the four seasons

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a story of love

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017




There I saw her, sitting on a bench reading with a smile

When my eyes met her I decided to stay for a while

Her red hair resembled fire as it met with the sun

Her eyes, blue, blue like the rain that had just begun 

She looked up to the sky and closed her book 

The rain fell harder and she began to look

I without thinking ran over to her and offerd the umbrella I took with me 

She was reluctant at first but with a smile I told her to feel free

She took the umbrella and looked at my face

She told me she would return it tomorrow and asked if I could meet her at the same place

I said I'd be glad to and looked into her eyes 

We both shared a smile and said our goodbyes 

The night than passed without a bit of sleep

Whenever I thought of her my heart began to leap

The time finally came to meet her again and my heart wouldn't stop racing 

I couldn't believe the girl I was facing

She was even more beautiful than the last time I saw her

The moment our eyes met all my thoughts became a blur

I approached her with a smile while panicking on the inside

I musterd all my courage and continued my stride

She smiled brightly and thanked me for the umbrella

The conversation grew quiet so I asked about her novella

She said it was a story written by a friend 
Who asked her opinion 

She said it's about a man who fights in a war to protect his dominion

As the conversation went on any feelings of nervousness fadded away 

Whenever I saw her smile I was happier than any other day

We talked for hours and forgot about time 

With every word from her my feelings continued to climb 

At the end of our meeting I asked if I could see her again 

Without any hesitation all she said was when

The spring flowers began to bloom


My years went on with her by my side

I decided on this day to make her my bride

Our day on the beach reached its end as we layed by the shore

As I gazed into her eyes I smiled and thought every second I spent with her made me love her more 

I rose up from the sand and spoke her name gently 

Her eyes met mine and her face grew with concern as I looked at her intently

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a small case

When she realised what was happening she changed the look on her face

I opened the box to reveal a ring with a red stone at it's core

I told her I couldn't take it anymore 

So with a deep breath I sat up and straightend my spine

With a look of conviction I asked her to be mine

I will never forget the the look on her face as she screamed yes

Or how she looked in that unforgettable summer dress

I told her I loved her and she did the same

She looked to me with a smile that set my heart aflame

That smile, just like the first one I saw sent shivers down my spine and made my mind feel at ease 

We spent the night staring at the moon enjoing the night breeze

A year after we got married and we're very happy

I woke up early to make breakfast for my wife who was feeling crappy

I gave her the food and kissed her goodbye

I walked out the door and looked to the sky

The sun was shining brightly without a cloud to be seen

I looked back to the house and smiled as I saw her in the screen 

Her hair was all messy but her smile was bright

It lit up my face like no other light

My day at work was like every other 

My mind lacked focus on work because it was set on another

The day reached it's end and I got ready to leave

I stopped by the store to get food for a big dinner because our anneversery had reached it's eve

I came up to the walkway that led to our house and saw her sitting on the step by the door

As I walked closer to her I looked into her hand and my heart began to soar

She stood up and there it was again 

The smile, just like it was back than

I ran up to her and hugged her close as the sound of crying and laughing made a sweet medley

Tears of joy fell from her face as I placed my hand on her belly 

The news of an addition to the family also led to the addition of fun family projects 

Summer had reached its apex


Three months of undying happiness went by before I noticed 

Between getting ready for the baby and work I knew I had to stay focused 

We both shared smiles as we got things ready

The days that she got sick grew steady 

She told me not to worry and that is was just morning sickness

I just tried to reasure myself that it wasn't a serious illness 

The days went by and she looked better 

We painted the baby's room with butterflies with our hearts aflutter 

We went to the hospital for a regular cheakup for our child 

As we waited for the doctor she looked to me and I smiled 

The doctor came in and got everything ready 

The doctor started with some blood and the tests remained steady

Time went by and the doctor came back 
With a clipboard in his hand 

With a calm look he told her their are some vitamins you lack

He said not to worry and gave her a perscrption 

He told her it is completely normal and gave us a description 

We went home with tired looks on out faces

She went to lay down and I undid my laces

I thought it would be nice to go for a walk

So the next day we went to whear the birds went to flock

The air was colder but the sites we're still beautiful 

Her face looked pale but her beauty was immutable

I began to worry but didn't let her see it

I held her close as we walked to the bench wear she wanted to sit

I looked to her eyes and gave her a smile

What I ment to be fun turned into a trial

I kissed her forhead and asked her if she wanted to continue out walk

She gave me a kiss and began to talk 

She told me not to worry and gave all her strength 

We walked a bit farther and came across a dog quite short in length

She bent over and sent out a hand 

She reached to it's neck and reviewed it's band

She told me he's lost and to go find the owner

I asked her to come but smiled and said to go on without her 

She said she would wait for me to return 

But even her smile could not halt my consern

She sat on a rock and told me going alone would not be prevented

So after a while I gave in and consented 

I went on my way and told her to wait

I found the dogs owner but it began to grow late 

I ran as fast as I could for I had a bad feeling

I began to think if there was something she was conceling 

My heart beat was rapid and my thoughts we're jumbled

I met her again and my heart almost crumbled 

She was no longer sitting nice on the stone 

But instead she was keeled over and layed there alone

I called her name more times than I recall 

The autumn leaves began to fall


The words that the doctor spoke rang in hollow ears

The only thing that kept me from over thinking was the sight of her tears

I thought it had to be some kind of trick 

The meer thought of her being sick

The doctor gave us a very big choice to make 

I preyed she made the right choice for her own sake

The doctor said their was a large chance she wouldn't live through the birth of our child

Her tears slowed and in an attempt to reasure me just smiled 

But this isn't the same smile I loved more than anything 

This was a smile that tried so look strong but to me it meant nothing 

That night was not one of out best

I tried to tell her she was only distressed 

Of course I know it was her opinion that really mattered 

But when she made her decision my heart shattered 

As much as I thought I was mad at her I was really just scared 

The thought of the woman I loved most of all leaving me but that was a feeling we shared

We went to sleep that night with no word of apology 

I closed my eyes and thought only of our chronology

I didn't go to work that but just walked around a couple blocks 

I needed more than anything to sort my thoughts

I went back to the house and told myself I was ready

I didn't want to wake her up but she was in the kitchen already

Anytime I see her now my heart begins to sink

I want to talk to her but I don't know what to think 

I take a deep breath and walk up behind her and put my arms around her waist 

I told her I would always love her and never have her replaced 

I rested my head on the back of her own

I took a deep breath and loward my tone

I asked her one more time and that this would be the last 

She put her hands around mine and I thought of the past

Her voice was soft but her feelings pure when she told me not to dispare 

My heart sank once more and I wiped away a tear

I knew that there was a chance she would make it through this

I could only prey for that small sliver of bliss

In the months to come we did what we could 

During the end stages she wasn't looking all that good

We reached the seventh month and the doctors said the same

They never gave us assurances so that if the worst came to happen they didn't get the blame

On the night of the eighth month my wife struck a fever that induced her labour

With me on the road and no one else there I had no choice but to call over the neighbor

The neighbor watched over her and accompanied her all the way there

The doctors greeted her outside hospital exposed to the cold air

With everything happening so fast the only things to go through my head were what if this and what if that

All the fears and nightmares I had came rushing at the same time but I brushed them off knowing I needed to get to her stat

I got to the hospital and ran to her room

I cleared my mind and tried not to assume 

The screams ecoed on the hallway as I reached for the handle 

I wanted to be there for her I wanted to be dependable 

Once more I thought this may be the last time I see her

The feelings in my heart started to stir

The door swang open and I rushed to her side 

The doctor said to begin to push and my wife complied

Her screams grew louder as the baby came out 

The screams subsided and she asked if the baby was alright and the doctors said without a doubt 

The doctors handed her the baby and they shared a smile with everyone around

The room grew quiet for a moment but than we heard a sound

The hand that I was supporting let go and fell to the ground 

Along with the machines beeping I could hear my Hart begin to pound 

The doctors grabbed the baby and led me out the door

I was standing by the entrance and told myself I couldn't take it anymore

Just as I started on my way the lead doctor came and found me

But the look on his face wasn't what I wanted to see 

He started explaining everything and as he did everything that I was crumbled

Everything that was in my head became jumbled 

I fell to my knees and began to cry

The cold snow fell from the sky



Natures cycle

My mind couldn't comprehend the current situation

I began to walk without a destination

There we're people all around yet my ears heard nothing 

I looked up from the ground and my eye caught something 

It was like I had gone back in time 

I felt my heart begin to climb

There she was sitting on that bench where I first layed eyes on her 

My heart went crazy and began to stir

With a smile on my face I called her name

She looked to me but no words came

She showed me that smile that made me heart drop

I can't remember how many times I begged for time to stop

With that unforgettable smile she put up her hand and started to wave 

I could feel her telling me to be brave 

I ran towards her and reached out my hand 

Why she had to leave I couldn't understand

The once bright and warm bench was now cold and forgotten

The sight of it made me feel rotten

I collected myself as much as I could and began to walk again

I knew I couldn't go back to the wonderful life we had back then

I came up to the doors of the building where she left me

I didn't want to go in, I just wanted to flee

As soon as I opend the doors I was rushed by a nurse 

I couldn't stop wishing time would reverse 

The nurse took me to the elevator and said she was sorry

She told me the baby was very healthy and told me not to worry

Honestly at that point I didn't really want to see the reason she had to die

The elevator doors opened and I heard the children cry

We went to the other side of the room to where a small girl was fast asleep

She didn't move at all and didn't make a peep

The nurse told me the little girl sleeping here was the child my wife gave birth to

Even looking at her face I wanted everything to begin anew

The child's eyes opened and resembled
a dark blue looking at them was like looking into the deepest ocean

But still, looking at them brought little emotion

But then her eyes met mine and I began to feel strange 

I couldn't explain this unexpected change

As she looked into my eyes she paused and than began to smile and everything became clear

Everything lit up as if staring into the sun I lost track of time and noticed a tear

This smile, the one I fell in live with all those years ago

The once dark space began to fill with light and my tears began to flow

She giggled and started to squirm and a smile came to my face

My wife's smile came back to save me from this deep and dark place 

Although the times we're dark and filled. With gloom 

With enough time the spring flowers will once again bloom

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