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Submitted: May 18, 2017

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Submitted: May 18, 2017



After long experimenting with tampering DNA of living beings and making those changes take a more immediate effect, it was time to use the new tool for a greater goal.
“I am still considering yesterday's events, but am quite optimistic of the mission,” said Gigel,
trying to perfect the look of his tie.
“Mission? Do you think you're some kind of extravagant spy on a mission? We're simply
hijacking someone's life. From today on you will be the new supreme leader. And forget yesterday, just make sure you meditate on your appearance to maintain this form. You don't want our leader to look out of shape, do you?” Steve had to lecture Gigel.
“Wait, what's the syringe for?” Gigel panicked.
“Memory implanting nanites. Looks aren't everything. Remember, we even had to recondition
your finger prints?” said Kai irritated.
Gigel responded with a deep sigh as he accepted the injection. He was extremely worried to end
up as nothing more than exact carbon copy of the man he had to replace.
Things didn't always go as planned when planting a puppet president. Sometimes they became
emotional, giving birth to their own ambitions, which they simply lacked when they were carefully
“All fixed. It's our turn now, Steve” said Kai as he turned on a photo projection within his
glasses to recalibrate his face contours to that of the displayed image.
Kai's forehead suddenly began twitching inbetween a frown and a normal expression. Steve was
intensely staring at a firmly held photograph, tightly grasped at the finger tips of his stretched out arms.
“Oh, do get on with the times. I am not saying you should use holographic image implants like
this Gigel nutter, but you look pathetic doing that.”
They received the awaited signal from the hallway security guard. The supreme leader and his
two most trusted men were approaching the office.
The door had barely closed behind the three newly arrived and they dropped dead to the ground.
The bullets were infused with special nanites that would make a body dissolve and evaporate.
Steve and Kai gave their farewell before making their retreat. Gigel made his way to the desk
for that very important call, to finalize the mission and ensure its success.
“Yes, it's me. I'm calling to inform you that I've changed my mind. Again. Just retreat your
troops and make sure they never lay foot in a foreign country again. We are policing the world. Alone.
From this moment on that is,” said Gigel mimicking the supreme leader's voice.
“I don't think you were listening. You either retreat your troops or we perform beautiful carpet
bombing over your entire country. There is no debate in this.” continued Gigel and abruptly hang up.
“That was quick.” He swung round in his chair, staring out the window, wondering what else
could he be doing for the rest of the day.
There can only be one super power and that super power must take over the world, no matter
the cost, he thought to himself.
An unexpected knock at the door followed.
Gigel was wondering why Steve and Kai, who were still in their body double forms, would
return so soon to the presidential office.
“Why are the two of you here? We are done seeing each other for a while.”
“This is a highly urgent matter. Let's go somewhere safe to discuss the new state of affairs.”
“As you can see I am a very busy man,” grinned Gigel. “But if you insist we can have a drink
and talk about our complicated lives.”
Gigel stood up and accompanied them on the way out, but not before receiving a good stare
down and a pair of frowns.
What's their problem?
So far everything was running smoothly. The leader was replaced and nobody would be able to
notice, since Gigel was the perfect copy. Apart from his personality and memories. Nonetheless,
nobody would ever notice the difference.
After all the security checks and precautions to escort him safely to the car, Gigel's companions
instructed the driver all the way to a pub in a remote area.
Stepping out of the car, all that could be seen were old grayed out buildings and a piece of paper
blown by the wind. They entered the one building in front of the car and descended down to the
basement, only to find themselves inside a well lit, clean and tidy sports bar.
“Are you sure this is a safe place for a country leader to be around?” asked Gigel.
“Don't worry. We got everything under control. You should know that,” said Kai. “What we're
worried about however, is that you seem changed somehow. You don't even sound like yourself.”
“Everything's fine. I am still the same person. Take a sample for a DNA test if you have to,”
grinned Gigel.
“Mister Supreme Leader, please revert to your real face.”
Are they seriously trying to blow my cover?
“What's the matter with you? What face?” Damn it. These fools. Everything went so well and
there are so many strange looking people in this locale.
“This face.” Kai was holding up a photo of some green skinned guy with large forehead ending
in a well rounded cone and two tentacles hanging from his chin.
Is that guy sick? Ok, let's play this stupid game. Gigel focused deeply in his thoughts and then
his face changed appearance to match the photo.
Gigel threw a smile at his two companions.
Kai and Steve then transformed into a crab humanoid and a big furry gorilla with antennae.
Wait a moment. Kai would never use such old fashioned means of image display. Gigel's grin
froze and he started shaking.
“What's the matter? Not feeling well?” asked the gorilla critter that was formerly Kai or at least
the body double Kai turned himself into.
They must be spies, thought Gigel to himself. The reason they use funny looking appearances is
to not reveal their true origin. Which country would they be from?
“Just to be sure. What's …” crabman Steve paused for a moment. “... supreme leader?” The
crabman suddenly went silent.
So much precaution. Incredible. They're indeed spies. What should I do now?
“Let it be. It's obviously not him. What did you do to him?” asked the gorilla.
“He's dead. I must congratulate your nation for reaching same technological advancement in
DNA manipulation, but I must warn you my friends will find me. I got a tracker on me and unlike you I do actually work for the gov...”
“Stop talking for a minute. Did you just say you killed this green guy?” asked the gorilla.
“Indeed,” replied Gigel filled with pride. “When did you manage to plant your man?”
“We didn't plant him, you recruited him as a puppet for your presidential position and now you
shot him. Why?” said crabman.
“We're not spies. We aren't from Earth.”
“Very well thought cover, but you won't fool me.”
“We're trying to prevent another world war. Our carefully selected individuals pose as your
leaders,” said the gorilla. “We are trying our darnest to prevent this world from going downhill and
transform into a Venus like desert.”
“You're some kind of crazy, that I don't want to deal with,” said Gigel turning around towards
the exit, trying to make his escape, but suddenly the walls around changed appearance. A sky full of stars was gleaming all around them.
“There's nowhere you can go now. The entrance was a teleporter and you're in outer space on
our space ship right now,”
“If you are indeed benevolent aliens. Why don't you land in a public place and show yourselves
to everyone, as we expect you to?”
“Earth is one giant broadcasting station, leaking so much fun material for the galactic
viewership, that it would be a real shame if it ever got destroyed. Except, there's no script writer or
movie director for your planet. Everything is authentic. That's what makes it valuable. It's fun to watch because we don't tampered with this world. We don't care about you, but the show must go on.”
“We can't allow you to tamper with our world. My friends ...” Gigel stopped. It was difficult to
imagine he was suddenly in space.
“Oh, you got friends? Where are your friends now?”
“Listen, alien smarty pants. I am a secret agent working strictly for the top bras of the military.
Your friend died because he refused to follow our orders,” affirmed Gigel. “What's done is done. So
how much longer are you going to tamper with our world?”
“Well at some point if it spoils the show too much, then we might just let things go, exactly the
way you want them to. Self-destruct already if that's what you desire. Some of the viewers are dying to see the fireworks live down there on Earth.”
“Wouldn't an advanced species be bright enough to protect a weaker one from self destruction?”
“Protect you? Who in their right mind would do that? Just go on and rid us of your existence. If
we help you and you don't change your destructive nature, then we'll have to deal with you later on, in a more direct and different way. We're better off not helping you, but enjoy the final blast instead.”
“But why? What's so fun about Earth?” asked Gigel.
“It's so overflowing with drama and stupidity. Why wouldn't it be fun to watch from outside?”
Gigel was completely baffled and surprised at the entire situation, but before asking to be
allowed to leave, he had to first ask one much more important question.
“Have you tried contacting beings from other realms, parallel universes or higher dimensions?
Are the others out there leading other types of existences?”
“No,” they cut him short.
“Higher dimensional entities? Maybe even something that looks like a god state to us, that some
out of this universe beings might have reached?”
“There's no such thing. Nothing of what you mentioned exists.”
“But what if there is and you simply didn't observe them yet?” insisted Gigel.
“You're a moron. If such things were real, we would already know about them. We didn't
observe any such beings or related phenomena, therefore they don't exist.”

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