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Hi this is a new poem, It is kind of a rant I guess but I tried to make it rhythmic like a poem, either way this is supposed to be for more inspiration to follow your heart and chase your dreams.

Remember you are wonderful and life is only as pointless as you allow it to be :)

Submitted: May 16, 2017

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



I dream of a world where dreams do not go unfulfilled.

Where life is not stigmatized as a process of live, work and die

Where happiness is not the amount of money you make

Where you are imprisoned by a job you hate

Where poverty is not an accepted fate.

I dream of a world where your ambition runs wild

Where your intellect is inspired

And its stimulation is the basis of this entire empire

You are not your job

And it does not control you

You are not a gray stain upon a canvas of slate tinted tile, cleansed by the burn of bleach

I dream of a world where your dream is in you reach

I reach for a dream

Come reach with me

You are unique

Let that quality free

You are beautiful

Let that beauty shine bold

You are higher

You are a god born of gold

You are not forgotten, burning, suffocating in the pit of a monotony drowned abyss

You are not a formless ghost

You are all that you wish.

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