The Rumlogged Captain

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A shanty for the pirates' love for rum.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Yo ho! said the river men

What is this, your business

State thee


‘I was sent on a plank’er

To discover the tanker

Of rum that has won my crew!’


Why, pour it in bottles

And step on the throttle

I assure you your crew wants more


‘I bet they’d take the sum

And have me make another run

But this tanker here is my score!’


Then brace for a loop!

They’ll give you the boot!

When they learn of your selfish deed


To place you with trust

And see it to bust

For to swig, swag and sully

Not a Sally!


‘They can kiss my hind quarters!

B’fore they boot it to starboard!

And know that I’m the ranker

Who top’d the tanker!’


But, John, dear man! What will they do

The boat and the crew

When the sea has got’tem and is pulling them to bottom

You’re the only man who can save ‘em!


‘Let ‘em drown!  Let ‘em squelch!

See what I care for the whelps

Who would throw me over for the molassey brew

‘Cause that’s the type they are

When they think I’ve gone too far

I’m not their captain, I’m their father, and I’ve failed ‘em again

And this will be for the last time!  Amen!  Amen!’


‘So I’ll keep hold o’ this tanker

I’ll drink it drip dry!

It will be enough to drown the screams and the cries

When my men make their final goodbyes!’

© Copyright 2018 Jeff Bezaire. All rights reserved.

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