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A lush description of an alternate history leading to a strange conclusion. But also a dramatic story concerning a mountain walker with nature as his best friend and worst enemy.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



It was in an alternate past. A past where wild beasts walked upon rocky terrain. Huge vistas of unpolluted deserts, rocky mountains and clean oases. It was a terrain formed by constant lava flow, melting ice and howling winds. Somewhere in this landscape of pre-memorial descent a mountain walker, a male warrior, walked upon the golden land. He was inspecting a spiritual man climbing a close-by mountain. A man with a philosophy of self-torture. Climbing the mountain to starve for thirty days. But the mountain walker didn’t catch much interest in this spiritual pursuit. He saw an old man with tattooed skin but not with much strength in his tortured body.
The days up on high mountains, overlooking the desert area below, was an event of silent observation. The mountain walker saw the clash between different tribes. Organized war attempts, using spears, arches and other weapons of a similar kind. The mountain walker didn‘t find much wisdom in these battles. Both sides of the war had great losses. Loss of men, loss of women, loss of strength and power.
So the mountain walker was dreaming. Dreaming of other times. Dreaming of great conquests leading to glory. 
He was summoning inner power to walk the rocky mountains by himself. Born in a small village of outsiders. He escaped an attack on this village before his adult years. His brothers and sisters were killed and he had to make it out by himself.
In a small cave the man sat down and rested for the night. He heard the constant howling of the ancestors to modern wolves. High shrieks, yelling, a constant wailing from the deep space of the wailing throats. 
He had great plans for the future. A plan to solve the conflicts on display, to unite the warring tribes in a common peace treaty. He would do this as a common messenger. To inform both sides about the meaningless conflict and establish new rules. But these plans were interrupted later when the mountain walker came upon a pair of mountain lions. These lions seemed peaceful at first but he couldn’t have guessed he was coming between the lions and their offspring. So the man was attacked by the mountain lions. Beige beasts with huge claws and massive jaws pulling the man down a slope where he was injured by the beasts and had a fall.
Days passed in a tormented state. The mountain walker watched the spiritual man coming back from his self-torture mission. The spiritual man could hardly walk any longer but as he saw the mountain walker’s bad condition he gave him some food. He also made some arrangements to clean his wounds and dragged his body to a nearby cave.
As the days passed the dry weather gave room for sudden rains. The mountain walker drank water from newly formed pools. He made himself overcome his wounded condition and to walk again to dryer lands. He came to a rocky coastline where he watched huge waves coming in from the ocean. And away in the distance he saw the rock of Gibraltar, standing like a black ghost in a fetal position. 
What could a man do to change his destiny? What could be found in an empty desert with warring tribes?
He found out about the coming apocalypse days later. Where huge earthquakes torn upon the ground to split it in two large sections. Erupting volcanoes and horrid rain made the mountain man seek shelter in a couple of caves but silently starved away.
This was the birth of another age.
* * *
And so in an alternate future a great happening is taking place within the centre of a future city. Beams of light intersect to highlight a monter with the remnants of a pre-historical man. A man with a skeleton injured in different places. Some teenage girl watches this pre-historical man with a heightened sense of wonder. 
The monter is standing between a cluster of many exotic areas. It is a future museum showing the result from new excavations.
The girl is watching the pre-historical man and video displays show the result of some archaeologist’s alternate history simulations. Who was the man and why did he end up dying in a relatively young age?
The girl is wearing future clothing reminding of stylish fashion posters. She takes the hovering train to the safety of her own apartment. A roof-top terrarium with a wardrobe bedroom. With short distance to the roof and the smell of future forests. She shares room with a young boy working in a future airport. 
Connecting to different countries, primarily future Cambodia.
These two reckless outsiders work together to solve common problems. They are using the wardrobe bedroom to cut down the costs. Sharing it between each other. And some days they cook food using real meat and even vegetables. Ingredients coming from the future terrarium.
But as the days pass the girl is continuously visiting the future museum. It is the central museum of natural history in future Berlin. The year is 2205. People are making many theories about the cold heritage of the dead cave man. Some scientist’s say he was the leader of newly found warring tribes. Other say the evidence points in another direction. 
He is very interesting from a scientific point of view. Interesting because he shares space with old skeletons of dead animals. Mammals that previously were said to predate the birth of man. It is an alternate past in an alternate future. A possibility made quite probable according to future science.
The teenage girl shares space with many outcasts in a future restaurant close to the museum of natural history. Some of these outcasts are young as her. They are ordering food from the low spectrum of dishes. They are chatting aloud. Proud of their deviant ways. Eager to tell jokes, laugh aloud but some of them are also crying.
A new phenomenon has spread around the globe in this point of time. It is the discovery of an alternate view of human nature. A nature not bound by previous theories. It is a past with a warrior mentality. But a mentality transcending the rules of the noble warrior. It is much more like a past of high fantasy. A doomed and prehistorical world of brutal wars and the spread of a huge population.
The question is where the dead cave man play in this alternate past. Separated from the others by a lonesome death in a remote cave. Occupying the same place as taken by a group of prehistoric mountain lions.
The girl continues to watch the strange display of the dead cave man. She is standing close to the monter for weeks and months. Coming back many times to stare at this prehistoric display. 
A strange occurrence shared by many others like her.
One day headlines on local computer networks show signs of a new kind of mental disorder spreading in circles of young Berliners. These young adults share a similar destiny. Watching the rows of monters in the new display of natural history. One of these mental cases is the teenage girl described earlier. She is one of quite many youngsters suffering from the same disease. Nobody knows the nature of this mental disorder. It is at times hysterical, at times somber and other times something in between.
These youngsters believe they have been in living contact with the dead cave man. They tell stories of a glorious past. An eventful ending to prehistorical times. With great earthquakes, heavy rains and furious lightning. But as the psychologists try to reach the mad youngsters they never get solid confirmation. They tell tales of future annihilation. Where the past will blossom once again. Where new peace treaties will be signed between nations. Contrary to the warring world at display. 
But at the same time these youngsters show signs of great madness they also become quite communicative. They describe their current lives in great detail. Occasionally haunted by the shape of the dead cave man.
The following part describes the illusion of the teenage girl living in the future terrarium.
* * *
It is the future. The dead cave man walks the mountain range in a solid pose. He has faint memories of his past life ending with his death in the cave. It was a time of sudden changes. Eruptions from dying mountains. Later consumed by a solid crack in the earth.
Now he sees his life quite differently. He is much more careful. Never intruding in public affairs. He is rather enjoying life more calmly. And he watches the emergence of a coming rain. 
Where the dusty desert will see the arrival of a new riverbed.
He walks around the Gibraltar area with a sense of great importance. The warring tribes have given up their struggle for common resources. As the new riverbed formed by the heavy rain has given birth to new meadows. Containing resources with the necessities of human life.
But what is the nature of this man? What was the purpose of his last incarnation?
It is revealed in his coming communication between the different tribes. The rain has given rise to a temporal peace treaty. But as the rain ends the plants will die and the war will arise once again. 
The mountain man is talking about another way. About the necessity for a new mission. A necessary interdependence between the different parties. Building an ocean vessel to spread their common genes along the coast of North Africa. 
Where there is great space for future colonization.
As the lonely teenager girl tells her story the psychologist watches tears rolling down the young girl’s cheeks. A future prophesy, an important moment for a teenager not looking at the future with conventional eyes.
Her story continues with the eventful day when the warring tribes join together for the colonization mission of North Africa. They have taken animals from the blossoming plains. They have abandoned their ideas from their violent past. Living on crops, living on strange lizards and combining the different food sources in multiple ways.
Now they enter the huge boats and they settle down in the space of the ocean liners. Most of the people assume a rowing position. They settle down, they take up the oars and lift the anchor.
In the middle of this buzzing crowd the mountain walker assumes a leading position. He directs the men and women from a central position. High up on the upper deck of the ocean liner. And he describes a path across the ocean. Passing Gibraltar to enter the north coast of Africa.
Along the central passage of The Mediterranean Sea the sun is coming down. The whole armada of ships quiet down to leave room for some celebration and occasional rest. 
As the winds have come low and the sun is leaving room for a beautiful sunset.
The mountain climber abandons his post and descends a staircase to a line of rooms along a middle-section hall. He walks past the closed doors. Walking straight up to a final door. He enters the room as voices from future celebrations can be heard from below. A crowd of previous warriors. Entering a peace treaty and watching dolphins join with them along the silent ocean waves. The future mountain climber enters the room and walks right up to a bed. There along the rectangular shape a female form is lying still and breathing. It is the sleeping body of the teenager girl from future Berlin. 
Describing the path of the future to her male psychologist. Quite delusional. And the mountain climber descends toward the teenage girl who opens her eyes.
“Congratulations!” The mountain walker says, “Join the others outside for some celebrations!” He says, “It is your birthday after all!”

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