Truth In Politics Cartoon

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My take on the craziness

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



'Squeal like a pig!' is more than a famous movie line,

it's what your doing to our national behinds

Deep in the forest, there's a magical place,

where cartoon animals can talk, and base


their impressions of the real world on facts,

not the bullshit spewed from a president who lacks


even the most rudimentary grasp of what's going on,

No, Don-Boy, this ain't a f*****g cartoon, and each dawn


brings another dip-shit thing you've done or said,

and now we have to sleep in the fluffy bullshit bed


of you whopper-lies, and Piglet, for one, is hopping mad,

but also, because he sees what you're trying to do, is sad,


because his forest is a part of what used to be our nation,

but now it's becoming an orbiting satellite bullshit station,


tied to Russia with your ignorance, your misguided hero-worship

of a dick-ganster named Vladimir, the strong-man dip-


shit king, whose head dances with visions of a new iron curtain,

and who revels in making our lives brutal and uncertain


By hammering the phase home, over and over, 'Fake news!", 'lies!

you're causing some of us to doubt what we're seeing with our our own eyes,


and undermining one of the pillars that hold up our democracy, a free press

With every day you're still in power, the chances of recovery grow less and less.

© Copyright 2018 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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