Yidhra The Witch - Part 3

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(A dream I had).

Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



Traveling with a bus over fields and ways,
I meet many aspects of the Self these days.
In a group we drive through the valley,
Only wisdom is here our alley.

At the edge of the dark wood the bus stops for an interval,
I exit the bus and light a sigaret on.
From the wood approaches a magnificent Lady,
Fair hair, blue eyes, I do recognize her.

It is Yidhra the Witch,
Who shall fulfill the prophecy.
The identification is great,
Her words touch my soul so naked:

"I came to collect you,
To prepare the Earth once more.
For the arrival of the Old Ones,
By which the Earth shall seem Natural."

These words so browbeat,
Not yet ready to depart from Earth.
Fastly I fled to the bus,
But Yidhra followed me on.

Yidhra the Witch,
Old magick creature.
Her magick so strong,
She remained eternally young.

Following me all time,
She remained close behind.
But when I focused on one of the guards,
She disappeared again in the dark woods.

Now I await the time,
When Yidhra shall return.
And when She comes She shall take me,
So the Old Ones will rule!

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