a product of my past

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Just a poem about being looked down upon by my partners 13 year old daughter.
it's a strange feeling being judged by a kid. Hopefully she will become a bit more open minded and get past this phase, as she has an unhealthily snobby view on people.
Her mother does an awful lot for her, yet she gets lots of criticism because we don't measure up to her expectations, and we don't have a big fancy house like a lot of her friends.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Far from perfect

But willing to try.

I'd kill for my family,

I'm ready to die.


Take time to reflect

On what i've become.

I've had a strange life,

A fortunate one.


Not always smiles

Good times and laughter -

When violence errupted

I had to act faster.


Hard times ahead,

Behind me aswell.

Here with my loved ones

Not locked up in jail.


I don't judge a person

On how they appear -

I see what's inside them

The reason they're here.


Everyone's different

In their own special way,

Equally important

with their own role to play.


The place we now live

Is quiet and safe,

But you are ashamed

It's a council estate.


Look down your nose - 

If only you knew

What people like us 

Have had to go through.


I don't want your sorrow,

Approval, or pity -

Just take time to see

What made me be me.


I might puff some herb

So I can unwind -

Or drink with my friends

To have a good time.


That doesn't mean 

I'm less of a man,

I'm proud of myself

And the person I am.


If you're blessed with a family

That loves you for you -

Cut them some slack

And return what is due.

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