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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Cydonia

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Inhuman Emotions 6-Cydonia

The crack of a whip carried on the air. Screams of women rang as their children were taken away. The once rich and splendid Albrights cut their barefoot feet on the rough stone. Far off, fires lit the pitch black surrounding while mine shafts were being dug. Obsidian buildings rose from the ground looking like oddly bent shadows, like monsters. Somewhere in a poorly made shack, people would be drinking themselves to death, others fighting over monstrous pets. The whole planet was hell, and Nadia didn't love it.

She stood atop one of the crystalline castle's balconies. She wore a frilly black dress, which was probably the only color she wore. Her beautiful face was twisted into a scowl as she stared at the landscape below. “You could have picked someplace a lot brighter, you know.” she complained.

The clink of glass could be heard as Vulcan poured himself another glass of the strong wine. Vulcan wore his usual white clothing, with his white and red cloak draped in his back. He sat in the Prime Minister’s obsidian throne, legs resting on the throne’s arm. Nadia wondered what it was like to have a throne of her own, sure, she had the velvety seat next to him but it just wasn't the same when you were the center of the control.

“Do give me an example.” said Vulcan in his icy voice, “Something like Al-” Nadia had to stop herself “Dessfar. Or maybe Faoturka, even Tusdar would have to do. I still don't understand why you made this your base, of all planets.”. Vulcan finished taking a sip from his glass “Your wish is my command but you’ll have to have patience, sister. And maybe those planets wouldn't look so splendid after you bombed them,” this only deepened Nadia’s scowl “Besides, it would be rude of me to dismiss our dear Calina’s welcome. It was so generous of her to open her kingdom’s gates to us.”.

“You mean it was generous of her to open her legs for you.” Nadia taunted, turning away from the balcony and into the throne room, shutting the intricate, bronze doors, shutting out the nightmarish atmosphere outside. Vulcan smirked smugly at her comment “Right, and her being generous enough to let me sit on her throne. But that’s mostly because she’s quite sore in bed right now.”, Nadia’s scowl was momentarily replaced with a smile then settled into a deep frown “They’ve figured out where our base is, although they haven't completely shared the information yet with the public.”.

Vulcan finished emptying his cup, he didn't fill it again instead stared at the bottom of the glass “So? What use is their knowledge when they can’t do anything about it. Knowledge isn’t power, sister, at least it’s not just that. I, meanwhile, have knowledge and a spy.”. Nadia rolled her eyes “Oh, yes, I almost forgot that man who sang about your golden heart at the feast.”, Vulcan’s red eyes moved towards her “He did? Well, that’s quite flattering. Most people would define my heart differently, more like artificial or mechanical,” he looked down on the floor, looking regretful “Tsk. If I had known that I would have given him an easier job.”

Nadia glanced at him, accusingly “Well, I guess it became a little too hard for him. They know he exists, too. He isn’t being careful enough.”. Vulcan looked up and smiled at her, that same malicious smile he gave her when they were up to something mischievous back when they were children .“ I didn’t mean for him to be cautious at all.”. The smile stretched into a wide grin and soon his laughter filled the whole room. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mason sat next to Brooke in the Viewing Room, where her comm had told them to meet. He placed his elbows on his knees “You lied.”, Brooke looked surprised at first “Of course, you must have looked me up. Does that make you angry?”, “No, I know you have your own reasons.” Mason answered which made Brooke smile.

“I’m sorry for asking but I’m just curious...what made you quit being an Art? Was it because of your brother?”, Brooke’s smile faded “Don’t be sorry, and it wasn't because of my brother. I quit being one even before he died.” “Then why?” Brooke looked at the large viewing glass looking out in the space as the past pulled her back “I simply got tired, I got sick of everything. When you're an Art, your life doesn't belong to you...Your purpose is to entertain the people, so you keep on doing that even if you don't like what you're doing. Sometimes, you have to fake your own emotions just to stay in the people’s favor. You let yourself be dictated. Your life isn’t private either, the public must be fed with every single detail of your life,” she paused “Eventually it all became too much for me, every person has their limits. Eventually I ran away, dyed my hair, covered up my marks.” Mason expected her to break down right then and there but she didn't. Her face had a stony expression to it, it was like she was used to holding back her tears in a long time. “It’s okay to cry.” he said in a quite voice, “No, it isn’t,” she snapped back, her tone surprising him “It’s no use crying, it won't do anything useful.”

After a while Mason said “Yes it does, it helps you release the pain.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mason had already told Brooke quite a lot about him while it stormed. How he’d live in an orphanage most of his life, then ran away on his fourteenth birthday because he couldn't stand the headmistress’ beatings or how she called him ‘demon spawn’ for whatever reason he didn't know. She always seemed to hate him more than the other children, she always found a reason to blame him for every incident. He told Brooke how he began his new life as a racer, how he worked hard to buy scraps to build his own mobils. He told her how Louis found him on his fifth race, how they became close friends and the Morstones taking him in.

The both of them were heading towards the Arcade, in high spirits, when the alarms started blaring. A robotic voice started to speak from the speakers telling all passengers to return to their apartments while they fixed the ‘small’ malfunction.

“What’s going on?” said Brooke, eyes wandering. Mason spotted Louis in a black coat, running hurriedly amidst the panicking crowds. He ran after Louis, “Mason-”, “ I’ll talk to Louis, he might know what's going on.” . Brooke, not wanting to be left alone, had no choice but to follow him.

“Louis!” Mason called as he reached the top of a metal staircase going down, his friend stopped and glanced at them, eyes lingering for a while on Brooke. “Mason, what are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be up in your room.” he hissed, sweat matting his forehead, “I’m not going until you tell me what’s going on” Mason said stubbornly “It’s nothing really major, we’ll be able to fix it in a minute.” “It’s something major since you're such in a hurry.” Louis looked perpetually annoyed by now “Listen here Mason-” “No, you listen goddamn it!” shouted Mason, making Brooke jump “As your best friend and as a passenger on this ship. I have every right to know what on Velos is going on!”.

Louis gritted his teeth together, deciding if he should let Mason come, but the seconds were already wasting. “Fine,” he finally said “But don't say I didn't try to stop you. And tell your friend to keep up.”, Brooke replied to this with a snort.

As they half-ran down the stairs, Brooke whispered to Mason. “Is your friend a cop?”, “ No, I don’t exactly know what his job is called but they’re in charge of knowing who started all these trouble.” Mason whispered “Huh, he looks too young to be an Operative.” Mason realized this must be what Louis’s job was called “He’s smart.” he simply said Brooke nodded then with a distasteful look on her face she added “And like every smart guy, he’s a jerk. Shame I thought he was sweet at first, the true colors of a person tend to come out at very stressful times.”

Mason was a bit annoyed with her statement, how could she judge Louis that easily? He opened his mouth to defend his friend but the whole shook, making the three of them grab at the rail, and the lights flickered. The ship steadied, and the trio moved faster down the seeming never ending staircase.

Louis launched surprisingly into a short explanation “Mason, I didn't tell you everything yesterday. We also knew that the enemy had a spy on the ship. He intends to bring down the Cydonia, he did it today while the weather is stormy. It was pretty clever of him.” “Who is he?” Brooke asked “Winston Selor, he used to be a palace guard. They must have caught him by now in the control room.”. ‘If they’d captured him already then why is Louis still in such a hurry? What was he supposed to do once he was there? Interrogate the man?’ Mason wondered.

The three of them started skipping steps. They finally reached the wide, metal hallway that must lead to the control room. The men came in view. At least 5 men in navy blue uniforms surrounded a dark haired man, who was obviously the spy.

Winston Selor couldn't have been easily suspected. He looked like any normal passerby, neatly trimmed beard, plain and casual clothing, he was easy to look over. Right now, he had been tied to a chair while a man with so many shiny badges on his uniform he almost shined himself, questioned him.

Mason could see past them was a metal door, where probably the rest of the crew worked. “Why isn’t your dad here, he’s the governor.” Mason asked Louis, “You're right, he is the governor. He doesn't do the dirty work.” Louis answered.

Mason looked over at his friend, he had a steely expression on his face as he looked at the spy. He looked at Winston like he might look at the school bullies, like he held a longtime grudge with the man; this sent a shudder through Mason, he rarely saw Louis looking like this, like he was so angry that he’d burst but at the same time he was trying to keep calm, it freaked him out. Winston stared back at Louis with wide eyes, seeming shocked to see him.

“General,” Louis called to the man with the many badges “Has the spy given any useful information yet?” he spoke in a composed voice but Mason could only notice how he sounded a bit off edge. “No not yet,” the General answered, then he noticed Mason and Brooke standing behind Louis “Morstone, who are these people. I thought you agreed to come alone. You know how this must not come out to the public.”, Louis bowed his head a bit “Sorry sir, but they were insisting to come and I was such in a hurry I had no choice to come along. I’ll send the lady outside, sir, but do let my brother stay.”.

Mason was surprised at Louis referring to him as his own brother but at the same time he took pride in it and felt happy, had Louis always thought of him as a brother? Well, now that was sweet. Louis then sent Brooke away to wait at the stairs, Brooke shot him an annoying look but didn't say anything and went away. Mason stared at the tied up spy and the man stared back at him, indifferent at first then slowly...slowly lighting up with recognition.

“I know you,” the man started to say in a thick accent “I’ve seen you before, a lot of times.”, Mason felt every eye on the hallway turn on him, their looks suddenly untrusting except for Louis who looked as confused as ever. “Well, I haven’t, you must mistake me for someone.” he said, Winston gave him a toothy smile “Yes, years ago, I would have mistaken you for him. But not now, I know you, I know your name...Vulcan.”

That name again, but now it seemed to echo in Mason’s ears, different voices whispering that name to him over and over again. He remembered the boy in his dreams, he had called him Vulcan, too. “But that's not my name, my name’s Mason! Mason!” he half-shouted, Winston gave him a hoarse laugh “Of course you’d think that. Now it all makes sense-” he didn't finish as Louis yanked the man’s head down to show his nape. They all saw a symbol there: a square with an upside down V crossed over it.

“Looks like this spy has no choice but to stay silent about his masters. He is marked by the magicians of Eritai, this mark means that he is sworn to secrecy.” said Louis, then releasing the man's head. The General pried his suspicious eyes away from Mason “If that is so, then he will be of no more use to us,” he finally said “Execute him.”. One of the other men surronding Winston pulled out a gun but Louis protested “I suggest you tie him up somewhere on the ship. So when the Cydonia fails, he’ll see the results of his very hard work.”. The General agreed to this, ordering his men to chain the spy on one of the ship’s pillars. Winston glared at Louis, his eyes filled with fury “You must be very thankful that I agreed to be marked. Oh, how they treat you like a prodigy here. People here are so blind, they have no idea at all,NO IDEA!” he screeched as they dragged him away.

Mason's head was spinning with every word that the man was said to him. He started to doubt himself, and everything he knew or remembered. What if his name really wasn't Mason? What if he wasn't who he thought he was? What if he was something else entirely?. After all, he was an orphan, he knew nothing about his real parents. But then the man could have been wrong, Mason could not remember seeing that man before.

Louis walked over to him “Don’t think too much over it. He could have been on drugs or something and hallucinated you for someone.”. Mason nodded, still not entirely convinced. He went back to Brooke who had climbed half of the stairs. while the General asked Louis to talk to him. Mason told Brooke everything that happened in the hallway, leaving out the part of Winston talking to him.

Louis then appeared “Let's go, quickly. We have to get to an escape pod, the ship’s failing.”, “ Yes, sir.” Brooke said to him. Louis glared daggers at her “Stop looking at me like that. You’ll be glad I bought you a seat at our pod.”. Brooke looked at him, shocked. Then the three of them started quickly up the stairs. But all the time, Mason thought of only one question: who was he?


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