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Hi! So this chapter is just going to be about what happened to Mason after he crashed, where he went and what happened. So...maybe not much excitement here. Tell me what you think!

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Recovery

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Mason woke to a bright light. He wondered if he was dead and if he had crossed into the afterlife already. He was in a Healer pod, in a metallic room filled with bright lights. He spotted a certain red-head staring down through the glass at him. Louis had exchanged his school uniform for a red polo and jeans. He sighed in relief as Mason's eyes opened.

The pod, sensing Mason regaining consciousness, slid its glass open. "Took you long enough to wake." said Louis "How long was I out?" Mason asked, "Three days." his friend answered. Groaning, Mason sat up, Louis reached out holding him by his shoulders.

Mason could see other Healer pods in the room filled with people, others were still unconscious, others, like him, just woke up. 

"How are you feeling?" Louis asked him, it took a moment for Mason to answer as everything came into focus "Fine, actually," he finally answered, his brows furrowing "A bit stiff and dizzy but still fine. I-I'm not supposed to feel like this, I mean, I crashed...I hit a brick wall, Louis. Not that I'm complaining can I be totally fine in three days?".

Louis smiled at him "Well, my dad's position does pay off. Not everyone can afford a Healer pod, you know, since they do very nice jobs of fixing you up. Figured I'd get you one so you can wake up a lot faster than being manually healed.". For a moment, Mason's confused expression was replaced with awe, he could've never afforded to get a pod. Then his face clouded again and he looked at Louis again questioningly.

"What happened? There were bombs, I saw an Empire ship crash.", Louis held up a hand "I won't tell you everything yet but here's what you need to know," Louis' brown eyes narrowed as he explained "We're on the Cydonia, one of the Empire's Arks. Yes, there were bombings and I was able to get to you after you crashed. My dad was able to get us a reservation here. Half of the capital's population are here, we're under evacuation. We're headed to Behemonth Isle, the government said it would be safe from the...terrorist attacks.".

Louis said the last words as if he was unsure to describe the bombings that way, Mason couldn't also help noticing how Louis sounded like he was reciting a book passage to class. His mind was still buzzing with a  load of more questions, but Louis would answer that later, he was sure, right now he didn't want to worry much. He sighed, "I never thought I'd be on one of the Arks, I mean, even if their was an epidemic I wouldn't get to afford it. But since I'm here...can I get out of the pod now?". Louis smiled at him again and nodded.

They called around a cyborg nurse so Mason could get discharged. As they stepped out the infirmary's sliding glass doors, Mason's jaw dropped in awe. Everything was pure luxury, from the plush carpet to the star-painted marble ceiling, here and there the Celestial Empire's emblem were draped on the walls: a simple eight-pointed star. There were two grand staircases, Louis led his friend up to one.

Landing on the third floor, they stopped next to a door with the numbers 209 painted on it in gold. "This is your room" said Louis, "It's on the upper-class floor." said Mason, Louis chuckled at his confused tone "What did you think? that I'd leave you to sleep in a sleeping bag downstairs? If I'm going to need my best friend, then I'd have him nearby," he smiled again "We literally have one wall between us.".

Mason placed his hand on the door's knob "Thanks so much, Louis.", for a moment Louis' looked like he was in pain, but Mason brushed the queer expression off as his friend smiled at him. He opened the door and was surprised, again. His room was no less luxurious than the rest of the ship, complete with a ceiling-to-floor window that looked out onto space and a king-sized bed. There was also a lava lamp and a Holo set on his bedside table.

'Wow, a Holo,"  Mason excitedly picked it up and lay down on the bed. He sighed, the bed was soft, he was used to the cold, hard cement or the feeling the wood under his mattress back at home. He studied the Holo, it looked like a mini projector with a screen. It was supposed to take you anywhere you wanted, a virtual reality of that place you wanted to go to anyway. 

Mason chose through the sceneries, and finally settled with the one in space. He spent the rest of the night identifying the constellations he could see, until he finally slipped in his own dreams. 

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