"Revenge" and "Preordination"

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"Revenge" is a story of a puppy who was killed by one of my relatives. "Preordination" is a story of an infant suffering from various ailments.

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017




This is story of a puppy which was killed by one of my relatives at my home town.  The puppy was re-born as one of his sons named Aakash.  After four years Aakash died in a road accident leaving whole family in a sorrow of ocean.

I went to my home town to spend my holidays. It was peak summer.  As there was no facility of electricity in those days and people used to sit under trees in groups whole day and pass time in playing cards and chatting. Myself and some of my family members were sitting under a neem tree as it is very comfortable to sit in summer days. One of my near relative Ajeet was also sitting with us.

In summer season dogs feel very hot and search for a comfortable place to sit. Mostly search for place where soil is wet and dig pit and sit in it. A puppy was also sitting under the neem tree in a wet soil pit dug by its own paws. Because it was very hot puppy was breathing very fast almost whole tongue outside. Ajeet quietly stood up and went to his house which was few yards away. He came back with a stick hiding behind his back. After coming near to puppy he hit the stick on the puppy’s head.  The attack was so tremendous that for a moments puppy was unconscious and bleeding from nose. I immediately stood up and brought a jug of water and poured on his head. It gained conscious but was not able to walk. It was totally paralyzed. Some brain system might had damaged. We all present there scolded Ajeet. Ajeet told us that he was fed up with this puppy as it use to dig pits in his courtyard oftenly.  I was very much socked.  The puppy was punished rather killed for a minor thing. After some time by pushing itself from its fore paws puppy hide itself under haze. I thought to take it to some veterinary hospital but being rural area there was no such hospital. For other persons present there it was a minor incident but it was printed on my mind.

After half an hour I went to a nearby village to meet some of my friend.  Though I was talking to him but my mind still with the puppy. In the evening I came back and I asked my younger brother about puppy. He told me that it  had died. I was drowned in sorrow and thinking again and again about the incident.  I was furious to Ajeet for his brutal action.

Just after ten months Ajeet was blessed with a son. All family members were very happy.  Ajeet celebrated by throwing a very nice party to his relatives and friends but was unaware of lines written by destiny. The boy was named Aaakash and was being brought up nicely. Ajeet and his wife were having some extreme attachment towards Aakash being their younger son. I always saw Aakash in a very nice dress whenever I happen to be in my home town.

Gradually the time was rolling on and Aakash stepped into fourth year.  Whenever Ajeet used to go to his work, Aakash always accompany him few steps to say by-by. This was daily routine.

By this time Ajeet got a very nice job and was well to do.  He purchased a motor cycle and a car. Ajeet used to go to office by car or bike. Aakash always used to sit on bike or in the car and insisted to accompany him up to the end of street which was connected to a very busy highway. Ajeet’s wife Pushpa after getting Aakash into vehicle used to call Ajeet to go.  He used to take him up to the end of street and dropped there before joining the highway.  Aakash became habitual to this practice.

Ultimately the day  and time came when puppy now Aakash was to take revenge from Ajeet.  There is a proverb “ As you sow so shall you reap”. We have to face results of our karmas. We forget our karmas done in past but it never miss from diary of that almighty.  Our mind is a automatic camera loaded with the reel of karmas.  The exposure comes as we action.  It is a mirror in which picture comes in the position we stand.

The fateful morning came.  Ajeet after taking bath was putting his clothes and called Pushpa to bring breakfast.  Aakash was in the kitchen with his mother. He insisted that today he will give breakfast to his father. Pushpa was holding breakfast plates in both hands and leaned forward so that Aakash’s hands also reach to the plates and in this posture they reached in the drawing room.  Aakash told his father,” Papa enjoy breakfast. Today I have brought it for you”. Ajeet told him to sit besides him. This was the last sitting of a son and a father. Ajeet was busy in breakfast and Aakash quietly left and sit in the car on the front seat. As soon as Ajeet finished his breakfast, he came to the main gate, opened his car’s rear window and put his office bag. As he was approaching towards main road (highway), he was totally blind and could not see that Aakash is sitting just besides him because something unsual was to be happened. When death comes it makes a man blind. However Pushpa knew that Aakash is in the car and as usual assumed that Ajeet will drop him at the end of street before taking to main road/ highway. But today that did not happen.  Pushpa was standing at the main gate of her house and waiting for Aakash to return.

Ajeet’s car was now on the main road and surprisingly he noticed that Aakash is sitting on the front seat. He told him to go back home and immediately opened driver side window and was coming towards left to open window where Aakash was sitting.  While he was in the half way, Aakash opened window himself and got down.  He ran from back side of car towards his house.  As soon as he reached in the middle of the road to cross towards his house, Ajeet was just three feet away from him. A car with a very high speed hit Aakash on the head. He fell down on the road. There was a heavy bleeding and his skull was totally smashed. Ajeet like a mad person was witnessing this incident. Crying Pushpa ran towards highway but Aakash was dead.  Booth wife and husband were crying.  Neighbors and passerby gathered.  Aakash body was lifted and taken to some nearby hospital but was declared brought dead.

In the evening I received a telephonic call from my brother about the tragic death of Aakash.  I don’t know, suddenly a voice came from inside “ Puppy has taken his revenge”.  In this world we have to face our karmas.  For parents most miserable and whole life pinching is untimely death of their child.  They can’t forget till their last breath because memories of a kid are printed on their heart.




















Do you believe in previous birth and karmas? If not then I think you are mistaken. The incident which I am narrating is real and will compel you to believe in previous birth and karmas.


It is an incident of 2007 when my younger son was admitted in All India Medical Sciences Delhi and undergone kidney transplant. From ward in which he was admitted, I brought him on wheel chair to ultrasound room located at ground floor of this hospital. He was took inside for ultrasound and I was waiting outside. Some benches were there for patients and their relatives to sit and wait for their turn.  I also sit there and waiting for my son to come out.


 Incidentally I saw a young lady sitting besides me and having an infant in her lap. She was giving some water by bottle every two or three minutes to that infant. If sometime she forgot, the infant was reminding her by opening and closing his mouth. Due to heavy medication heat his mouth was totally dry and require some water frequently. I was observing all activities very minutely and understood that the infant is very critical.

With distressed heart I asked lady from what disease the child is suffering from? The lady with tears in her eyes narrated the story of her miseries.

She told me that uncle ji I have come from Bhiwani ( a district in Haryana).  I was married to a junior engineer three years ago.  My husband is very honest person.  Though he is a civil engineer and can make a lot of money offered by contractors but he does not accept even a single penny.

He is very religious person also. Since our marriage his behavior towards me has been very nice. My in-laws and other family members are also good.  Overall I was leading a good life.


Six months ago, I delivered this boy (she pointed out towards the infant in her lap) in Rohtak Medical Hospital in Haryana.  The day he born, I am in the ocean of grief. I remember when he was born, I thought I am very lucky lady and thanked God for blessing me with a  son. But that was just for a few minutes.  The doctors in labor room noticed that he was not having rectum.  Next day he was operated for the same. During the scanning of his lower abdomen, he was diagnosed that his kidneys and liver are not functioning properly. So he is having multiple organ failure.


She continued that I was in Rohtak Medical hospital for a month and the doctors tried their best to treat him but could not succeeded. Ultimately they referred to All India Medical Sciences Delhi.  I am here since last five months. He has undergone a number of operations but all proved futile. Now he is six months old and I have not seen face of my house.  Every coming days are full of sorrows for me.  Sometimes I curse and say to God that what crime this child and I have done.  Why we are suffering? What karmas this baby has done? Is this is your justice? Why you have sent him to this world which is nothing but a ocean of sufferings for him?

The young lady told me that weekly her husband and father-in-law are coming to see them.  They are with us for few hours to show their sympathy and go but being mother I will be with him up to my last breath. Sometime on seeing his sufferings, I pray God to take him back so that our miseries are over. But being mother I am always hopeful of some miracle to happen and my son is fine, I know that is not going to happen but as far as he is breathing I am hopeful that God may bless him life and end our sufferings and pains. After completing, she started weeping bitterly.


I consoled her and after few minutes she was called in for ultrasound of infant. My son came out of ultrasound room and I took him to his ward.

For days together the faces of that lady and child were printed on my mind. I was repeatedly thinking about the condition of child. The question which again and again coming to my mind was what karmas that child has done? Why he was suffering so much? He was just six months old.  He can’t speak, can’t act, can’t walk, can’t eat or drink except milk or water so what karmas he has done after coming to this world.  Why he is so much suffering? Then context of Mahabhartha came to my mind.  When Bheesham Peeta was lying on the bed of arrows, one evening shri Krishna came to see him.  Bheesham Peeta asked him, “ Madhu Sudhan why he was suffering so much? What bad karmas he has done? He remember his more than hundred births and he knows that he had not done any bad karmas.  Then why he was suffering”? Then Lord Krishna told him  “ Peeta Maha you have to go back beyond your hundred births.  I know your every birth but you are not aware of.  In your one birth beyond hundred births you remember, you were king and going for hunting. You were on your “ Rath” and in your way a snake came  and was run over.  By your arrow you picked it up and put on a bush full of thorns.  That is why you are lying on the arrows bed and suffering”.

Now I think it is very convincing to believe in “Preordination”  (Destiny).  We all are coming to this world with some of our destiny.  For example : a child is born on footpath having no roof on his head, no medical facilities, no doctors to look after him. On the other hand, a child is born in a super speciality hospital having a number of nurses and doctors to look after him.  Why this difference? Who makes this difference? Certainly not God its our “ Preordination”. These are my personal views and I don’t expect that one should agree with me. But something is there which is beyond our imagination.

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