Just Pawns

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It's like a game of chess -- but who's playing?

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



Just Pawns


It’s like the globe’s a chessboard,

A black and white squared world,

And into this strategic game

We have all been hurled.

I’m not too sure who’s playing

But I don’t like this game. Oh, boy,

Things are surely going crazy

And we’re all treated as a toy.

Ask yourself a question;

Who’s the king and who’s the Queen?

This game is so chaotic,

The worst there’s ever been.

Who out there could be a rook,

And who could be a knight?

It clearly is a struggle

And not clear who’ll win the fight.

But one thing is apparent,

Most of us are pawns,

Expendable and worth not much

And always to be scorned.

This game of chess seems endless,

How long ‘til there’s checkmate?

Once that move, it has been reached,

The world will know it’s fate!

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