourselves here so spotless. As beneath us answers gives a new reason to find us among those tall spirit where a right justice will meet its implanter. May be we will be somewhere here. Somewhere will be leading us many visitors. Those visitors must see a self-sufficient planet. We can make it now. I call this a worth investment. Please do it if you can find time here.

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