Is He Like Me

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Maybe I still want you ...

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



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December 27, 2011



Is He Like Me



Was it worth the move?

Is he like me?

Does he show you how he cares?

Did you fuck?

Where is he now?

Wasn't I always there?


Does he write you poems?

Does he make you smile?

Or were you just a one night stand?

Did he have my charm?

Did you even cuddle?

Does he hold your hands?


Did you trust him too?

Was I that bad?

Cause I don't see him around?

I wasn't perfect

But I was there

Why is he not around?


I think he used you

Better yet I know

I hope love finds you too

Though you left

It was for the better

I needed someone new


But one more thing

I'd like to know

And I'll let us be

Are you happy now?

That you let me go

Tell me: Was he like me?



- K.S. Fort



From, "Everything : Creative Chaos "


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