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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Made of Stone

Submitted: May 20, 2017

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Submitted: May 20, 2017



Inhuman Emotions 5- Made of Stone Mason found himself sitting alone in the cafeteria. Not even Brooke nor Andrew was there. He’d thought Brooke would want to keep on hanging out with him since yesterday or even comm him since he gave his tab's number. And Andrew’s absence was strange; he was the only person Tamara trusted her son with since Louis wasn’t around.

Mason had made up his mind to talk to Louis. Damn him if he ignored him. He wouldn't leave the red head alone until he spilled everything out.

Speaking of the devil, there he was. Walking towards Mason, hand in hand with Andrew, grinning from ear to ear...wait, what? Mason looked closer, thinking he might have been hallucinating or maybe it was wishful thinking. But Andrew kept on talking animatedly to his brother and Louis listened on, still a smile on his face. He looked better now with Mason slumped back on his chair, folding his arms on his chest, trying his best to look indifferent. The pair reached him, Andrew shut up instantly as they took a seat. ‘We had two years of living together, and he still hasn’t learned to talk around me?’ he thought.

Louis ruffled his brother’s hair before finally glancing at Mason. His smile faded, suddenly looking serious. “Mason-” he started in an apologetic tone, but his blonde friend cut him off instantly. “So tell me what the lover’s quarrel was all about.” Louis frowned “What do you-” “Was it jealousy? Lack of attention? Sexual frustration?” “Mason!,” Louis said in a loud voice, startling him “Stop, okay? Just let me explain.”

Mason raised his hands as if in surrender “‘Kay, fine, I was just surprised you’re willing to talk to me again.”. Louis nodded, and started twirling his spoon around his fingers “What did you mean by…’lover’s quarrel’?” he asked. “What do you mean by what do I mean by that? A genius like you should know what that means.” Mason snapped back at him, Louis stared at him. “Why did you think that?”, “I saw Amanda near to tears near your apartment a few days ago. And you were grumpy all the time.” said Mason.

Louis sighed “You saw her? Amanda cries about a lot of things, that doesn’t mean she was crying about me,” this earned him a disbelieving gaze from Mason “Okay, fine, we had some misunderstandings.”. Mason nodded, and realized he hadn’t taken a bite of his own burger yet. He took a bite, relaxing a bit “Must have been a big problem since you decided to act like a little shit to everyone.”

“I was...working on something,” Louis said in a defensive tone “It wasn’t easy.”. Mason kept on tearing at his burger. “Do you know what’s been happening yet, Mason?” Louis asked, the blonde shook his head “I’ve been cooped up in my room most days.”, “Then finish your food, I’ll explain everything.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They were heading for the spiral staircases when Mason heard someone call him. He had half-hoped it to be Brooke but the voice was too tiny. A small brunette bounced into his line of vision. It was Amanda, wearing a pink tank top and black leather jacket and a skirt, her gray high-heeled boots were sequined, flashing brightly in the light, her hair braided.

She was cute, probably one of the most popular Arts. ‘But not as popular or beautiful as Brooke Silverwood,” Mason thought.

“Mason! Louis!” she called again. The two friends stopped at the foot of the stairs. Standing on tiptoes, she gave Mason a tight hug. “I’m so glad to see you again, Mace!”, he shrugged away from her arms “Yeah, me too.”. Amanda made a worried face at him “I’ve been so worried since I heard what happened, even though Louis darling put you on a Healer pod. I couldn't help but feel a bit worried,” she sighed, eyes dropping to the ground “Oh, so many horrible things keep on happening. First, the bombings with every planet, oh so many deaths. Then some being conquered-” “Wait, what? Every planet was bombed?” Mason asked, shocked. Amanda looked up at him confused “Haven't you heard everything, yet? It’s been a week already.”

Louis then moved between them, as if to stop an ensuing fight. “I was yet going to explain everything to him, Amanda.” he said, “Are you going up to your apartment? Can I go too?” Amanda asked, staring at them with her wide, innocent, sky blue eyes. “Of course” Louis answered, Amanda beamed back at him.

As they made their way towards Louis’s apartment, Mason couldn’t help but think how Louis was one of the luckiest men in the world. After all, Amanda Palver was his girlfriend, which was almost every guys dream girl.

Louis’s apartment was large, well, larger than most apartments. His room wasn't very small either. Amanda sank herself on Louis’s soft bed and Mason took the chair at his study table. Louis turned his WEB screen on, which basically looked like a window. The screen started to show footage of the bombings happening, clips from the News; smoke rising from skeletons of buildings, injured people running or limping away, bodies crushed under debris. It wasn’t just on Dessfar, but on the whole Empire. Louis, as usual, launched into an explanation:

“So, as we all know, days ago the Empire was bombed. These weren’t the actions of any normal rebel or terrorist, since every city, every province was bombed. Nowhere was safe, except of course for the Sanctuary Islands themselves. The planets Isen, Tusdar, and Ludokrin are already under the enemy. Now this,” a red flag appeared on the screen; a black hammer and a bronze sword crossed over each other with a golden string of leaves encircling them “is the enemy’s flag. Which is just really a simple combination. The hammer represents everything artificial, the sword the order of our knights, and the leaves the Royals.” Mason leaned towards the screen “So...does anybody already have an idea who’s behind the attacks?”.

Louis glanced at him “Remember the Golden Coronation?”, Mason nodded “ The coronation that didn’t happen because the palace got attacked. The one where the crown princess disappeared...or got kidnapped.”. Louis agreed with him “Yes, that’s what they said, anyway. But we’ve been suspecting that the princess didn't disappear at all. In fact, we’ve been suspecting that she has a part in the attacks, possibly even leading them,” Mason glanced at an image of the princess on the screen; she was gorgeous, high pale cheekbones, pale blonde hair and dark eyes, her marks were curvy lines that ran from the top of her head to her cheeks “We suspected this when most Albrights were taken captive in the Capital, along with the King and Queen. And according to a palace maid, she saw the princess herself in the Queen's bedroom, one of the older maids even clarified that the princess never had a good relationship with her parents. She could be wanting revenge.”

“The only thing we still don't know is who her allies are. But there’s bound to be a traitor in the order.”. Mason was silent for a while, absorbing all the information “The other planets, how were they taken? I thought the Empire had enough defenses.”. “And the enemy had enough weapons to take them all down, it seemed. Ludokrin was a traitor to the Empire all along, not surprising, everyone there would love to have revenge judging by the fact they're all outcasts. Isen and Tusdar suffered like the rest of us. But both planets were strong and never agreed with the Empire either so it’s likely that the enemy plans to strengthen their army. But there hasn’t been an update on them yet.”

Mason nodded, all questions answered. He glanced again at the princess’ picture, her dark eyes seemed to be staring right at him, smoldering him. Suddenly she seemed familiar, like he’d seen her a thousand times in his life, like he knew her all too well…’Why does everything seem familiar to me nowadays? ‘ he wondered, shaking his head. He noticed that Louis’s eyes lingered on the picture, too, even he couldn't be immune to the princess’ beauty.

“So this is what you’ve been working on all week.” he said, Amanda clapped her hands behind him. “Oh yes, Louis discovered all these in week.” she proudly said, a smile on her face. Mason opened his mouth to tell Louis he understood his detachment but his tab ringed in his pocket. He took the small gadget out and saw that it was a comm from Brooke.

Amanda peeked over his shoulder “Huh, who’s that?”, even Louis looked at him, curiously. He hid it instantly, he didn't want anyone knowing that the once famous Brooke Silverwood was on the same ship as them or that he was seeing her.

Mason stood up, the thought of seeing Brooke again filling him with a strange excitement. “Louis, thanks for the info and I totally understand you now but I gotta go.” he explained, already making his way out the door.

“Bye!” Amanda called as he went out, Louis turned away from the door, smiling silently. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It had been hours since Mason had left his apartment. Louis had taken Amanda on a date for the rest of the day, making up to her. He had given her a bouquet of midnight flowers, eaten dinner with her in the most expensive restaurant on the ship, even went shopping with her and bought her jewelry.

Amanda was easy to please, like every other girl out there. Just call them sweet nicknames, praise them, and spoil them and they’ll be yours all over again. But some girls weren’t so easy.

Louis opened one of his drawers and took out one of the thick folders where he kept everything related to his work. He reviewed the papers before coming across a photo of the crown princess. He took it in his hands, staring at it. With a sigh, he took out his journal and put the photo there instead.

It won’t be long now…..

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