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Daily commutes. Ups and downs.

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 17, 2017



Our eyes met at the bottom of antiparallel escalators.

Anxiety sets in as you both took a step onto the escalator tracks. To look or not to look, that was the question. You felt each other stare. The awkwardness was this cold icy blade that pierced through your pupils deep down into your soul as you froze up and burst into cold sweat, unable to react. Your heads turned to the left, as you both looked like you were admiring the magnificent scenery in the train station.

2 minutes, 2 minutes was the amount of time needed.

You stole glances at each other, trying not to attract each others attention but it just made you yearn for more. You remembered the first time, that first date when you were supposed to get to a restaurant downtown to meet him, thinking it was just plain work matters. Innocently, you put on your favourite ebony long dress and a ombre scarf for accentuation. That time you both were on the same train but only realised when your hands touched on the escalator up. It was similar, just on parallel escalator tracks. You were the type to walk up since you didn't want to be late — and reached half an hour early anyway. He was trying to keep his composure, wearing a cute suit that perfectly fit his broad shoulders and slightly muscular build.

1 min 30s.

This was taking forever, walking up the escalator would just make it more awkward 'cos you'd reach him faster. It was like then when you hogged the escalator right track as you both continued talking over different escalators. He was shy and kept blushing, and you could see a sweat mark forming on the chest area of his white blouse, pressing against his skin. He felt slightly speechless as he caught you staring and quickly apologised, only to have you ruffle his neatly combed hair and telling him it's fine. And that broke the ice at least. So why did you not dare look him in the eye now? There's nothing to be afraid is there?

1 minute.

You were nearing him, you kept taking steps back to prevent him from nearing. But for each step back he took one forward. And you decided to run for it. That's when he stretched his arm out to grab your arm to say Hi. But you tripped and fell flat on the step ahead. Tears streaming down your cheeks smudging your makeup. And you turned around, he was gone.

Like he was 5 years ago.

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