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Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



the amounts of times i realised i was in love
i wasnt
then she cheated 
but the thought of being inlove excited me
the things i see and hear in music and shows
the feelings they have
the tears that sheed
the love they felt
the completeness of the person in your arms
feeling that they are just ther
holding them in your sleeping knowing that they will be there
honestly saying to yourself that i love this person
there is nothing else in the world that could compare to the feeling of her 
she was uniqe and different
everytime she spoke i knew she was ccalling for me
her voice replays in my head
the feeling i get when she is just watching me
doing things with her
i can never be the same
i have to move on

there is littereally nothing in my life anymore
life is just a empty book and i am no longer the character
real emotions and real thoughts
these things can never be in a normal person
the world has corrupted them
moving on is all you can do
people are just here to spread their seed
nothin in this world means anything

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