The Space Between

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..I stared up at Lucan. He read my face and left the room with a small shake of his head. I made a strangled noise of protest as I forced my uncoordinated limbs to do what I wanted.
I practically rolled out of the tub, dumping myself on the floor in the process. I staggered up to my feet and followed after him.
"D-don't walk away from me." I commanded softly, shivering and turning more blue with every word, or so it seemed. He spun on his heel to face me, catching me in his arms, and pulling me without reserve against him. The cold of his skin hardly bothered me as I caught his lips with mine and kissed him with every ounce of frustration in my body. His hands traveled along every exposed curve, teasing them with his nails and tantalizing it with the cool nature of his skin. He growled, but instead of frightening me, the sound was encouraging. There was nothing stopping us, but his brother and centuries of tradition.
The little flame burned out and I rocked back on my heels, dazed, angry, torn between the man that held me and the man that wanted to...

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Chapter One

Submitted: May 18, 2017

Thank you for your interest in The Space Between! This is a work in progress and I will be posting a chapter per week. Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Submitted: May 18, 2017

  It was maybe 500 yards out, and a 10-pointer if my scope wasn't lying to me. I steadied my breathing, depressed the trigger sl... Read Chapter

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The Space Between

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