The Stuffed Gorilla

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A little something I wrote just for fun..

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017









A gorilla who is down in the dumps isn’t really depressed at all. He’s having quite an interesting life. He’s an avid traveller you know. Born in a factory, He can’t remember which one now but, for the moment he resides in the Manitowaning dump.

This is his story:

A long time ago, in a city, far, far away down south on the shores of Lake Ontario Whitey the Gorilla was bought from a store as a gift to a child whose name we may never know....Whitey seems unable to recall because it was too long ago.

Well as our Gorilla puts it, “Things were good in my new home for a while. The little kid who looked after me used to talk to me for hours and hours. But as time went by and he grew up I spent more and more time on a shelf, or being shuffled from one shelf to another until I ended up being tucked away in a closet and all but forgotten. You see the boy grew up and out grew me.

I don’t know how long I was in that dark old closet but one day someone opened the door and grabbed me by the ears. Before I could say ouch I was taken out side and left  to sit alone on the curb by the road. I remember the day well because it was cold and rainy.

It looked pretty bad for me because I had heard stories about things on the curb ending up in something called a garbage truck, ..a thing that grinds and crushes stuffed animals like me into bits and pieces.

I stayed out there all that night, doomed I thought but then just at my gloomiest moment a car stopped in front of me and this little boy and his mother picked me up and put me tenderly in the back seat.

Hooray, hooray. I’m rescued from the truck monster.

And so life for a few years was good again.

Days, weeks and months passed. Then one day we all got in a car and went for a long ride. We sailed on a boat for a little while then went for another drive. I heard my boy, Sean, say we were going to live in Manitowaning.

The years passed and the little boy grew up and again I was out grown. Back in the closet I went for a while, then one day  I was put in a car and taken to a place called the dump.

“Doomed again,” I thought as I was dropped off in a pile of stuff called garbage. But then, like a guardian angel was watching out for me another boy and his dad came along and once again I was rescued.

One might think I would have a complex by this point but I take things as they come and don’t get a chip on my shoulder. In fact I think I have had a great life, meeting so many people and travelling about more than any other stuffed animal I’ve ever met.

Anyway. I lived with my new family for a few years and like all old habits do, it happened that once again I was out grown and presto, back to the dump I went, half expecting history to repeat itself again and another kid would pick me up.

To my surprise things didn’t turn out like I expected. Instead of a kid picking me out of the garbage it was a fellow called the ‘Waste Manager’ whose name is Joe who rescued me and gave me my own place near the shack along with a couple of other stuffed friends. Together we watch over the dump whenever Joe is away and observe people come and go, dropping off their garbage.

It's not a bad life now and I get to see nature at work, like seagulls nibbling at the garbage, Joe’s cats playing and best of all we watch Joe’s big bonfires almost every night.”



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