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Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Bloodied Forest



Callalily Everstone


Carraway White was the second eldest son of the White King. His Father, King of the White kingdom, had called a meeting an hour ago and Carraway was late.

He had been with his younger brother, Castor, were half way across his kingdom, when he had received his summons. When he finally arrived at the throne room where his father sat, he was covered in sweat and barely able to breathe.

He curren.tly stood in the throne room, his father's eyes boring into him. Someone to his right cleared their throat. Carraway looked up to see two men looking at him. One had a rather judgemental look on his face while the other was trying his damn hardest to not laugh at the terribly late, soon to be king.

Carraway loosed a sigh before bowing deeply and before he could open his mouth to utter an words of apology his father cut him off.

"My son, as you can see, the representatives of the Black and Red kingdoms have arrived. I am certain you are acquainted with the Black king's son, Cedric Black?" said the King. 

Carraway flinched at the very mention of Cedric's name. He had hated Cedric ever since a few to many sword related incidents had happened between them.

"Of course. I remember him well." shooting Cedric a glare, I continued, "Father may I ask why this meeting was called?". I replied hurriedly.

"It seems you already have." My father said with a sigh. "You  have yet to learn patience, Caraway. "

Carraway's father stood from his throne.Carraway jumped, running towards him. "Father! What in the Gods name are you doing? Your health will decline if you exert yourself like this! Sit. Please." I added quickly.

My father had come across a crippling disease years ago.

Throughout the reign of the Whites, the past kings have all been killed by something called Song of the Forest, driven insane by, what the mad kings claim, a wonderous song coming from the borders of our land where only forest lay.

"No one but he who bares the crown may hear this song." Or so that is what my father says.

The song, so beautiful it's words are, will convince you to come to borders edge, where the forest will try to swallow you, ensnaring you in it's roots.

Once the forest has you, it will never let you leave

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