The Lion wants to be left alone

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The peom and story of the metaphorical Lion who refuses to accept responsibility or participate in the rearing of a cub.

Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



I am the Lion, and the Lion is me, everything will be fine if you just let me be.

Allow me to elaborate on the events the conspired before this date. One bright morning, I laid in the savanna while contemplated the things I could run down for Hannah.

You see, Hannah happened to be my estranged mate, who had the tendencies to alienate with the unsightly sight of her lumbering gait.

 We had come to an impasse of recent times due heavily to the fact she grew weary with my stance on a great many subjects.

She thought the king of the beast should participate in the festivities of the commoners, whereas I thought very much as I do now.

 I am the lion, and he is me, everything will be fine if you just let me be.

 I was lamping and lounging upon of the red clay hill of the African wasteland when I beheld the sight of Hannah dragging the corpse of a gazelle across a plateau.

Close behind her lingered the sight of my cub Indigo. She was struggling and having a tough time of it as she strained with every loping stride to move the mangled carcass.

I casually stood up and attempted to help but not before catching an ear full in the midst of my whelp.

"Lion!" She started "Lion" She crooned. "What have you done while I was out preparing dinner?" She asked with fire and brimstone in her tone.

 I yawned, as I grew weary of this situation. "I made sure the sun didn't move."

 She glared down my poor attempt at obfuscation.

"You do not participate in the hunt, you left poor indigo to fend for himself this morning, you left him in a bad way, I found him entangled and overwhelmed by his prey.

 " She professed with obvious disdain; it was becoming abundantly clear she was intent on causing sizable pain.

 I am the Sire of the whelp Indigo, and like his father he is Lion, within him, I could sense the fire.

Not the literal fire that the sun brought, but the fire of the lands that burns brightest in the future.

The fire that held the Savannah together like a well-placed suture.

For you see While Lion is King of the beast now, Indigo is king of the beast later.

I cannot give my cub the tools to wring my neck.

I do not wish to step down from my throne and have my rule challenged or checked. "It is not my job to teach Indigo the hunt; It is his mothers.

Indigo purred his meager growl while meandering from a distance." Lion, I've had it up to here with your lazy deposition, either offer a contribution or be prepared to pay the retribution.

It had become abundantly clear that though I was Lion and I was king; she was Hannah, and she could not be denied.

I bellowed my beastly call, and she answered with an equally savage thrall.  I relented as my heart wasn’t in it. 

After a brief stare down with my fearsome mate, I relented and agreed to train the useless whelp in the finer arts of being Lion.

So here I sit in the coarse plumage of the savanna with my insufferable whelp hunting and teaching and preaching. Refining and defining.


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