P.Q.P screw modesty

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P.Q.P article about modesty.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017




Screw modesty


P.Q.P is the most liberal park you’ll ever visit. We don’t judge people based on what they wear or choose not to wear. Instead, we welcome every un-modest woman (not man) to come to P.Q.P and show off what nature has blessed you with. Here at P.Q.P we believe that women are equal to men, however, men are not equal to women, cheers!

P.Q.P has many un-modesty games for the entire un-modest family to play. Every month we get people, mostly women, to flash their breast, shake their butts and fight each other for our entertainment.

“This isn’t godly!” Restaurant owner Airi told us in an interview we held with her in order to understand why she refused to take part in the park butt shaking event, which is a shame for she is a beautiful redbone [a light skin female].

“Airi we understand your problem, as a religious girl, with this un-godly event, however, can we ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

“Would you forsake your god and expose your breast for half a cook?” I couldn’t give her a whole one for I ate the other half.

“Go straight to hell!” Shouted Airi angrily.

“Airi would you be angry if you saw Byzantine flashing her breast?”

“Of course I would.”

I pointed my index finger at Byzantine who was flashing a group of young guys who promised her a jar of honey if she exposed her breast. Airi ran over there as quickly as she could.

Anyway, stupid reader of this article, I was shocked she didn’t take the cook! Once I gave a girl who claimed to be godly a cracker and she quickly started doing un-godly things to me, if you know what I mean. If I would have offered her half a cook she would have turned into Satan himself, so I guess I learned that day that not all godly women are created equal.

Yes, Pendleton Queen Park is the perfect place for you and your entire family.

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