Highers Like You

Highers Like You

Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult



Status: In Progress

Genre: Young Adult



Aspen thought she was normal. Turns out that is not the case. There are a race of unseen people, living on the edges with abnormal brain and physical power, not to mention the hordes of supernatural beings. Aspen has lost half of her family to a horrific accident, and moved to America, for a fresh start. But who is Natalie? And who is the beautiful blond boy saving her life?
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Aspen thought she was normal. Turns out that is not the case. There are a race of unseen people, living on the edges with abnormal brain and physical power, not to mention the hordes of supernatural beings. Aspen has lost half of her family to a horrific accident, and moved to America, for a fresh start. But who is Natalie? And who is the beautiful blond boy saving her life?

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Fresh Start

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Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 18, 2017



Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it! :) x




She got up and sighed. The first day of school after a long break always felt like this. Rubbing her green eyes and pushing her hair out of her face, Aspen Olwen rolled out of bed and with sleepy eyes looked into the mirror. She did a double take. Sure, her long brown hair was like a bird’s nest and there were huge purple bags under her eyes but it was not, as it usually was, her face that was bothering her. A thing was behind her. It seemed like smoke, but it was so much more corporeal. Opening her mouth to yell, she blinked her blurry eyes, and it was gone. She shook her head and mentally scolded herself for believing her hyperactive mind. She needed to stop seeing things that were not really there. How ridiculous.




Aspen ran downstairs, her long legs taking the stairs two or three at a time before she burst into the kitchen. As she had expected, there was a note on the table. Gone to work early. Love you, see you soon. Mum x PS have a great first day! Although she appreciated her mother’s optimism, she very much doubted she would have a ‘great first day’. Things just weren’t like that anymore. After ‘The Accident’ that had claimed her father and brother’s lives, things were not ‘great’. Or even remotely good.  The worst thing about it was that Aspen knew ‘The Accident’ was her fault. After all, it was her who insisted that they should drive up to Scotland on that icy Christmas Eve.


“Please, Mum,”

“Aspen, I have told you. We are having a London Christmas. You know as well as anyone that your father’s parents want nothing more to do with us.” At that, her mother’s eyes clouded over. Aspen knew that something had happened between her parents and her grandparents. In the latter’s huge Scottish mansion, an argument had blown up. An argument so bad that Aspen, Jason (her late brother) and her parents were forced to leave the house at midnight, just as the church bells signalled that Christmas day had come. All Aspen could remember about that night was that her and Jason’s names were screamed by both parties frequently. “TELL THEM!” and “ABSOLOUTLEY NOT,” were also featured a lot.

“But Mum, that was a year ago.”

“Some things never change, Baby.”

Aspen’s dad strode into the room.

“Dad. What do you think?” Aspen asked, cautiously. Asking her dad was a wildcard. He usually said no to everything but this this was different. This was his family. It paid off...

“You know what? I think we should. Show that we still care about them. Even if they refuse to believe us.” Clapping her hands in delight, she ran to her room to pack and tell Jason.


Giggling, they all piled into the car. Almost immediately, Aspen lay her head onto Jason’s lap and he played with her hair. She fell asleep. A deep sleep, filled only with a feeling of being loved.


She awoke to a cry of pain. Something was thrown threw the window and hit Jason’s head with a sickening thud. She screamed as he went still. Not Jason. She screamed his name but to no avail. His eyes never opened again. Her parents, both of them, turned around in their seats to see what was going on. And that was when the car flipped. Her mother and herself were on the lucky side. Her dad was not. By the time the ambulance had come, Aspen was passed out, in grief and pain.


A mere six weeks after, Aspen and her mother had moved away for a fresh start. Away from the pitying comments and the mournful stares. A fresh start called America.




Pinching herself out of her reverie, Aspen moved to the cupboard and pulled out some cereal with annoying ease. She was a tall girl. Very tall. Almost 5’8”. Sometimes she wished that she would have to use a chair to get things of the cupboard. Back in the UK, she had resented her height, but out here, it gave her power. And power was what she needed in this land of strangeness.


She tried to dawdle on the way to school, not knowing to expect. She had seen plenty of American movies and TV shows set in high schools but was not sure if what happened there was an accurate belief base. For example, she doubted everyone spontaneously burst into perfectly choreographed dances in the canteen. Or ran off chasing vampires for weeks at a time without so much as a letter home. But, she reminded herself, you never know.


She walked through the iron gates and immediately pined for the green grounds of her school in London. She never thought that could be possible. This place was huge and blank. Concrete and steel. No personality. It looked as if it had been dumped unceremoniously into the nastiest outdoor area in New York.


Huge crowds of American girls and boys danced around each other, hugging and blushing simultaneously and in equal measure. Others leaned against walls, trying to look cool, some even lit cigarettes, but coughed too much to achieve the effect they desired.


 Aspen kept her bright green eyes fixed firmly on the ground, hoping to stay invisible until she reached the reception. That was her plan except… “Oh, I’m so sorry,” she had walked straight into someone. A very tall someone. Possibly over 6 foot. He was pale, with short black hair and clear blue eyes. She stared up at him in awe. “Oh, please don’t worry,” he said as she bent to pick up the books she had knocked out of his hands. Her head shot up. “You’re English?”

“Why of course,” he said. His accent was very clipped and well spoken. Just like her. Like her height, her accent had always been laughed upon in London, but in the US, it seemed alright. Like no one new any better to judge her. “Aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes. I thought I would be the only one.” At this the boy laughed. “well, you are the only girl, but then again, I suppose I am the only guy.”

“Aspen,” She said, holding out her hand.

“Will,” He replied, taking it. “You know, Aspen, I think we are going to be great friends.”

“I suppose as my ‘great friend’, you could show me how to get to reception?”

“But of course,” he said. Then with a surge of English manners, he gestured in front of him, holding out his arm. “ladies first.” Aspen took his arm with a curtsey laughed, her spirit lifting considerably. This was definitely a good start.


When they got to the reception, Will proclaimed himself as Aspen’s ‘buddy’ and so could he ‘please be moved to all her classes thank you’. The receptionist, who had blue hair and was in her early twenties, gave Will a coy look, stuck out her chest, and said “Of course. Anything for that adorable accent!”  After receiving her schedule, Will immediately launched into a description of the social hierarchy of their year.


 “You have the ‘cool’ ones,” he said, pointing to a group of cheerleaders in tiny skirts sitting on the laps of muscled ‘football’ players, “the nerds,” he pointed to a table overflowing with text books, “the school council,” a table hosting a lively debate, “the drama lot,” a group reading old scripts, gesticulating, “the no particular label group,” at this he spun around, pointing at almost everyone “and,” he said taking a dramatic pause, “the music geeks. That is me. And, you are never allowed to repeat this on pain of death, but I think you are my first friend here in NY.” He finished this speech by looking at her expectantly.

“Wow. I cannot believe someone like you could have no friends.”

“Oh. I have acquaintances. But they only talk to me to improve their sexy British accents.” He smiled coyly at her, wriggling his eyebrows.

“Well, I have to tell you something, it will improve our infallible friendship, I promise, I am a music geek too.” It was true. Aspen wrote songs the same way others wrote a diary. Will’s entire face lit up at this, like a candle. Wordlessly, he took her hand and led her to a sign saying ‘music department’. As soon as she opened the door, Aspen felt at home. Rows of guitars lay everywhere and small, enclosed rooms held pianos and microphones.


 Will studied her face intently. He had never showed anyone this place before. It was his. His sanctuary. But this girl, she was different. She could be trusted. She smiled up at him. “I love it. When can I play?” her eyes moved hungrily to the guitars. He grinned down at her. “At break. And lunch. And after school.” She looked puzzled. “Why not now?”

“Well, my eagle eyed friend, school starts in…” he checked his watch. “Three and a half minutes. Fear not, I know a short cut to class.”


Science and English dragged past. Unfortunately, she was not allowed to sit with Will and instead sat next to an obnoxious cheerleader called Anne who told her how much she loved Aspen’s accent every twelve seconds. The clock seemed not to move at all. When finally, the lunch bell rang, she stumbled over to where Will was sitting and together they ran to the music department.


When they got there, she picked up a steel and nylon stringed guitar and headed over to the room where Will was waiting for her, at the piano. He looked so serene that Aspen was half tempted to walk away and let him be, but before she could do so, Will’s long fingers closed around her wrist. Together they played everything they knew and more, harmonies and canons getting wilder and more complex. At last, an alarm rang on Will’s phone and they ran to class.


She had a friend.

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