?ji shiro no and his snow white.

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this is a short story about a guy who hates all the loud noise of the world and how he falls for a quiet shy girl.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Noisy cars noisy people noisy weather everything is so goddamn noisy sigh for once I would like at least a little peace and quiet is that too much to ask “honestly it’s like the world was formed just to be one big noisy ball or something” i said out loud as i walked up the pavement 

“well be that as it may if it’s noisy it means it’s working right so it’s not all bad” said a loud voice from behind me as i turned around i saw a relatively tall guy with blond hair “names Yuri nice to meet ya and you are?” he said loudly almost as if shouting it sigh why does he have to be so damn loud… “?ji shiro no” “well ?ji we should probably get going being late to class first day is not a great first impression” as me and yuri walked he was blabbering on about something all the way up in till we reach the class room 

“h-hey are your nervous at all man!?” he said that quite loudly people in the class clearly heard him and snickered  “kinda but standing here won’t do anyone any good” as I open the door I heard the full brunt of a noisy  class room great I got a ton of loud people in here sigh.

We got assigned our seats mine was to the far left near the window what is this an anime guess that makes me the protagonist “what an annoying thought” just as I say that a rather short and meek looking girl with glasses and white hair and almost as white skin opens the class room door “s-sorry i-I’m late” huh she’s kinda cute seems quite quiet too maybe my love live isn’t doomed after all.

after listening to the teacher drone on and on the lesson finally stopped and everyone started getting lunch and it got really loud again damn it I can’t enjoy my food with all this racket after searching around a bit I found a class room I thought was empty and walked in but as I’m doing so I notice her sitting in the far end of the room by her self “um do you mind if I join you in here everywhere else is really noisy” she meekly nodded and I sat down and started eating while slightly daydreaming ...wait did I just say that out loud…great now she most likely thinks I’m creepy “I um sorry I” as I’m about to apologize again she cuts me off “ y-you really think I have a cute face” as I look at her I see a tint of red forming on her pale face “I…um yeah I do” as I waited for her to say something it felt like time had stopped “i-I u-um thank y-you” she smiled shyly as almost all of her face was lit up with red now yuki shiro huh wait doesn’t that mean snow white hmm honestly that fits how she looks quite well as I’m thinking yuki says shyly  “w-we should head back to-o class now” 

I nod and me and yuki head back to class as we enter yuri comes over and gives me a look like I betrayed him or something “so you left your friend to eat on his own while you went off and have a nice time with a girl huh” friend? what is he on about we only met today I barely know him good grief it’s noisy again  “look I’m sorry ok but it was noisy and I wanted a quiet place to eat” he has a less then satisfied look but he seems to let it good and we resume class.

After class ends me and yuri head home “hey sorry about earlier I didn’t really mean to get annoyed like that” he says in an less shouting like voice “it’s fine” I was hoping for a bit quieter walk oh well  “so do you like yuki then?” “I think she is cute and quite a quiet girl I would like to get to know her a little better but honestly I think I do like her yeah” just as I finished what I was saying a meek voice speaks up from behind us “u-um hi d-do you mind If I walk with you?” as we both turn around we are met with a flustered yuki “I um sure you don’t mind do you yuri?” “nope not at all” oh god did she hear me say I like her damn it should I ask her if she did no no bad idea I should just wait and see if she brings it up 

“sooo ?ji yuki what happened in that class room hmm?” “nothing nothing at all” I shoot a glare at yuri for bring it up “really hmm ok if you say so man” we walk for a bit more in till we get to the train station then yuri goes his separate way me and yuki walk for a bit and I get a text from yuri saying good luck good luck really sigh like luck would help with this just as I finish my thought yuki speaks up “s-sorry I’m so quiet I’m not really use to walking with others” she has a sad look on her face “it’s fine I’m prefer the silence the world is noisy enough so a bit of silence is nice sometimes is to noisy I would like to just have a mute all button on hand so I could just complete silence” she chuckled a little at that and blushed “the only problem with complete silence is that you wouldn’t hear the birds singing” she says as she smiles.

As we get on to the train we try to find a mostly empty spot to sit and ride the train home “h-hey um a-are we friends?” friends? Huh well I don’t want to say no to her that might upset her so “hmm yeah I would say so” she had a really bright smile on her face after i said that she seemed really happy to hear that has she never had friends before we get off the train and go our separate ways home and I get home and go to bed.


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