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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Limitless Writing UK

Hi there, I have previously written about mostly psychological fiction, and now have taken a step outside of my comfort zone with a science fiction story, I am also currently jotting down ideas down for a philosophical story // a story about money laundering. I hope you enjoy this story, thanks

Sirens howled. Lights flickered uncontrollably. Ironically the man running was already six feet under. This facility laid underground. Sweat rushed down through his thin, murky hair and down onto his rough face. Blood stained bodies laid lifeless in a crimson mess. Perfect white halls and lab coats were painted with blood. The man kept running, swerving around corners. Sirens still howling, trying to break away from there restricted stations.  The sweat. The sirens. The blood. All for one moment safety didn’t seem like an invalid opportunity. The elevator sat ready at the end of the corridor. Hope. The man saw hope in this elevator. Run, run, run. As the elevator came within a couple of feet of the man a slight growl from around the corner of the corridor occurred. Blood seemed to pump too quick for the man as if the red liquid was preparing for ejection from his body.

Tap, tap, tap. The elevator doors couldn’t close any quicker. The growls grew close and it was during these that the true reality of the situation came to light. What they had done here was no longer fantasy, but a cruel truth. Tap, tap, tap. The flickering of the lights continued into the elevator, seemingly acting out a fit of flashes and electrical sparks. The doors started to close. Thanking God wouldn’t be appropriate; God would never let something like this happen, proving, in the man’s mind, that God could not be real.

The doors were inches from closing. The final growl burst with anger and flowed through the halls and then, silence. Bliss silence suggested that he had escaped; but no movement occurred from the elevator. The silence quickly turned from bliss to presumably fatal in a couple of seconds. Two murky wax coated nails pulled the doors in opposite directions. Shards of metal flew away from the doors as the man prayed, despite his lack of faith. One last growl pushed through to the man’s ears; this released an energy of pure fear to rush through the man’s body. And with that final pump of energy, he was gone.


Alex was playing with his football. Lucy was on the swings. Robert was watching the moonlit sky. The others are not recalled. All six were stuck. All six seemed to be dead. The six bodies were wrapped in cocoon like shells, webbed and tacky. The abandoned library sat still, untouched for years on the outskirts of the town, a few miles out in the deep forest. The extreme amount of asbestos had led to its ultimate demise. Deaths of young children had been caused from the ceiling and walls in that building, but yet it still remained, filled with contaminated books and DVD’s. The murky creature lurked in this place. Growing, learning. Its presence within the town ever-growing, townsfolk whispers called for extra precautions. But a brief torchlight shone through those woods, coming closer to the answer to its questions.


The MOD building around seven miles from the town was the first place of enquiry. The great, white, fenced up building, showing off its seemingly modern appeal stood tall over the police car.

“Here were are,” Kindle muttered.

 The two other officers in the back of the car started to bicker over what they thought went on in that building, because the only thing that everyone knew for certain about the building is that nothing quite right is every going on in there. Laser weaponry, child experiments, forced biological experiments.

Kindle pulled up to the gate and slowly took his eyes off of the entrance door to look at the administrator by his side.

“Hi,” said Kindle

“Can I help you gentlemen?” replied the guard in a slightly threating tone.

“Well yes, actually you can. We are here to have a look around. We are making enquiries about some missing children,”

“Do you have any clearance?”


“Well, without clearance you are not allowed through I’m afraid. You can contact Dr Briston, the manager of this facility to make an appointment,”



“Look Billy have seen on the tv or heard on the radio, but I have six missing children, six distressed mothers, and one paranoid mayor, and media at every turn, all under one belt. Mine. I have reason to believe that the children may be here, or may have been here. So, can we come in?”

Sympathy leaked into the guards face. He turned into his little box room and sat down by a computer. Typed, and the bar in front of the police car raised. “There, ok. But ten minutes is all the time you will get before suspicions will arise about why there is a police car in the car park. So be quick about it!”


The light grew larger as it neared the library. And a figure came from behind the light. A man shaped silhouette placed itself behind the light. Kindle. His sense of unease and uncertainty grew larger and larger. Something wasn’t right about this crime. No human could pull this off. No six children just vanish into thin air.  

Several plastic zipped doors shut off, the entrances and exits off the building. Biohazard signs covered the murky and rotten building. Decomposing away into the ground, zipped doors slowly became unzipped and Kindle was inside the foul building.


Robert’s parents stood impatiently arguing with each other. He believed she was going crazy. She had a stubborn voice. This would not come to an easy stop. Monsters? Monsters aren’t real, monsters are things we use to scare children on Halloween.

Your acting like your aunt! Look how she turned out! Nothing supernatural touched our son. It was a man. Stop it! Ok, just fucking stop it. Just because you can’t come to terms with what have actually happened you go off on a looney one and backlash it onto me!” Jim stood still in the middle of the room whilst his paranoid wife paced around him.

“Shut up Jim! Just shut up! You don’t know what I saw. What it was like,” Sue stopped for a second. Her eyes slowing with time around her as she recalled the image she saw. The beast.

No you shut up! You and your other superstitious town pals are just feeding into each others theories and hallucinations. You’re going to push yourself over the edge Sue!”

Sue paused in front of Jim and puffed on her stress relieving cigarette, her glistening sweat trickled out of her hair and down onto her lips. Silence stayed present until she looked up at him and slap hit his cheek. “No, no, no Jim. You have it wrong! I saw what I saw!”

“You hit me! You stupid fucking bitch, you hit me!” Jim tackled Sue to the ground to result in an instant windage on Sue’s part. A fist came into contact with her nose, leaving her a bloody pulp. She laughed as her husband climbed of her “You know what Jim,” she coughed out a little blood “Maybe it was better that Robert got away. Away from this. Away from you,” she sat herself up as her vicious husband left and closed her eyes.


Six cocoons pinned up against the walls looked down upon Kindle. He reached up and placed his hand upon one of the sticky, webbed shells and realised this was no humans doing. But paranormal beings are for bedtime stories and mythical creatures, not reality. A growl from the distance sent Kindle’s hand rushing from the cocoon down to his gun. A great gush of sweat and nerve overcame him. The growl grew closer.

Kindle shone his torch upwards to the ceiling to reveal in the corner, latched on, a faceless humanoid covered in a waxy coating. Its faceless featured head then opened to reveal nothing but teeth. its slender arms reached down to Kindle. And then. Darkness.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Tom Smith. All rights reserved.

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Karen Lynn

Short, crisp, clear sentences and wording. No wasted words. An overall exciting, compelling read; thoroughly enjoyed! Very well written!!

Wed, May 17th, 2017 2:10pm


Thanks, much appreciated!

Sat, May 20th, 2017 7:30am

Oleg Roschin

Dark, intriguing, and atmospheric. The mystery is compelling and some of the descriptions are hauntingly beautiful. Aside from a few punctuation issues, this is an excellent piece indeed!

Mon, September 11th, 2017 8:33am

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