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Race is about how to win a race in your life.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



It was a dream I saw last night. A small dream has a lot of meanings to me. It’s all about a run.

In the dream,it started from when me and some of my friends became millionaires. We were very happy that we wouldn’t have to work till we die. It gave us feeling like we were in heaven. So we decided to go on a trip. We reached the station at a perfect time. The idea was amazing being with friends going on tour but inside I felt bored. Suddenly I came up with a crazy idea. I decided that I won’t go with them, instead I will race against the train and will meet them at the destination. The whistle blew and we started our own race. I was first for a few moments,but after few minutes, I thought that isn’t it will be a good idea to earn more money instead of chasing the stupid train? However, I already fell in love with that race. It distracted my mind and soon I realized that the train has gone so far. I did not give up and try to beat the train again. After few minutes, I found out that the train I was chasing isn’t that train anymore, It was just a shadow of the train. It struck my mind. And now , I ran at full speed just hoping that at least I would manage the last car. But, It was too late. I lost my path. I felt tired. I felt broken inside. Someone was whispering in my head and saying, “You cannot. You are a looser”. I saw a pond nearby and realized that I am tired of racing. I am not the fastest one what I believed so far. May be, the world is not for me. I lost my track. May be, I was a looser by born.


I was walking on the street like a stroller. The city was new to me. All the people looked like strangers to me . None talked. It seemed like a dead city to me. I thought they took the literal meaning of talk less and work more.

After few blocks I saw some familiar faces.. “Yes , Yes, I know them . I am pretty sure I know them. They are my heart and soul. “ They looked at me and called me. “ What are you doing here? “….. I asked with tension. “ We knew you will lose the train that’s why we are waiting here for you to show the path.”

I felt that my energy has been restored, I felt that I can do it.

Every human must run in life.Static people never improve. To survive, you have to run.Time has to change itself. Opportunities in life do not come again and again. Do not try to fight with them It can be a boomerang and come back to hurt you. Life is a lot more thorny. Sometimes I think that I am finished or my race is finished upto now. Then I’ll become still and still means you are questioning about your own existence. At these times you should think of some people dear to you. Those who always give you the confidence. This faith will encourage you to run again. Life is a race,the train is our target only.


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