The problem with Airi

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Airi have a talk with the park owner about the article she wrote in regards to Pendleton queen park.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



The problem




(While Airi was behind the counter of her restaurant, the owner of the park came inside. He was clearly anger and he came up to Airi).

“What’s your problem, Airi!?”

“What do you mean?”

“we asked you to write an article explaining what you thought of P.Q.P, right?”

“Yes sir, I did write the article. It was published in this week’s newspapers.”

(Angrily) “You sure did publish an article in this week’s newspaper. However, it’s what you wrote that makes me so angry. Here, let me read the first part of your article:

‘Pendleton Queen Park is a Godless, run down and vile park. The creatures that call this vile place their home is as vile and cruel as the place they live in. The people who visit this place are no better. They are irresponsible and don’t pick-up their liter. It seems like this place is destined to one day be an un-inhabitable dumping ground for all the worlds trash.’

“You see Airi? That was great stuff you started with. I especially like the phrasing, ‘dumping ground for all the worlds trash.’ Because that is exactly how I in vision the park future. However, you just had to mess it up with your second half:

‘However, I believe Pendleton Queen Park can be saved from such a fate as that.”

(Angrily) “No it cannot!”

“Sir, I have hope for P.Q.P.”

“How can you? Nothing in the world can save this place from the dark future it heading towards, nothing!” The owner said passionately.

“That’s not true, sir. The effort I put into cleaning this place up- “

“I know all about your efforts. You said it in your article. Every Sunday you come to this park and clean it up as best you can.” Banging his fist against Airi’s counter, he continued, “How dare you try to clean this place up! Do you not have any respect for the environment?”

“Sir, I have all the respect for the environment.”

“Well act like it. Also, wear slutier clothing. Our visitors always complain that you wear decent clothing, it just won’t do the job at this slutty, run down park.”

(The owner of the park then turned and exited the restaurant).

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