The Bird People Of Azeroth

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Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



I stood still, shock raced through my body, as the fire-breathing serpent flew across the clouds and straight to the town hall the home of the king. Quickly I drew my bow and launched 12 rapid fire arrows at the dragon's head 2 hit straight through its skull whilst the other 10 missed.The dragon roared with pain as it quickly descended towards me.The ground shook as it landed on the soft pale dirt. I quickly rolled behind a bit of collapsed tower.  Flames bounced over me, I was protected by some sort of shield quickly I drew my sword and stabbed the mighty beast in the heart. The crowd cheered as I grew my wings and flew up, to home. My mom presented me with a fresh batch of beast liver cookies I took a bite out of one, I laughed, as the blood ran down my chin my mom gave me a tissue to wipe it off with.

She told me to go lie down in my room. After sleeping for a couple hours I flew down to the forests of Ezoroth, Immediately I saw two blue-winged ferals, one huge red-toothed centaur, and some evil human-cat hybrids. I heard one meow in alarm and shoot arrows at me, I gracefully avoided them and shot down towards them. I ripped one in half and threw the other two at trees. The huge centaur charged at me and I jumped out of the way in time for it to crash into a spiked fence. Suddenly the two winged, blue ferals I dodged one making it slam its head into the ground but the other one hit me with an arrow, I ripped the arrow out and slammed it into the other feral.

After a nice 30 minutes of fighting, I quickly flew home, I was about to reach the door when a huge harpy swooped at me, I drew my spear and threw it at the harpy it shot straight through its spine I heard the cracking of its hand as it fell down to the ground. I chased after it hoping to get its leg for dinner but quickly I was shot at by a dozen harpies with razor sharp wings and gleaming teeth with the color of blood. quickly I grabbed a spear thrown at me lined 3 of them up and shot it right through their skulls. Suddenly one harpy came like lightning and knocked me out of the air and into a tree I grabbed a branch and threw it into its heart, but that didn't stop it, it came barreling at me and sent a razor sharp feather through my head.

I ripped it out and shoved it into its eye and grabbed it by the neck and shot it into the air. I finally flew home and headed for bed.

As I started to drift off under my sheets made out of human bones with my head on my soft pillow of skin, I heard shouting from the kitchen, I jumped out and raced to the kitchen to find, a baby harpie.

It squeaked in pain, I grabbed a bottle of healing elixir and put it in the baby's mouth, after a couple minutes it gave me a smile and flew off.

"damn harpies" I mutter.  Suddenly a mother harpy flew in, clearly in distress, I told her about the baby she then thanked me immensely and flew off.

I hate harpies, years ago, we had a battle for humans, Bird people versus Harpies, we of course, won and the harpies lost, but the harpies didn't want to admit it so we have been at war for 75 years and counting. Anyways, lets go raid and destroy a kingdom! I flew over to the kingdom of harpies, where my father was killed, i flew to a harpy and ripped its skull out, another harpie saw me and told everyone else, i threw the skull at the harpies body and it went straight through its heart, then i grabbed a sword, flew up, jumped on a harpie and slit it in half. Suddeenly a tiger arrow shot through my wing, making me fall to the ground, now i was furious, i grabbed two harpies cracked there necks by hrowing them at a wall, and stabbed another harpie through the chest  and finally ripped the kings heart out and devoured it.

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