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The end is near ...

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



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“Death gotta be easy


Cause life is hard


It could leave you physically,


Mentally, and emotionally scarred”


-50 Cent







Has it finally come to this


Is this what those


Have felt before me


Before they slit their wrists




Is this what the end feels like?


Is this true despair


To imagine it cannot be better


At the blank wall I stare…




I’m going to do it


What else do I have to live for?


Isn’t ending life easier


Instead of constantly craving more…




But I’m confused on the method


How do I want it to feel?


Do I want the blood to drip slowly?


And feel life slowly leave




Or is it better to be asleep


Is it better to be unconscious?


To not think of my selfish decision


And the people I’m affecting




Suicide … Suicide … Suicide


The slowest ride


I wish to take…


I choose the knife


To have life slowly ebb


And deeply take in


My final breaths…



- K.S. Fort



From, "Dreamer: The Hopeful Romantic "


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