Thinking Too Much

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This thing i wrote after spending a day with the girl i like(d).
I didnt end up making any sort of move and when i was home i could not sleep.
So between 1AM and 2:30AM in a fit of emotion of mostly sadness and regret i wrote this.

I hope you enjoy

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



When i'm with her in public.
I'm to scared to make my move.
I get reluctant, because it does not fit the groove.
So why am i like this?
With all these hesetations.
The thought of how people might look at me.
Will get me second reservations
I guess i'm to scared to go for it.
It is all new to me. This vibe, this feeling.
Whatever this is, It's all inside of me.

After a day out with her.
I allways second guess.
And then i think to myself.
Well fuck, i'm a mess.

I just want to hold her, tightly in my arms.
With the feeling she gives me.
I just want to do more.

Sometimes i think that shes playing with me.
Because im to scared to believe.
She is to good for me, way out of my league.
She also is impressive, but i am weak.
I really don't think that i can get to her level.
Shes pretty and special, has quite some charm.
When i am with her, i only feel warmth.

Her laugh makes me happy.
Her eyes make me think.
And then i start thinking right on the brink.
Am i doing the right thing?
Am i actually sure?
Maybe i should just walk right out the door.
Give it all up, close my eyes and flee.
Because she can easily get someone better than me.

My heart and my mind are not alligned
It is a mess in there, i'm legit not fine
My life right now, is just so much to handle
But i'm gliding along, like wind blows on a candle.
I'm scared of my future. I'm scared of my past.
I am unable to get that much needed rest.

So what can i do now?
I don't have a clue.
Just wrote it all down.
To help me get trough.

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