The Little Girl

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what were you so afraid of? does her blood on your hands make things any clearer?

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



one. a little girl lives inside of your heart

she sees the magic in the every day

believes in a beautiful world you aren’t sure is real

with her eyes she pulls fairy dust out of daylight

and with her laughter she breathes your soul to life

you love her, but she scares you

two. the little girl tells you stories, dreams

whispered in the late hours of night

when no soul should be awake

she wants to learn to fly, to swim with mermaids

she dreams of saving the world with the power of love

the worst part is that you almost believe that one day she will

three. that little girl holds your hand

and she tells you that you are worthy

she says that your laughter is the most beautiful sound

and that one day you’ll remember what it’s like to be good enough

she calls your soul beautiful and says that you’re magic

she says that one day you’ll learn to see it too never believed in magic, but for her you could have

you never loved yourself, but for her you might have tried

but every promise she makes is a step closer to the edge

but the world has taught you that little girls like you do not fly

you had dreams once, too, but now hers are just a hollow reminder

the world is not beautiful, and neither are you

five. why did you kill her? that little girl inside of your heart

she only wanted to see the stars

she only wanted to breathe in the universe

and exhale something even more beautiful

she could have, if you let her

she could have done so many beautiful things

but you were too afraid, weren’t you?

didn’t you know that she was already brave enough for the both of you?

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