The Sorcerer's Brew

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This is poem #3 in my Journey To The Magical Realm collection. I love everything about brewing potions and mixing crazy items to create something special! If only it were real...

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



First add a pinch of Pixy dust and toss in some grass

Give the cauldron a twirl, then throw in a glass

Next, put in an Ogre’s left pinky toe and tickle it twice

You will live to regret it if you choose to do otherwise


Once that is done let the bubbles fill to the top

Pop as many as you can before grabbing the mop

Now it’s time for the squiggly jiggly Goblin tail

Carefully add it to the pot and try not to wail


All that’s left now is to mix in a lock of your hair

Pull it from the root so that it doesn’t tear

Finally, stir it until it smells like your mother’s stew

And that’s how you make the Sorcerer’s Brew

© Copyright 2019 Jay Sims. All rights reserved.

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