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a story about a dog who just wants to go home.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



What’s it today? An apple core. A bag of leftover chips. And I’m getting something else. A muffin. That’s something you don’t get all the time. I trot over to the delicious prizes. Although smelly, the dustbins are full of surprises. I spend the whole afternoon constantly trying to find more food. It’s pointless though. The fact that no one I walk by will give me even a crumb. I like it though. I don’t need human help to live a good life. As I’m walking by an alleyway, I smell something strange. But it wasn’t food. I sneak into the alleyway avoiding the creature entirely. Once I get right behind the creature I kick a can by accident. Oh no. The creature turns around revealing that it’s in fact, a human girl. Is she stealing my rubbish? She dare not. I find myself turning and running just as I’m choked by some strange thing. Now I can’t help but walk towards her to avoid being choked to death. She smiles at me and gently picks me up. I guess it’s not that bad. She carries me to a rather small building. The back of it opens up revealing a cozy place to lay. Once she gets in, we start moving. The little building moves? I don’t like this. As we get faster, I sink my claws into the ground and my fur on my back sticks up. Eventually we come to a stop. She comes to check on me and frowns at my discomfort.

“You can ride in the front on the way home.” she smiles. Now the choky thing is back. We go into a place that smells of medicine and those puffball things.

“What do we have today?” I hear a voice from above. A human lady wearing a white coat.

The girl looks down at me, “He’s in pretty bad shape, but I’d say a Border Collie mix.” she nods. They take me back into a room. I find myself sitting in a high up bed that is actually quite comfortable. The lady in the coat comes back over with some tubes.

“This is all he’ll be needing today.” says the lady. She takes something off a the tubes that looks so thin it could fit fight into someone’s skin. She walks over to me and holds me down on the bed. I can feel a sting and then one more. I know that was the tubes. They had a hard time fitting through my skin. After a while of sitting while the humans communicated, we were back in the little building. I actually like it now. We head to a place to get out. She takes me inside a larger building and it smells of fur and soap. I’m getting something else. Something sweet. Apples! The barking is loud and I slowly join the others in chasing and biting, and more of that. Before I know it, it’s night time. We have to be put in cages. Nooooo! I hate those things. I’m going to make her regret it. The whole night I bark. She comes several times to check on me, take me to the bathroom or refill my water bowl that I just knock over. By the time three days go by, I cannot believe how many friends I have made. I don’t have to search for food anymore. The human girl comes into the room straight to me. “Hey sweety! You have a home! A family wants you who live on a farm. You’ll love it there.” she smiles and rubs me. I can almost only focus on the rubbing. Wait what!? She said home. But I wanna stay here. I wanna stay with her. Please somebody don’t make me go! She walks me out to the little building. Little building! How could you betray me?! I wanted to stay with human girl! I bark and freak out. She definitely seems to feel bad for me. Until I jump on her and a swerve, and a crash. I wake up on one of those beds again with a group of humans standing over me. The lady in the coat is leaving the room. The humans start to rub me. Who are they? Where is my girl? I can’t take this anymore. Could this be my new family? Wherever my home is, I just wanna go home.


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