death revisited // 5.8.17

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if i died tonight, where would i wake up next?

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



i dont enjoy this death

this silent, slow surrender into nothingness

its not what i hoped for, if im being honest

the last time i died was much faster

a sudden slip from one world into the next


and as i awoke in my new reality i

i swore i could still feel that knife in my chest

and the final beat of my dying heart


i think im still bleeding

and maybe thats where this all began

im an open wound forever pumping blood

from the hurts of a past life ive since forgotten


the edges are still raw, even if you cant see them

and the life has been fading fading from my eyes since day one

i think i still have a long time left in me

but ill always be missing something

the part of my soul that has been leaking out of me


i didnt always bruise so easily

but i suppose its the only way ill feel anything these days

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