The Hobby

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South Florida is the wild, wild west of the adult entertainment business. “The Hobby” is a story of an upper middle class, educated, WASP from a notable Chicago family who becomes ensnared in a sex
trafficking ring when she unwittingly falls in love with a mobster. His handler profiled and recruited her out of AA, while she was still fragile and disoriented, and recently released from a
treatment center. Through force, fraud and coercion, using various styles of psychological and emotional manipulation, economic hardship, sophisticated surveillance technology and stealth, Kristy
McBride aka Colby Sinclair is held captive in sexual enslavement and human sex trafficking in suburban modern America. After living a powerless life of isolation and torment for over six years, she
overcomes and survives extreme adversity and becomes an advocate for women who are sexually exploited and abused.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



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The Hobby

by Lizabeth Erica Scot







U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force,

fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.

Every year, millions of men, women, and children are trafficked in

countries around the world, including the United States. It is estimated

that human trafficking generates many billions of dollars of profit per

year, second only to drug trafficking as the most profitable form of

transnational crime.

Human trafficking is a hidden crime as victims rarely come forward to

seek help because of language barriers, fear of the traffickers, and/or

fear of law enforcement.

Traffickers use force, fraud, or coercion to lure their victims and force

them into labor or commercial sexual exploitation. They look for people

who are susceptible for a variety of reasons, including psychological or

emotional vulnerability, economic hardship, lack of a social safety net,

natural disasters, or political instability. The trauma caused by the

traffickers can be so great that many may not identify themselves as

victims or ask for help, even in highly public settings.


Military Infiltration

Military-affiliated mob members expand their  operations to new regions nationwide and worldwide, undermining security and law enforcement efforts to combat crime. Mob members with military training pose a unique threat to law enforcement personnel because of their distinctive weapons and combat training skills and their ability to transfer these skills to fellow mob members. The Mafia is targeting the U.S. military and defense systems to expand their territory, facilitate criminal activity such as weapons and drug trafficking or to receive weapons and combat training.

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The Hobby

The patronizing of as many escorts as possible in a given locality. Following the experience the hobbyist reports his "review" of the prostitute on a blog or bulletin board known as a review board. Often times the escorts are found on the review board's own advertising section or off of Craigs****

*hobbyist *mongering *john *lurking *pooning



South Florida is the wild, wild west of the adult entertainment business. “The Hobby” is a story of an upper middle class, educated, WASP from a notable Chicago family who becomes ensnared in a sex trafficking ring when she unwittingly falls in love with a mobster. His handler profiled and recruited her out of AA, while she was still fragile and disoriented, and recently released from a treatment center.  Through force, fraud and coercion, using various styles of psychological and emotional manipulation, economic hardship, sophisticated surveillance technology and stealth, Kristy McBride aka Colby Sinclaire is held captive in sexual enslavement and human sex trafficking in suburban modern America.  After living a powerless life of isolation and torment for over six years, she overcomes and survives extreme adversity and becomes an advocate for women who are sexually exploited and abused.



The Hobby

Kristen McBride is an elite, VIP, avant-garde, South Florida escort who fell in love with Nicolo Lazzaro and unwittingly got caught up the escort underworld. She is now a world class escort known as Colby Sinclaire. Kristy is a beautiful, intelligent, mature woman who has believed in Nic and shown immense loyalty. She is entangled in a web of deceit and everything in her life has been compromised in the extreme. Her life has been a virtual vacuum for six years while she has been living captured in a frozen state of suspension.

Nicolo Lazzaro is a charismatic, gregarious Italian mafioso. Nic is a high-roller who spends money lavishly. He resides in a swanky, spacious waterfront home on Hutchinson Island, Florida where he moved his family after living in Ft. Lauderdale for many years. He considers himself a family man and indulges his four children with luxuries. They attend private schools and universities. His sons are enlisted in the military where the mob has infiltrated the ranks to expand operations.  He has numerous acquaintances and a raft of peon wannabees who worship him and his Italian bravado. He is a chameleon who lives a double live with shrewd finesse. He is a lovable rat. Nic is well received on the upper echelons of society while hobnobbing it with criminals in the underworld. Nic enjoys fine dining in a three-piece suit while he has also been seen sporting a black muscle shirt, cavorting with nefarious characters. He prefers to keep a low profile, but the clandestine nature of his business is extremely treacherous. His substance abuse tendencies have compromised his health and his moral compass. He is a connoisseur of marijuana and indulges in fine liquors and he envisions himself as a man of principle from a different era, but he falls short of his own lofty ideals. At age 55, Nic is embroiled in a messy divorce and he does not have the coping skills to deal with his issues. He is a master of avoidance, except when it comes to money.  Nic dominates the escort activity in the area. He also has escorts situated in various Florida cities. His two main handlers, Dino and Micky, are shady characters who appear personable with a clean cut image. Nic goes trolling the car dealership lots in South Florida, recruiting handlers for his covert operation which he calls 'the company'. He hand picks the most savvy, unscrupulous, hustler car salesmen who project a disingenuous Mr. Nice Guy front.  Nic has a fleet of vehicles and his personal select cars are a black Dodge Charger, a black Corvette, a white Corvette, and a souped up classic black Mustang with all the bells and whistles. There is a U.S. Army decal on his most favorite vintage black mustang. He also has a recreational Hatteras Yacht docked on Singer, Island near the exclusive Island of Palm Beach.. Nic seizes every opportunity to mingle with law-enforcement officials, often posing as the Good Samaritan. Nic joins citizens and law-enforcement in the search for the dismembered remains of a local slain nurse in the forest preserve west of Jupiter Fl. The time and place of the scheduled hunt is publicly displayed by flashing outdoor, electronic, roadside neon signs all over the town of Jupiter which is a picturesque, quaint, tropical paradise hideaway village. Nic is an alumni of the University of Florida with a degree in accounting and he is has intellectual skills and the experience that comes with age. Nic is an obsessive-compulsive, crafty, sleuth, controlling and monitoring  the entire area utilizing all manner of manipulation, state of the art technology and U.S.military strategies. When new escorts come into town he promptly "shuts them down".with numerous harassing phone calls while posing as law enforcement, local officials or a badass, slick New York thug. He sometimes notifies certain local bureaucracies and reports the escorts infringing on his territory for different offenses, according to the specifics of their situation. He knows who they all are, including their personal information. He is running a game to eliminate their ability to do business on his turf.. He exposed 39 year old Danielle, a top south Florida escort when she came into the area with intentions of living near her mother. Nic Lazarro downloaded her escort ad profile photos off the internet and an envelope containing this information was delivered to her mother. This caused a rift in her family and financial loss in addition to being forced to leave the area. 42 year old Melody was formerly associated with Nic and attempted to sever the ties.  Her Sugar Daddy landlord, who gave her a rent free apartment in lieu of sexual favors, was confronted by his wife when escort ad photos of Melody were directly delivered to her. Melody was sabotaged and outed, causing her loss of financial security and a place to live. Nic spends his time every day calling escorts, making fake appointments combined with other creative harassment methods, whichever suits his purpose. On some occasions he may confront them face to face at their location. His associates take a more basic approach as they will converge on the intruding escorts' home and destroy it, exercising combative brute force with baseball bats.  Nic's mob affiliates determined that Tiffany, 28 year old top South Florida escort was impinging on their territory so they conspired to kidnap her bisexual/husband/business partner and held him against his will, ruthlessly terrorizing him overnight before releasing him the next day.  He and Tiffany immediately vacated the South Florida area for several months. When Kristy was visiting Ft. lauderdale, another popular escort was sabotaged and outed by Nic Lazarro at a prominent local hotel.  Incriminating photos of her were delivered to the hotel management who proceeded to ban her from the entire hotel chain, blacklisted her real name, and red-flagged her to law enforcement.  In the case of the escort Sonia and company, Nic's relentless harassment strategies served him well when she was arrested at her incall location due to all the people who had been alerted by his tactics. This is not standard operating procedure for law enforcement as they usually set up stings at their own location. Sonia and friends relocated from West Palm Beach and moved in just down the road from Kristy. They took up residence in a one room dingy, dilapidated shack, repainted in a slipshod style. They neglected to paint the sides of the building or remove the tall weeds blowing in the wind. These escorts have the most unsavory reputation in South Florida as they practice rampant, random unprotected sex for $60.  They are sickly addicts and desperate for their drugs. Kristy drives by their location on her way to the supermarket and is amazed to see luxury cars of all types parked in front of a shabby shack. Some upscale professional men seem to find this scenario sexually appealing as they “think with the little head instead of the big head”. Bareback sexual intercourse is frowned upon but still prevalent. Nic continues to harass escorts in the area calling them from different numbers while his police radio is strategically blaring in the background. Nic has a police radio installed in his vehicles as he keeps tabs on local law enforcement activities.

As he stealthily closes up his dark, tinted power windows, Nic Lazarro submerges himself into the dark shadowy depths, like a methodical, predatory shark.He is enmeshed in a bombastic confab with the New York bosses in New York City via FaceTime.  Nic later tells Kristy that his superiors reprimanded him for not wearing a white dress shirt, according to the standard of true old school mob tradition. Nic's father was a major power player in the NY mob, so Nic is riding high on his late father's coat-tails, while doing as little as possible, quite successfully, as the big fish in a small pond. Nic is actually a lazy individual who has perfected the art of procrastination. He catches catnaps in his car, preferably parked under a shady tree along scenic secluded waterways . 

Kristy meets Nic one day to drop off the "package" in a rendezvous at the neighborhood supermarket center. While they are parked side by side, there is always brief conversation, and Nic tells Kristy about the big mob powwow in a distant city.
Kristy has been told of these meetings before and hears tidbits of inconsequential information along the way. All the mobsters are driving the big black luxury Yukon SUVs, and when Nic returns home, as a sign of a prestigious status symbol, he buys one for himself to add to his fleet. Nic Lazaro is visably nervous and agitated before the big mob convention where all the Mafia heavy weights come in from out of state. He tells Kristy McBride that some previous attendees at the big mob meeting were unceremoniously carried off the premises, wrapped up tidy and tight in saran wrap. Melodramatic Nic then informs Kristy that his mafioso comrades know the enshrouded whereabouts of the infamous Jimmy Hoffa...
Later that day Kristy McBride aka Colby Sinclair awaits an interlude with a self-proclaimed friend of President Donald Trump. Richard is an eccentric, wealthy man in his mid-sixties who is perpetually talking on and on about himself, and boasts of having been to every country in the world. He is enroute to visit Kristy driving an obscenely large, European convertible luxury car. He is already quite late and stops at McDonalds for a bite to eat, where he spends 45 minutes, totally oblivious to the time. Kristy is aghast at his self-absorbed, inconsiderate behavior and had to refrain from hanging up the phone on him. She decides to give him a chance and when he finally arrives, he comes sailing into the modest middle-class apartment complex, driving a convertible sedan befitting a presidential parade. He himself looks rather garish, like he just stepped off a world class British golf course, wearing quirky golf garb attire. Kristy views this side-show fiasco as somewhat ludicrous and is concerned that he has made quite a spectacle of himself. Kristy finds Richard difficult to deal with because he wants everything his way, even if it is wrong. He talks about Donald Trump scenarios with far to much indiscreet detailed information. Richard spends much of his time on the phone speaking French to a lady named Jacqueline who is his personal gourmet cook. Kristy endeavors to satisfy his desires, but he is a distracted man. She is just relieved when he departs for Mar-a-Lago, and would prefer not to ever see him again.


 Kristy is a college educated, midwestern WASP from a notable Chicago family. Her grandfather was an Illinois politician who became a famous federal judge. Her relatives still live in Winnetka, Illinois on Chicago’s posh suburban north shore where she was raised. Her mother is very wealthy and has a winter home on the exclusive island of Captiva, Florida. Christy is age 50 and her mother is over 80. Her mother has lived a jet-set country club lifestyle with her husband and has never been extremely close to her children. Kristy’s mother is old school and Kristy’s predicament would be seen as an unacceptable disgrace. Kristy is rebuilding the relationships in her estranged family after her problematic relapse and there is no one she can turn to. Kristy has reached the top in the business and people all over the world are attempting to emulate her style and her ideas. She is a trendsetter who has changed the face of adult entertainment. Her website is like a showcase for designer lingerie. She spends much of her spare time online, while living a life of boxed-in isolation from the outside world. She lives in Windemere Apartments, a quiet apartment complex in Jupiter, Florida. She is accepted and well liked by the neighbors and the management who seem to be oblivious to the fact that her apartment has been turned into a hotel with a revolving door for the over 9000 men that have swung by in the last six years. She lives next door to a female retired gay school teacher from Australia with a Corgi named Dale. The managers of the apartments are an older couple from Eastern Europe. Kristy occasionally stops by the management front office with a complimentary bottle of wine, just to feel things out and smooth things over. Across the lane lives a retired police officer who drives a motorcycle, while on the same side just three doors down, lives Micky, one of Nic Lazaro’s henchmen, who is keeping a watchful eye on Kristy. Kristy has met diverse upscale men from every country in the world, local and national celebrities, and many affluent businessmen, entrepreneurs, retirees and gentlemen of all ages from 18-90. Over 1.5 Million dollars has passed thru her hands in the last six years and she has been able to save only about $3000. She must pay 50% of everything to Nic Lazarro for protection. She is also required to pay all of the expenses and do all the work herself. Advertising alone is sometimes $100 per day or more and electronic equipment, phones, cameras, photographers, computer and internet services, lingerie, supplies and various expenses have eaten up a large part of her cut. The client rate for time varies from $100 per 15 minutes, $150 per half hour, $200 per 45 minutes or $250 per hour. She sees between 2-6 clients per day and has seen as many as 10-12 clients in a day. Kristy is listed on top escort sites worldwide and in South Florida. is the top internet platform for adult entertainment advertisement and it takes the much of her money., a politically controversial site, makes over a 140 Mil per year in adult advertising in the U.S. After two years of advertising expenses from Backlist alone, Kristy had accumulated over 700 used Visa gift cards, each one at approximately $100 per day. The plastic conglomeration of jumbled sticky gift cards was large enough to fill a small suitcase. When Kristy initially met Nic Lazarro there was a verbal agreement that the cost of protection was $50 per client. Kristy would have never consented to a higher figure. Soon the cut went to $75 then it became 50% of everything. By this time Kristy was apprehensive that she may be in over her head. Kristy later discovers that the standard rate for this type of service is $35.  Top agencies who do all the work, pay most expenses, and provide clients typically take 30%-40% of the cut. South Florida is the mecca for the adult entertainment industry, a virtual sexual playground subculture. An escort is also known as an entertainer, companion, model or provider. Both Nic and Kristy have a high turnover of burner phones. Every escort must provide Nic with new disposable phone replacements every month, plus one for herself and one of his handlers also. The phones are discreetly disposed of in deep sea water and thrown off bridges and docks. Kristy is constantly barraged with sexually explicit text and frequently changes numbers. She has 5-6 active phones at once to accommodate her different ad profiles. She goes about town with mini flip phones stuffed in her 36DD brassiere and various other mysterious places and in her handbag, while they are constantly ringing.  At one point she went up onto the bridge and deep-sixed five phones at once with several more at home ready for disposal. Nic maintains a cover that he works for the escorts not the reverse. He provides protection and does nothing more that could ever be construed as collaboration. In reality he controls everything from behind the scenes with sophisticated precision. Kristy’s introduction to Nic Lazarro was arranged by his associate Will Sharpton, a savvy, high-end car salesman in his 50s with substance abuse issues. Kristy met Will in AA and when she relapsed he was selling her narcotic pharmaceuticals. He is a drug dealing car salesman with aspirations of moving up in Nic Lazarro’s operation. Nic Lazarro picks up Kristy McBride standing  on a street corner just outside the AA Club in the charming village of Jupiter, Florida.  Nic and Kristy drove around the town of Jupiter in his black Dodge charger while Nic gave his spiel on their future business arrangements. Nic tore Kristy’s blouse off saying he was looking for a covert recording device. Nic and Kristy were all over each other. They stopped at Kristy’s apartment where there was an intense sexual liaison that day. She fell deeply in love with him. That was the last time that Kristy McBride would ever be in the same room with Nic Lazarro.  Kristy new nothing about the escort world and was embarrassed and shy, but she was desperate. Kristy had no car as it was recently totaled out in an accident where she was at fault because of the emotional and physical instability in her early recovery. She was still disoriented from heavy narcotic pharmaceutical detox. Nic Lazarro’s gophers are profiling vulnerable females in a recovery program for his escort company. He has associates within the organization recruiting prospective escorts in the AA avenues. He later requests that Kristy do the same, She declines and says the new AA women are unstable and unreliable and would be disloyal to Nic and not worth the aggravation, but she was really protecting them from potential relapse.  Will Sharpton is a brilliant and dysfunctional man who attempts to monopolize Kristy out from under Nic’s influence for his own benefits. He sees that she is the proverbial “golden goose” and feels justified in an attempting to take control of her. He is constantly badgering and bullying her and lures her to his house under the guise of  Nic’s business agenda, where she is sexually assaulted by Will and his black drug dealer sidekick Demetrius. Kristy is totally traumatized by this event. She knows her recovery is in jeopardy and her only hope is the AA meetings. Nic Lazarro is seemingly very compassionate about her situation, which continues to deepen her emotional dependence on him during the early recovery period. He becomes the main person in her life. There are many phone conversations with Nic offering superficial supportive words, laced with innuendo and games. Nic will not tolerate this disloyalty from Will Sharpton.  Soon Will Sharpton loses all of his credibility. His wife divorces him, he loses his job, there is a news article published highlighting his crimes and indiscretions and his entire life is systematically dismantled by the force of Nic Lazarro’s wrath. Will Sharpton and all of his hidden dirty laundry is exposed. Nic tells Kristy of Will Sharpton’s calamity. It is clear that Nic wants her to know that he has given her retribution payback for Will Sharpton’s disloyalty, and in the way he brutalized her.

Nic has two other handlers who have been assigned to watch Kristy. Micky now lives in Windemere apartments adjacent to Kristy’s apartment where Nic has him strategically positioned to monitor her activities. Mickey is not permitted to fraternize with her. He is frequently seen standing outside with his dog, while casually interacting with neighbors as he keeps tabs on her life. There are also various other gorilla-guerrilla-goombahs patrolling the area with a hidden fire-arm always onhand. Whoever is assignied to the protection also tails the female subject wherever she goes all over town. Nic and his crew monitor the escorts incall location keeping watch on the client’s arrival and recording their auto tag number for the protection operation. They can use this info to investigate certain people, if necessary. They use surveillance equipment and binoculars. Nic and/or his associates keep an open phone line with the escort when the client arrives. If there is any trouble they will break the door down to protect their escort and their interests. They also utilize advanced technology to track down any troublemakers. Dino and Kristy were working together closely for about six weeks. Dino tells Kristy that if an escort tries to leave their organization then he and Nic will make sure that she can’t do business in the area. Kristy thinks Dino is manipulative and devious. She she figures out that he is robbing hundreds of dollars from her, combined with his aggressive sexual harassment. She was forced to report these incidents to Nic who confronted Dino. Dino later said to Kristy that he doesn’t know who ratted him out, thereby implicating himself in extorting money from the other escorts.  Kristy thought it was in her own best interest to informed Nic of this development. Kristy did not want to be in the middle between Nic and Dino and thought that it was a no win situation. Dino tells Nic that Kristy approached him sexually and attempted to fleece him for money. Dino has a questionable track record. Dino is constantly persuading and pressuring Nic to let him get closer to Kristy with the protection detail. Dino wants to deal with Kristy directly but she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He is constantly trying to shake her down for sex and money. Nic tells Kristy that his mob superiors don’t tolerate stealing and a thief would be dealt with accordingly and insinuated that it would be fatal. Dino is planning a scheme to move into Windemere Apartments but Nic puts the kibosh on that plan of action. Micky is already planted there and it would not be expedient. Dino moves to another apartment one mile away. Kristy recognizes that without Nic’s protection she would be an easy target for Dino and Micky. She needs protection from them. She knows that the only way out is to relocate to a different far away city.

Kristy was in recovery again after a severe relapse following 12 years of successful long term sobriety.  She had only three months clean and sober when she met Nic Lazarro. She had financial devastation and relapse after a divorce found herself in a difficult situation. Kristy was in a fragile condition, physically, emotionally and intellectually. She did not have the ability to process emotions or intellect. She is a graduate of Northwestern University but at this point she cannot even operate a blackberry. She is on her way back to restoration, but it is a process. Kristy fell in love with Nic Lazarro after their one time sexual rendezvous when they first met. She believed that the feeling was not mutual and that she would need to move on and find a way to sort out the intense emotions for which she was so ill-equipped to handle. She knew that these types of emotions were precarious in her early recovery. Just three months earlier she was bouncing in and out of hospitals and treatment centers, addicted to narcotic anti-anxiety medication and narcotic pain medication in addition to alcohol. She was now attending 2-3 AA meetings a day and was working diligently to get herself and her life back on track. Nic was leading her to believe that he wanted a life with her. She knew that he was in a messy divorce and thought that his hands were temporarily tied. He was constantly building her hopes up, playing kryptic games, and pushing her buttons. She was subjected to a brutal emotional roller coaster for days, weeks, months into years. Her progress in recovery was impeded and she could not focus on her recovery or make any clear decisions. Nic has made numerous far-flung false promises laced with flirtatious sexual innuendo.  He has never followed through on anything short term or long term unless it is business related. He has never had an honest straight- forward personal conversation.  He has used Kristy to get through his own problems with no concern for the obvious extreme adversity this causes her.  Most of the interaction between Nic and Christy is via phone conversation or brief exchanges when he collects the money. Kristy meets Nic in public shopping areas or deserted side streets in drive by, drop off the money scenarios. After two years Nic’s promises became more detailed. By this time Kristy was becoming disheartened, but she has always had difficulty wrapping her mind around the circumstances of her predicament. She actually sees the futility and the absurdity of his words but she is in so deep that she feels trapped and confused. At one point during the first year Kristy’s car was repossessed and she was without transportation. She could not ask anyone for help unless they were female because Nic Lazarro’s overbearing jealous and controlling attitude.  He did not offer her any type of assistance at all. She was riding a bicycle or walking long distances alone. One day an AA lady saw her walking and gave her a ride to her destination. She buys a new used car a few weeks later. Kristy drives a Convertible Mitsubishi Spyder on scenic drives along lush Jupiter Island as an escape from reality. The more time goes by the more she is compromised on every level. During year three and four she was admitted to the E.R over 30 times for UTI from excessive sexual intercourse, high blood pressure,anxiety issues, and more. Kristy is so distressed that she sometimes stops in at the local firehouse to get her vital signs checked. On one occasion her vital signs were so elevated that the EMTs rushed her to the hospital. One of the paramedics drove her convertible sports car to the hospital, following along behind the ambulance.  There have been four separate medical emergencies where she called 911 and EMS came to her apartment and transported her to the E.R..  Each time she was completely alone and called a cab to get home from the hospital. Nic did nothing to help her, except more empty promises. She was once near death, and hospitalized for a week with E. coli that she contracted from a client. When Kristy arrived at the hospital by ambulance her fever was 105 and the E.R. staff ran extensive tests. When the test results came back positive for E. coli she was placed in isolation. A severe respiratory infection became so serious that she had a Tachycardia episode and was sent to the Intensive Care Unit. The medical staff was surprised and pleased that she survived.  Kristy has severe disc/back injuries which are becoming extremely exacerbated by the frequent poundings she is sometimes subjected to during wild sex. She frequently goes to the malls for traditional Chinese chair massage to cope with the debilitating pain. Kristy is caught in the monotony of what has become Nic Lazarro’s trap. She is injured again by an incompetent chiropractor and virtually bedridden and disabled for six weeks, but is forced to continue to see clients because all of her options have been taken from her and she has no other choice. She is just trying to survive and she is living like a trapped animal. During the Christmas holidays she broke her foot and was again compelled to see the clients. She removed the boot/cast for the clients, replacing it with a five hinch heel.  Kristy has been alone and isolated on six consecutive holiday seasons. The clients have no clue of what was really going on behind the scenes. She is humiliated and hides it well.  Nic Lazarro has Kristy under electronic surveillance. Everything she says and does is being monitored. She has no no recovery program or support, no privacy, no freedom, no free will. no life, no relationships, and no choices  because of the life she has become ensnared in. Her car has a GPS tracking device and an audio/visual device that monitors both inside and outside the car. When she got a different car there was another device planted in that car. Her phones are monitored for her conversations, her apartment has video/audio surveillance strategically placed inside, and outside there are devices planted within the apartment complex property. Even her laptop is being spied on with a remote access trojan (RAT). Nic Lazarro tracks Kristy and takes pleasure in his power over her by informing her of his knowledge of her actions. He knows everything she is saying and doing, including her location and he describes it to her frequently. He was able to track her location over 100 miles away and described the streets she was driving on when she went to visit her mother. He is able to watch her most private moments no matter what. Nic Lazarro tells Kristy of the vans and minivans that he is smuggling into Russia by ship. He boasts about the technical details of the advanced spy devices he has planted on each vehicle to prevent piracy. Nic Lazaro is connected to the Russian Mafia.  Kristy is clever and tries to avert some of his spy technology. She has secret phone where she changes the number every few days. YouTube supplies Nic Lazarro with any tech information and instructions that he and his associates don’t already possess.  Kristy has become socially, psychologically and emotionally isolated from the world because of the nature of her circumstances. Her only open means of confidential communication with anyone are thru a PSYCHICHOTLINE. Which is not really a hotline, but it is to her. She has met some insightful, supportive  women there who are giving her spiritual guidance by phone. Much of what little money she has left has gone to the PSYCHICHOTLINE  in a desperate attempt to cope with her situation.

Kristy continues to create the illusory art of glamour as Colby Sinclaire. She has received many marriage proposals from Tony Milano, owner of a world class prominent south Florida gentlemen’s club with locations in New York and Las Vegas. He is a kingpin in adult entertainment who has never been married. Tony is the 60s and says that he has always lived for himself and he wants something different now. Tony Milano has been calling Kristy consistently for two years on holidays with talk of love and marriage. He is wealthy man and and attempts to entice her with his money. She has always given Nic her loyalty but after five years she has had enough of Nic’s runaround and wants to make some changes. She knows she must relocate to a new city in order to sever ties with Nic. Kristy in genuinely interested in Tony Milano and decides to trust him and confides her complicated situation with Nic Lazarro. Tony refers to Nic Lazarro as a pimp. Tony lives in Ft. Lauderdale and Kristy makes secret plans to break away from Nic and makes reservations in a four star hotel there where she plans to continue working independently. Tony calls Kristy twice a day for several weeks with promises, plans and expressions of affection. Kristy is not interested in taking Tony’s money, especially under false pretenses. She has no expectations. As soon as she arrives, Tony is anxious to see her again. After a brief sexual interlude, he has erectile dysfunction issues and quickly backs out, realizing he doesn’t really want an intimate relationship. Tony unexpectedly departs for Cape Cod the next day. Kristy thinks he has shown his true colors and she is not bothered by this reversal. Meanwhile, Nic Lazarro turns on the charm with more bombastic promises and she goes back to Jupiter, believing that she is giving him another chance. But nothing ever changes. Kristy has a good rapport with Nic Lazarro. He genuinely likes her and she is the most professional and successful money making call-girl that he has ever been associated with. He has revealed more of himself than his usual covert style. Nic is an old school Italian and always holds his cards close to the vest. He is very tight-lipped. Kristy makes another attempt to break away from Nic Lazarro six months later and goes to Ft. Lauderdale to the same hotel. She tells him about her mother’s health issues and that she needs to be there for her family. When Nic sees that she is working independently he is angry and accuses her of disloyalty. She is intimidated and fearful, so she succumbs to his persuasions. They had a long talk about Kristy’s feelings for him and she is tactful and honest. Kristy goes back to Jupiter with Nic. Kristy knows she will never be able to trust Nic and does not believe in him anymore. Nothing changes and Nic continues with empty promises.

***It is hurricane season in Florida and Nic repeatedly assures Kristy that in the event of a hurricane he assures her that she will have a generator and that her windows will secured with shutters. When Hurricane Irma was imminent Nic Lazarro did nothing. Kristy tried to make alternative last minute arrangements to no avail. She was virtually abandoned by Nic who was evacuating to a distant Florida city. Kristy was left alone in the path of the storm and unprepared in a dangerous category 5 hurricane. The Florida governor makes repeated emergency televised PSAs stating that Irma is a killer hurricane and wherever it strikes will be unhabitable. The profected path forecast is 5-7 feet storm surge and Kristy is stockpiling everything in her apartment up off the floor. She is seen putting masking tape over her windows to prevent broken glass shatter. She has food and water and parks her car in front of the door as a safety measure. Kristy McBride is hunkered down for the storm but it gets so bad that she decides to drive to a shelter at night, pitch black in a power outage with dangling stop lights, lose wires, and blown scattered debree of all sorts. The disasterous devastation in the aftermath of the hurricane is a primitive scenario. With candles, flashlights, and battery powered lanterns, Kristy McBride is roughing it out in the sweltering, humid heat, as Nic Lazarro returns and takes up residence at a local luxury hotel on a back-up generator. It's business as usual and hurricane hardships do not deter the clients. Kristy struggles to survive in a crude, barbaric situation while Nic Lazarro languishes in a luxurious hotel, paid for by her never-ending untold toil. 

When Kristy later mentioned these emtpty promises to Nic he accused her of putting words in his mouth. Nic gets very angry and agitated if he thinks Kristy is calling him a liar. Kristy wants to find a way out and she needs to be smart and not make emotional decisions. Kristy knows the situation could be ruinous. She has seen what has happened to the others who crossed Nic Lazarro or got in his way.

Kristy is one of the most high-profile, popular adult entertainers in South Florida. Her mature age seems to be an asset. Many men prefer mature woman. The older woman is a sexual fantasy and a fetish. Wherever she goes she is highly desired and sought-after. She is sweet, sexy and smart. She is passionate, open-minded, and sincere. She is the genuine article.  Clients are calling in from out of state and overseas and some drive long distances to see her. She has traveled to visit Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando and is always at the top of the game. She stays in four star hotels and meets many upscale gentleman.There have been a couple harrowing experiences where she was afraid for her life, but she survived because she kept a level head in the face of terror. One early evening out of town in Boca Raton, she made arrangements to meet Alex Sanchez, an attractive, clean cut, spruce looking Latino man early 30s. He arrived at Kristy’s hotel driving a Champagne Millenia. Upon entering the room he immediately seized control of the situation, claiming to be a law enforcement officer Detective Sanchez. He was wearing a badge around his neck underneath a sporty jacket. He said there was another officer posted outside the room. He was very aggressive and intimidating. Kristy knew that if he were an imposter and she asked him to show ID and identify himself as a law enforcement officer, it could escalate into a violent situation.  So she cooperated and played nice. He immediately confiscated her drivers license, her phones, and credit cards and laid it all out on a table.  He continued to use threatening intimidation tactics to force her to hand over any money she might have hidden. She acquiesced and surrendered all of her monies in the amount of $2000. This was her life savings. He was gone in a flash and she was left stunned, but relieved that she was not dead or in jail. Kristy and Nic have special phones for communications. She had no phones, no way to contact anyone, no money, no credit cards and no ID. She was staying at four star hotel in Boca Raton 50 miles south of Jupiter. Kristy was seriously shaken and she did not believe calling the police was even an option. She was moonlighting out of town and did not need that kind of indiscreet attention. Communications with Nic were cut off and she was stranded and terrified. The LEO imposter had stolen her personal information, so she quickly checked out of the hotel and went back Jupiter alone. Nic Lazarro was nowhere to be seen. She had a restless night and was finally able to contact Nic the next day after she persuaded the cell phone company agent to to give her the number records on her no contract account. Nic was very skeptical when she called him the next day. He thought she had been arrested and was apprehensive  that she was trying to set him up. She told him that she had checked out of the hotel and got a cash refund and that easily proves that she was not arrested. Nic Lazarro called in his cohorts from out of town because he was still doubtful about Kristy’s explanation. They scrutinized Kristy intensively to confirm that she was not now a turncoat informant. Nic Lazaro’s close associate, who operates another escort company, came in from Orlando. He is a jovial, upper middle class family man in his 50s who wears a designer suit, is impeccablywell-groomed and drives a silver Chrysler 300. After fully scoping things out for Nic Lazarro, he went back to Orlando.

Kristy made it a point to post internet warnings on the dangerous LEO impersonator con-artist debacle. There is no registered Law Enforcement Officer named Alex Sanchez in the state of Florida.  He is a repeat offender and additional reports of the lunatic perpetrating this scam continued coming in on escort sites in South Florida.  It is believed that he is Brazilian, and that this scheme was contrived on the streets of Rio de Janeiro.


When Kristy was new and inexperienced she had a chilling experience when confronted by armed gang members at her apartment. A young blonde-haired, blue-eyed, cute, baby faced, 23 year old preppie type drove down to Jupiter from St. Lucie county. After parking his white van in front of her apartment enters her apartment and says that he had a friend with him. Kristy declined and proceeded to show him out, When she opened the door, a lurking Latino gang member wearing a red hoodie/gang colors suddenly attacked her. He was armed with a gun and they both jumped her, pushing her back inside while holding the gun so close to her face that she could see the metal scratches around the barrel. A struggle ensued and her frantic screaming at the front door drove them off. Nic Lazarro and his henchmen later tracked them down and played havoc in their lives.

Kristy has become isolated and compromised in every area of her life. She has been in a state of perpetual stress since early recovery with the physical, emotional and psychological extremes of her circumstances, while Nic Lazarro has strung her along for years with no way out. She fears being outed by Nic Lazarro and his associates. Kristy cannot risk losing her apartment as other escorts have when they were outed by Nic. She has limited resources and finances. There is a housing crises in the area and she has a derogatory credit report after a divorce. There are no options, and no place to go. She is stuck in this economic hardship conundrum with Nic Lazarro.  She has become ostracized in AA because an unknown culprit has outed her.  A dossier containing information revealing her double life as an escort was given to Jack Penrod, a corrupt AA senior citizen who made it his mission to expose her. Jack Penrod previously supplied her with narcotic meds during her relapse. She overdosed at his house and he called the paramedics. He is insanely obsessed with her and wherever she goes in AA she hears about his latest antics and delusional rants concerning her. He is an AA predator who stands conspicuously outside the AA Club with narcotics, attempting to proposition newbie women with pharmaceutical meds in exchange for sex.  So, a small contingency of outraged AA women went to the police department to obtain a group restraining order. Kristy’s remarried ex-husband Michael, who has been married five times, tells people in AA that Jack Penrod has tortured several of his ex-wives and refers to him as “Dennis the menace with a hard-on.” Kristy has no solid recovery program because of this psychopath at large and attends meetings at a secluded church on the other side of town. She has no AA friends, no sponsor and has difficulty attending meetings because of the injuries and afflictions she has sustained. She does not know who outed her to Jack Penrod but Will Sharpton is a prime suspect. They are both dangerous, destructive AA predators who show no respect for women or human life. Kristy’s reputation is ruined in this town. She dreams of relocating to a new city on the west coast of Florida near her mother’s island home.  What saddens her is that her life and her choices have been taken from her and she has been uprooted from her home and old AA friends of many years. Despite these obstacles Kristy maintains her recovery and is clean and sober over 6 years. Kristy McBride is a survivor of violent sexual assault in her past. In addition to being an educated woman, she has practiced several religions in her life including Mormonism, Hinduism and non-denominational Christianity. She is not religious, but she appreciates the spiritual aspects. Kristy is essentially a spirit filled Christian who has, in the past, frequented select churches and revivals in the area.. She does not have the mindset to be in the sex business. It is not something she would have ever pursued, if not for it being out of her control.


After years of fencing with his wife Nic Lazarro succeeds in finalizing his divorce. Nic Lazarro’s ex-wife Donna and her sister are bigshot nurses at a world class medical facility with locations in metropolitan Florida cities. Donna has issues with substance abuse and juggles pharmaceutical meds and alcohol to disguise her habit. She puts on quite a facade but she is emotionally superficial. She and Nic argue about money incessantly. She has played every game in the book and exhausted Nic and his resources to the best of her ability. She is extremely controlling and manipulative. She never had any intentions of giving Nic a divorce. Nic has been running in circles with her games for years. He was determined to handle all the legal work himself until the end. At one point for many months, he was repeatedly filing the same paperwork at the courthouse, an exercise in futility.. He strung Kristy along for years while playing useless games with his wife. He and Donna separated and then he went back to her, and Kristy was blindly waiting for him. He was not proactive with his divorce. To Kristy’s dismay, after 4 years it was clear that Nic was still not divorced and he had become lackadaisical. She was shocked that he had led her on this way. Kristy McBride has been used and abused by Nic Lazaro. He has lied and taken everything from her without giving anything back. She has been disillusioned with him for a long time and entangled in his game. Nic Lasaro gave Donna many chances to come to an agreement but neither of them would compromise with the money. Nic Lazarro was pushed to far. He had Donna investigated and uncovered some incriminating information. Nic Lazarro’s extortionist mob superiors came in from New York to have a direct conversation with Donna. She was told to agree with Nic’s terms or be exposed, discredited and prosecuted. She was led to believe that they were doing this on Nic’s behalf without his knowledge because her lack of cooperation with the divorce was interfering with the Mafia business agenda. So Nic Lazarro proudly got everything he wanted. In coerced concession, Donna simply said “Maybe we can be friends some day.”






























































































































































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